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Customer Reviews

Caution - A facility that over-promises and under-delivers

Our mother lived here for over 4 years and endured the ups and downs of a startup facility. The exterior and interior are beautiful and location is convenient. They sold us on being an aging in place facility but a far cry from that. The nursing staff and CNA’s are sub-par with poor life skills and they have challenges keeping their nursing staff and director position filled. The caliber of care staff they do hire have poor people skills, preform a poor job in keeping patient notes, sloppy with medicine distribution/ timing and low and lack compassion, attentiveness and patience. During the last 90 days of my mother’s life she was hurt by a CNA. In additions she developed bed sores and was malnourished. It can take a CAN 30+ minutes to show up when you ring the pager. They have a poor cleaning service where bathrooms are no properly cleaned or sanitized. Communication to families are poor as well – they had an influenza break out in the winter as I learned from the staff as my mother caught the flu as well that almost took her life earlier in the year. In the summer the paging system went down and that wasn’t communicated and I found out after waiting 45 minutes for a CNA and asked the front desk why no one is coming and they told me then that the system was down. The food quality is poor and food servers slow. EVE is owned by a money hungry Assisted Living owner that doesn’t care about the true well-being of residents and fins ways to cut corners with care. Don’t bring your loved one here.

Uncaring staff

My mom was in this place for four years. In her last two years the quality declined drastically. I live out of town and had to fly in to visit mom. Last year she was declining rapidly and each visit I observed less staff looking in on her, I had to constantly call for help. Her place was very dirty and looked as thought no one cared. My last visits I had to spend most of my time cleaning. Last year we ran out of money and made an agreement to pay what we could for a whole year the amount was excepted until they knew my mom was on her last days. The last time I saw and spoke to my mom was the day we were forced to move her in a smaller space. After a week she passed. Her old place that she lived in for almost 4 years was vacant for 8 months. What was the big rush to move a dying woman. This was the most heartless place I ever heard of. My mom and my family did not deserve this type of treatment.

They are humans for crying out loud!

I liked this community to a degree. :The apartments were nice upstairs, but when you go downstairs to the memory care department it looks like everyone is a child. They are all being fed and the set up was very bad. It looked like a little basement with people in it. It did not impress me at all. I knew then that this would not work out for my wife.

Very impressed. Would still be a choice when and if resume search due to location general feeling of apt. living not nursing home.

Happy people...a place you can trust

I visited this place 3 separate times before choosing them. All were surprise visits and I could not believe how happy the people living here look. Let's face it no one wants to go to a place like this unless they have to, but I have to say the residents were happy, alert, and engaged. I went to 7 other places and found things were either staged or the people looked expressionless and were slumped over sleeping. I was surprised when I learned of the people's ages because of how good they looked. I know my moms is in good hands and that she is happy. I am relieved b/c this was a stressful process for me.

Very satisfied

Eve is a Fantastic community and building. The care compared to other places is fantastic the workers there seem to actually know the residents. The food is really good in my opinion. I like the fact that all the workers are certified nursing aids and they have a 24/7 Nurse. You would be surprised that many assisted livings do not have this. Eve is more expensive than most places but you get what you pay for.

Thank you Eve staff...

I never thought I would be able to convince my mom to live in an assisted living, but she loves it here at Eve. Her apartment is so spacious and the staff is so kind and attentive that she says we should have seen this building before I purchased my condo. My mom loves to go out and have lunch with different groups of friends, but she also is fiercely independent and private. The Eve staff is able to keep an eye on her without her feeling intruded upon. Most importantly I can call the staff at Eve and they always know of my moms comings and goings and can be there to help her out if she needs anything. I have seen my mom perk up in such a way, she wears lipstick, does her hair. All things that she had let go of being at home alone. We know she is happy because she doesn't talk about wanting to go back to her condo. My sisters and I can't believe it. Thank you Eve staff!

