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From the Office

Allay Senior Care is the only Assisted Living in Canton dedicated solely to memory care. We are located minutes away from both Mercy and Aultman Hospitals, on 13th street in the Meyers Lake area of Canton.
Our communities were created with the unique needs of Dementia individuals in mind. Along with a warm and home-like atmosphere, our buildings feature logical, open floor plans that are easy for residents with memory loss to master. The common areas, such as the living & dining rooms are very inviting, and in the center of each building. The private bedrooms are located along the circular hallway. A memory box outside of their room with personal pictures and mementos helps residents locate their room and helps us get to know them. Both buildings have indoor and outdoor walking pathways, which help soothe our very active & busy residents.
Our beautiful and spacious courtyard provides a sense of freedom in a safe and secure environment. Outside of each of our buildings, within the courtyard, they each have their own walking path and sitting areas so our residents may enjoy the outdoors. They also have raised gardens where our residents grow vegetables and herbs.
Allay Senior Care has an all-inclusive rate that includes 3 home-cooked meals, laundry and housekeeping services, activities, medication management, assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), basic supplies and a monthly visit from our beautician. We don't have add on charges for help with medications or showers or levels of care where you charge more as someone needs more care and assistance. Our rate stays the same.
Our staff receives dementia training from the Care and Compliance group which includes areas such as sundowing, encouraging good nutrition & hydration, aggressive behaviors, end of life. In addition, our staff receive many hours of hands on training.
Our activities meet the needs of our residents socially, spiritually, physically, intellectually, occupationally, and emotionally, and include intergenerational activities, family nights, happy hours, religious services, a wide variety of physical activities and games that incorporate upper or lower body movement, current events, bingo, ceramics, crafts, baking & cooking groups, and music used at meal times, for entertainment, or to soothe and calm. We design our activities to the interests of our residents. In some cases, individuals with memory loss have trouble organizing and participating in various activities. We offer flexible, individualized activities to ensure that dementia residents at every stage feel productive while retaining as much independence as possible. It is not about the activity and doing it right, but making it successful and fun for the resident.
When rooms are available, we can provide the same reliable services in the form of respite care or for a short stay. This can give a caregiver a much needed break and also assist with transition into full time care when the time comes.

  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Care

Customer Reviews

My Dad is taken very good care of, great staff

Allay gave my mother loving care and attention by the entire staff. There is positive interaction by all the crew and every worker was aware of how my mother was doing. The meals were good and the staff fed my mother when needed.
The activities and entertainment were enjoyable with monthly “Family Nights” schedules with outside groups being brought in. Along with this, family and friends visits were very encouraged.

Very nice. All inclusive price regardless of care and reasonable. More appearance of institution than a home.

Good Relationship with This Community

This is a lovely community, but unfortunately we can not keep my mother here due to the fact they do not accept Medicaid. We were very pleased with all they did for us. It is a nice and well kept community. I had a really good relationship with the staff. They would inform me of anything that happens. The director was very supportive and helpful. She was wonderful with all the help she provided. It was a nice experience.

Having my father-in-law at Allay has been wonderful. The staff feel like family & gives me peace of mind that he is cared for by loving caregivers. Any time anyone mentions their loved on having Alzheimer’s. I always recommend Allay for when their time of need comes.

What a God send. Changed our lives!!!

I can't begin to tell you what a God-send Allay has been to our mother and our family. We had our mother in another facility that was a skilled nursing facility but struggling with what seemed like lack of compassion and proper care for our mother. When we researched other facilities, God placed Allay in our search. We toured the facility unannounced and we were met with a friendly staff member who did not hesitate to show us around. The facility was clean, bright, and cheerful.
It was a calm and reassuring atmosphere and we were impressed. We soon made arrangements to have our mother moved to this facility and it has changed her and our lives for the better. In her previous residence she was depressed, extremely combative and refusing to eat. Since moving to Allay she is happier, less agitated and her appetite is back!
We cant thank the staff and the administration for the time they take with each resident. They provide In-service education to the staff to keep the staff educated and aware of how best to care for and understand dementia/Alzheimer patients. Even though mom can still be uncooperative at times, the staff has been so great with her and project a caring and understanding demeanor. They seem to value her as a person.

