Aspired Living of Westmont - Westmont, IL

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Customer Reviews

Very knowledgeable sales. Expertise in aging mind. Incredibley beautiful decor. Lots of great common spaces. Love this place!

New building. Individual rooms were on the smallish size. Due to smaller windows and the color of the walls the place seemed dark to me. Staff was nice. Did not see many residents so I could not ask how much they liked this location.

It’s definitely the Cadillac of asst. living. Stunning decor and amenities, however they are definitely offer less care than Brookdale.

New facility

This is a new property in this location. The facility is clean and nice. I know that there were other “Aspire” locations and heard good things. However, because that this was a new branch I didn’t feel comfortable putting my loved one in a startup. If they had been there for a year or a year and a half I may be comfortable. I would have liked them to be more situated and established. I don’t think that there was anything wrong with them. But because they were a new facility they didn’t have any activities like bus trips. You would have to brush it with a fine tooth comb to find something wrong with it. I would feel more comfortable with a place being more established.

This facility is great

When my sister and I were looking for a place for my brother-in-law, we wound up touring this facility and eventually moved him in. The facility itself is brand new and is from an Australian company that, from my understanding, only has a few facilities within the US. They have a whole different view of memory care and how to get people back to their former selves and it’s really been great. Because it’s so new, there aren’t that many residents living there at the moment so the care is a bit more hands on. They’re still hiring staff, too, but the staff that is there has been very helpful to my sister and she’s been happy with how things are being handled. The rooms are a good size and they all open into a courtyard so my brother-in-law has a nice view of that. The bathroom doesn’t have a door and the bed is situated right near it in case the residents wake up in the middle of the night and need to get to the restroom quickly. My sister has had a number of people that have come to visit her husband and they’ve all been very impressed as well with what they’ve seen. The activities director is quite creative. She had the residents make bowls once and I thought that was great. There’s lots of exercise classes available to keep everyone moving, there’s solitaire, brain games, and even in October they had kids come over from the local schools to trick or treat! Honestly, whoever put this together was creative from the beginning. The staff is keeping everything pretty clean and I haven’t seen anything bad or had any complaints. My sister has eaten there a few times and there isn’t anything really remarkable about it, but she has made the comment that they really try to accommodate everyone. I would definitely recommend them!

Dad is so happy here

We are so happy we found this community for dad. He love it here and there are a lot of men here so he's making friends. The staff is caring and attentive. It is a brand new community so it always nice and clean. The dining area is nice and food is great. They have like a walking path outside and every floor has a patio are. He love the activities like going out for bus rides and exercises there is also a Happy Hour. I would recommend this to my friends and family.

Thirsty Thursdays

The staff here are very responsive, personable, and very communicative. When I go in they greet me by name and they really try to make you feel at home. If I call, I am always up to date with everything. Everyone on their team (from custodial workers, chefs, and people on their administrative team) will learn all of their residents’ names. I was very impressed with the facility and how everything is nicely appointed. The care team does very well with trying to fit in the residents very nicely. It seems that it was the perfect size while looking for a place for my in laws. You don’t have that feeling of being in a big hotel or a small location where they don’t have any activities; it just seemed like a perfect size of not feeling of being lost in a crowd. The other residents there are fabulous. After my father in law passed it was just my mother in law there. She would go into the dining area and start eating, where all of a sudden another group of people will flag her down and say “come sit with us!” My mother will always have people to sit with. Everyone looks out for each other, they would always look for someone else to eat with, no one would have to be a lone, and everyone’s very welcoming. Overall the residents get that independent living but they have people that check in on them just in case anything happens or they need anything. They also have fun activities. They have this thing called thirsty Thursdays where at 3:00pm they would go for cocktails. They also have events monthly that would focus on different countries. It would be followed by lectures about the country to they would watch related movies. And any day that you would like a family member to come or friends you can get a guest pass for them.