A wonderful place

I was looking to move my Mother from Syracuse, NY to Chicago area. My Mother had specific needs and I found the staff at Eve Assisted Living in Hinsdale 1000 % willing to go the extra mile to customize a program for my Mom. The Marketing Director Candice Mathers is passionate about her job and very down to earth. The Executive Director Maddie Scudiero took time to really listen to the needs of our family. The place is beautiful and the Memory Care expecially was exquisite. The staff all had the passion to make it the best Assisted Living there is. The one problem for me was it's distance from Chicago which is why we chose another excellent place. But this is the only place I will review as a 5 great. Thanks for your dedication Candice and Maddie.

People who care about people

The overall management induces core values that are displayed by all the key personnel. The facility is run with the residents interests put on the front line of care. The small knit environment provides constant coverage for the needs of all.

A True Find for Mom

When it was time to transition my Mom to a Memory Care facility, I visited several establishments in the western and southern suburbs of Chicago. This was a daunting task. Some facilities were understaffed, resulting in neglected residents and overburdened employees. Other facilities were depressing to visit, with hospital-ward-like settings. Still others offered food that I would never eat, nor offer to my Mom. There were even facilities that presented with all of these disastrous shortcomings. I worried that a properly run home where one could feel confident that one's loved one would be compassionately attended to just did not exist.

Upon entering Eve Assisted Living and Memory Care, nestled in charming downtown Hinsdale, I was met with a community that erased my fears. The executive marketing director enthusiastically gave me an extensive tour of Eve's. This is a beautiful home that is gracefully furnished. The meals, which I have eaten myself on several occasions, unannounced, have always been tasty, healthy and prepared with quality ingredients. The individual resident rooms are spacious, with large closets, bathrooms and individually-controlled heating and air conditioning. There is a high nurse/certified nursing assistant to resident ratio, which provides the residents with personal attention, as needed, by pleasant nursing professionals. The memory care director leads daily activities that engage the residents physically and mentally. My Mom has been socializing with the other residents, who have become her new friends. She truly enjoys being a part of the Eve community.

I strongly encourage anyone who is seeking excellent care for a love one to visit Eve Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Art fills space, but MUSIC fills and transcends TIME.

Truly 5 Star across the board. Our Mom has had Alzheimer's for over a decade. Both Mom and Dad are in their late 80's. When Dad took a fall on Father's Day 2014, the family had to act quickly to provide 24 hour care for Mom. The Eve staff worked with us to provide an interim solution for Mom, tracked Dad's process during his rehab, coordinated his release and move to Eve when he was able, and now manage their day-to-day care with compassion and professionalism. Eve has done a remarkable job of customizing a care plan for each of our parents, keeping the family informed, intervening in "urgent" health related situations decisively, and always being responsive and flexible in meeting our parents' (and the family's!) needs. One other thing: Eve has done a great job of incorporating music programs into daily activities. Mom was a church organist and choir member since she was a girl; Dad sang barbershop. They get to sing three or four times a week. Mom may have a hard time remembering your name, but she can still belt out the hit songs from the '30s at the drop of a hat. What an extraordinary gift. Thanks Eve.

6 prior locations - found home at Eve

My Wife has been at Eve since its opening in 2013. She was the first residents of the memory care wing . We chose Eve because it was close to the home, so I could visit my wife daily to ensure in my mind that she was receiving as much care in my mind that I could give to her.

Her Alzheimer's has caused her to not be able to communicate. Therefore I felt it necessary to visit and monitor her care . No matter where the facility was.

A person in her condition soon could be forgotten. The staff at Eve has encourage my participation in her care including her diet and eating habits.

People in my position who wish to manage these goals can the assistance and care at Eve. Places we were at prior to Eve interfered with taking care of my wife, I did not like that. She was at six locations prior to making her home at Eve for the past three years.

Wonderful place

We put mom in Eve Assisted Living last month. Of course, any time a loved one can no longer live independently it's painful for everyone involved. The folks at Eve couldn't have been more knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating during this process.