The Rewards of Choosing Allay Senior Care of Myers Lake

Mom, was very happy at Allay Senior Care of Myers Lake in Canton Ohio! After spending a short time at another place. Mom was unhappy to the extreme. We discovered Allay and moved mom to that facility. We found the people there extremely friendly and gave mom regular special attention as she needed it (she liked pampered!). Mom was helped far beyond the normal care for an assisted living facility. Their goals are to keep residents and family happy! We loved the monthly musical get-togethers and meals and treats too! Everyone at Allay does there best everyday to work with the residents and family. Safety is an important issue too. Daily and weekly events are available to improve the residents awareness and exercises. The closed in court-yard is a big plus that very few places have and gives residents a chance to get outside and enjoy the birds and nature too! Life is a most rewarding place to be and I am so thrilled I chosed Allay for her stay. After three years of helping mom at home, it just became too difficult for my wife and I even with training. The staff of Allay are well trained and work around the clock to help residents regardless of the time or problems that may arise! Every resident received the best, just like my mom!! You will be thrilled too when you place your love ones at Allay. There are so many more good things I could tell you about Allay!!

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Thank you so much for the review! I would have to agree- your mom did like to be pampered, but who doesn't?! I miss her spunk and hearing her belt out a tune at our family nights. She could sing! Sarah had a style and flare that was all her own. I imagine she makes one beautiful and entertaining angel. Her family at Allay misses her.

Review of Allay Senior Care of Meyers Lake - Canton, OH

Clean, good food, great caregivers, love the place.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Mr. Russell,
Thank you for your review. We do have great caregivers and they work very hard at their jobs. As with any home, the cleaning is a constant battle, that we tackle daily. The food is good- I have to agree! I may be biased, but I love the place, too! It's my home away from home. We enjoy your wife and your daily company. It is heartwarming to see your love and support.

Review of Allay Senior Care of Meyers Lake - Canton, OH

Allay gave me back my life! The staff and caregivers are all very kind, caring, and compassionate and have excellent knowledge and skills to help people with Dementia. I have peace of mind knowing my mom is getting wonderful care.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Thank you Gloria! We love your Mom and her beautiful smile!

Everyone experiences this disease differently and there is no one set way that works for everyone. This is why we train our staff from multiple sources- to give them a broad range of information to utilize. If one approach doesn't work, try another, because everyone is unique.

One of our goals is to relieve the stress of being a caregiver that most family members are experiencing before they come to us. We want them to be able to resume the traditional family roles of spouse, daughter, or son, as much as possible and have relaxing and enjoyable visits. As our slogan states, "Our dedication is your peace of mind." I am so happy to know that we were able to give this to you!

Not a good experience

Our experience with Allay Senior Care was not a good one, unfortunately. They ended up being unable or unwilling to provide the care my loved one needed. We were very candid and upfront about our loved ones needs and behaviors, and they said they would be able to handle things, but after only a few weeks they were pushing for heavily medicating him. He ended up needing a trip to the hospital, and while he was there we were told that he couldn't return, which put us in a tough spot and I think could have been handled better. I'd advise any family looking to use Allay Senior Care to be sure Allay is being very thorough with their evaluation.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Unfortunately, we were not able to continue care for your loved one. We worked together with you, as well as the doctor, to manage the symptoms of his disease. We asked families to be patient and understanding during that month long process, but despite all of our best efforts we were unable to accept him back. The evaluation that was done through medical records and patient observation was only a snap shot of a disease that fluctuates and progresses. We aim to help all those in need, but also must protect the rights of all our residents. We hope your grandfather has found a community that is a good fit for him.