Since then, every single person at Eve continues to go out of the way to be kind, gentle and attentive to mom. Working with seniors is more than a job; it's a calling. I cannot say enough good things about the Eve staff. They have been a Godsend.

Nothing special about this place

I have a family member that has lived there over one year, still a current resident, so I truly speak from experience. The facility is neat and clean, but they are cutting corners in every area since move in.

Overall appearance, hallway carpets showing signs of dirt and wear, nicks/gouges on molding, corners, door frames do not get repaired or touched up. So if a resident bangs into something with, say with a wheelchair, the damage in common areas does not get fixed. If it is not fixed in common areas, it is not fixed in the units. For the first several months, maintenance was very responsive even in individual's unit, no maintenance service any longer available. Note: I chose assisted living for my family member so I can come and visit, not fix this and that. Common areas have also become office extensions for staff. Second floor bridge was a quite and intimate sitting area that now features the desk, cords, wires and related stuff of the activities person. Thus taking away from the original ambiance that attracted us to this facility.

Staffing is an issue, which is directly related to management issues. In one year the CNA and nursing staff has turned over so many times, I cannot keep up. Management has turned over completely three times. Something is very wrong in this department and unfortunately will be the demise of this potentially wonderful facility. The current "director" [removed] is probably the most unapproachable of all management members I have encountered.

Food service, 3 chefs have come and gone! Started with lovely printed menus, multiple choices. Currently, one offering and if it is unacceptable the choice is a grilled cheese. No more linen table clothes and fresh flowers. Monthly family Sunday brunches and themed buffets (last year's luau was wonderful) are no longer offered and if they are, they are bare bones.

Activities - where do I start. This has been and still is a work in progress according to management. The only activities person that seemed together has been let go. Next came a fly-by-the-seat of your pants activities person that lacked experience and always seemed to miss getting out and doing something by a day. The current person has to be self-invested or the activity does not seem to happen. Originally I was told if even one person signs up, the activity or trip happens. This is not true. There has to be agreement on activity/trip, a minimum number (this is a very small community), and "management approval" thus activities are ho-hum. Sadly, the offerings of Hinsdale have never once been part of the mix. The do not utilized the library's offerings, the summer concert opportunities, events at the Hinsdale Hospital. It is almost as if this facilities does not want to have any profile within the town.

My mom is happy

This place has had some growing pains, but my mom is really happy, she has made friends with the other women that live there and that is really important. There have been changes with the management staff which was unnerving to me, but the Executive Director and Nurse are very responsive to any issues and do a good job of communicating to me what is going on with my mom. I know that everyone in this place has their eyes on my mom to make sure that she is safe and involved in activities. The ED has been very responsive to all of my concerns and I finally feel like someone is staying on top of people to make sure they get the job done, bottom line.

You should be ashamed

This facility only cares abouts taking your loves one money. There is no sympathy for the aging process. The food and nutrition is horrible! The turnover of the Certified Care Givers's is high and they are inexperienced. I would not ever recommend this community. Good Luck!

admin admin

Local Representative

Our staff at Eve Assisted Living strives to develop a close relationship with the residents as well as their loved ones and care providers. It is important to us to connect with our residents on a personal level as well as to follow their health in order for us to provide the appropriate care and plan for future needs. We understand that it can be painful for families to see their loved one’s decline through the aging process and our goal as professionals is to offer support, education, and options. This can present emotional challenges for both Eve and the families because we become attached through the care process. Through this process we understand that the intentions of Eve’s staff may be misunderstood and we will continue to work to maintain a partnership with our resident’s loved ones.

Not a Place to Send your Loved One

Was able to tour Eve and was very disappointed. There is little to no interaction between the staff and residents. Very few activites offered to the residents and the few residents we did see and talk to are unhappy with the level of care they receive.

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Local Representative

Eve Assisted Living was designed to provide residents with spacious layouts that could be customized to reflect their personal style and to manage themselves in a residential like setting while having access to a number of amenities and care services. We have an Activity Director on site 7 days per week and we offer a variety of outings in the community as well as in house activities. We encourage our residents to participate in activities that are most meaningful to them. Many of our residents pride themselves on maintaining the lifestyle they created before moving into Eve. We respect their wish to have a balance between alone time, visiting with family, and socializing with friends. We enjoy introducing our residents to other residents in the building that we feel they may enjoy the company of in a natural way as opposed to gathering in circles in common areas. We welcome and encourage prospective customers to visit Eve or any other assisted living option that they are considering more than once to ensure that they feel comfortable and excited about their decision.

Wouldn't Recommend

My mom lives at Eve Assisted Living in Hinsdale currently she likes the people who lives there, the food is good although not a lot of healthy food options for people with health issues. The CNA's a less the average and the turn over from the CNA's up to management is a joke. The place is a revolving door!! I will be moving her out and would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!!!

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Local Representative

Our menus are created through collaboration between Eve’s Chef and residents. We encourage our resident’s to participate in monthly food committee meetings to provide input into our menus. Our menu is also reviewed by a dietician to ensure that healthful options are available and she is available to provide our residents with personal consultations. We provide our residents with monthly wellness classes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we respect every individual’s preference regarding diet. We recognize that turnover is an industry wide issue in healthcare and because we were personally effected by it at one point, we are highly committed to ensuring that our staff is properly trained and happy at the workplace. Our staff and residents can speak to the quality and continuity of care that we are able to provide because of our team building efforts.

Pretty, but somewhat lacking

Toured community. It is beautiful and set in downtown Hinsdale. Very low occupancy which was a concern. Did not see any residents interacting. Activity calendar was sparse compared to other assisted living facilities we visited. The entrance to the facility was not warm or welcoming but more like a hotel entrance. Did not see Memory unit but was told it housed only a handful of residents. That being said, they should have no problem with staffing, but my parent would also have no interaction with anyone which is what she has now living alone at home.
Heard staff turnover was high which is also concerning. Tour guide was more of a salesperson versus someone who had a keen understanding of the aging process and the needs of that population and the concerns of the family.

Don't be fooled like I was!

By far the most beautiful & newest place I have seen! Like living in an elegant downtown complex. BUT...my story is such a mess you would think it untrue! Initial price given for room turned into $800 more per month after I had signed a contract & given deposit. Already sold parents home & belongings out of state, for 4 wks the bed linens weren't washed (included in fees), 1st 11 days there nurses did not give 2 of the 6 meds needed! Still happening, Just yesterday I found 2 days worth of Alzheimer's meds not given! Today the nurse gave 3pm & bedtime meds all at 5:30! 5 pills in one gulp! Cna's not following care plan helping with a.m /p.m hygiene. Dentures put in cleanser 14 out of 49 days! Much much more! The Director got fired over this & the marketing director, & the maintenance man! yet my 4 hr. meeting with the owner gained me nothing. I felt some form of credit for the obvious breaches to the contract due to all of the lies his employees have told me & most importantly my loved ones medical care.I give it till end of month to see major changes with the new director or i have to begin to search again. Poor thing will be so confused again & I am emotionally shot! DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER

very nice staff

My mother in law tells us about how the staff is very nice and the food is really good. She really likes it there, though if she could have her way she says (right now) that she would rather go home. It is tough for her to transition, but I think a lot of that is to be expected, and the people there are doing everything they can to help.

room for improvement

There need to be more activities. There is minimal interaction with other residents. There have also been some issues with the timeliness of the caregivers getting to where they need to provide services on time. The menu for the food is mediocre at best.

Clean and beautiful, but not homey feeling.

This was one of the places we looked at when we were touring. Mom did not like them. They were clean, and the facility was beautiful, but it did not have that homey feeling she was looking for. She felt like it was more of a clinical setting. Since it was going to be her home, we let her decide.

I think they are doing very well.

I think they are doing very well. My parents are happy, so I am happy. The food is very good, and they seem to be able to ask for less if they want, or choose something different if they don't like the feature of the day, so there are options. My mom is really happy with the beauty parlor, she is happy with the woman who does her hair. The nursing staff and CNA's are very good, and they are responsive. I like that it's a smaller scale place, it's more intimate, and doesn't look like an assisted living place at all, more like a boutique hotel.

The best in the western suburbs.

This is a wonderful place to live for anyone over 60. Beautiful place to stay.....Clean, fresh, doesn't smell. A few little kinks to work out but all in all the best of any and all facilities that I toured for my mother. Hands down the best in the area.

Very elegant place, it was ...

Very elegant place, it was very quiet and we only saw one resident during our tour. The rooms were spacious and we liked the shower which had no step to get into. There was a nice exercise room, entertainment room and dining area.

We entered the facility and...

We entered the facility and saw a security guard which was reassuring and a receptionist had us sign in and got us glasses of ice water as it was a hot day outside. Our tour started 30 minutes LATE and lasted waaaay too long for my 91 year old father who was looking at the facility for his wife with dementia. He was exhausted at the end and so was I. Eve Assisted Living is a truly beautiful setting physically, but it lacks warmth. It felt cold and clinical. We only saw two patients and they were NOT engaged socially but watching TV (well one was sleeping in a chair.) The tour guide briefly said hi to the one patient from a distance (the one watching TV.) We were told all the other clients were in their rooms napping...But even in assisted living we did not see one client but again staff!!! My mother is in a memory unit in another state and EVERY time we visit her day or night there are groups of patients in activities engaged with staff and each other and OUT OF THEIR ROOMS. This didn't appear to be happening here. All we saw were two patients and plenty of staff and no one interacting with them. And although the tour guide and marketing staff mean well the hard sell is a turn off. A low key empathetic person to give tours would be a much better move for Eve AL as this is a devastating time for families. Also an aviary or aquarium would be a nice touch on the memory and assisted living sides to liven the place up. It was a lovely setting but felt cold.

I think they do pretty good so far.

I think they do pretty good so far. We have been really happy with the attention they have been showing. They are checking in on her and keeping up with her. They have done a good job keeping her out of the hospital. I can't really think of anything that I would like to see improved or done better at this time.

Lovely facility; more like ...

Lovely facility; more like a high class hotel than care facility. Very impressed by programs and attention to detail for the residents. Memory care was particularly innovative.

Good community, would have liked more time...

The facilities at Eve were wonderful. I'm concerned about the transfer from a rehab to the community. They accept the diagnosis from the rehab when the person is admitted, this could lead to something that is not a good fit. We would have liked to have a longer stay here. The food is good, the people were friendly.

From the Community

EVE Assisted Living & Memory Center offers a continuum of care across the spectrum of assisted living, from those who need minimum care to the more intensive care required for the memory impaired. EVE is located in downtown Hinsdale in a specialty designed modified Edwardian style building that features many special touches. The care at EVE is built around the concept of Social Wellness. It is our belief that health and wellness depend on an individual’s ability to remain active and engaged. We provide our residents with a personally designed wellness care and activities program. A special feature that makes EVE so unique is our experienced and dedicated staff. Our staffing ratio to residents is 1-3 in memory care and 1-4 or 5 in assisted living. This enables EVE to give more personalized care to each resident and provide quality of live services that extend far beyond residents and families expectations.
There are 52 Assisted Living Apartments in a variety of floor plans and 12 state- of -the art Memory Support Apartments. Apartments feature granite countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms, walk in closets, recessed lighting, maple cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and designer window coverings. EVE offers a range of basic services and amenities as part of our everyday service. Staff members are available to assist with all needs of daily living including person escorts while enjoying a leisurely walk outside. Suite prices also include meals and snacks, coffee and tea delivered to your room, housekeeping and laundering, all utilities excluding cable and a land line phone just to mention a few. In addition to the basic amenities, EVE offers a variety of additional services on a la carte basis. Residents enjoy a full service salon with masseuse, fitness center with trainer, yoga studio and home theater. Our restaurant style dining room has an adjacent courtyard for outdoor dining.