My mother spent the last year of her life at Allay and we were completely happy with her care. The facility was very warm and homey and the staff went out of their way to care for the "family" of residents. Even though mom was unable to participate in the many activities physically, she was always included and encouraged to observe. The outside area was so nice to take her for a stroll around the gardens. I felt very comfortable in the fact that mom was safe and well taken care of during her stay there. Thank you, Allay for providing an alternative to the standard nursing home

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Jenny, I'm sorry to say I did not personally know you or your mother, but many of our staff have fond memories of you both. One of the things I love most about Allay is our home like appeal, while still providing our residents with a safe and secure environment. Our residents are encouraged to attend and participate in activities to the extent they are able, and with dementia that may vary day to day, but that's okay. It's more important that they are enjoying themselves and the interaction. I'm so glad to hear your mother was with us and received the same excellent standard of care that we continue to provide.

Small homey atmosphere

Mom was in Allay for a little over a year we were blown away by the caring staff. We loved the small homey atmosphere, which was more like visiting mom at home than in an institution. There were planned activities for all levels of ability. She was always encouraged to interact with the other residents. We recommend highly.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Julie- we appreciate your feedback. I agree, Allay has very caring staff! They receive dementia specific training in many areas, such as, sundowning, medications in dementia care, therapeutic interventions and communication, aggressive behaviors, end of addition to many hours of hands on training. All of this combined with very caring hearts adds up to the loving, well-trained, caregivers at Allay. Their jobs are not always easy- I will make sure our caregivers get to read your review. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

A few thoughts about Allay

Mom was welcomed into the Allay community in April 2013 and resided there until her death in January.

The staff and the care they provided were exceptional. The single, most important aspect was that the staff was attentive, yet encouraged Mother to do those things she was capable of independently and were loving and supportive when she needed help. Self-care tasks were done 'with' her not "to" her. The care-givers talked, joked - sometimes cajoled - and always allowed her to maintain her dignity.

Mother loved her "apartment;" she loved the "girls;" she loved the food; and she had a best friend in another of the residents. She loved folding laundry, and even offered to cook! At Allay, Mom was a person, not a patient.

I am very grateful that we all were part of the Allay family.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Linda, thank you for your kind words. We miss your mom, but are thankful that you continue to stop in. Laura was such a lovely person and I am glad to have wonderful memories to hold on to of her...many of her and Margie together, the two of you passing out candy at Halloween- Laura looked great as Cat in the Hat, the two of you sitting together in comfortable silence enjoying a beautiful day in the courtyard, as well as many memories during activities together- even if she nodded off for a minute or two! Thank you for always being there if your mom needed anything or nothing.

very happy at Allay

Allay Senior care provides a wonderful caring environment to those individuals suffering with Alzheimer's and memory impairment. My Mother is a resident and I can tell you I have complete peace of mind knowing she is cared for by a very loving and attentive staff that feels like family.
Allay is safe, and locked while providing an enclosed courtyard with patio furniture, for the residents to enjoy, when the weather permits. It is a wonderful thing to provide a sense of freedom those who might otherwise be in a building all day, unable to enjoy the outdoors.
I love Allay. They have given me my life back and made the trials of my mother's journey less so.
I would highly recommend Allay to anyone looking for great care for a loved one with memory issues.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

Thank you, Kris! It sounds like we are meeting our mission provide peace of mind to our families (and individuals affected by dementia) with dedicated and trained staff who promote understanding, compassion, and quality of life through specialized care in a safe & homelike environment. It is definitely one of our goals to take the role of caregiver off of your shoulders, so you may spend stress-free, quality time with your loved one during your time together.

I would have to agree- one of my favorite features about Allay is our courtyard! Well said!

Allay also has wonderful families! Thank you Kris for ALL your volunteer work at our home- baking cookies for Family Night, baking cookies for the residents to frost (and eat), painting, ceramics with the residents- you do it all!!!

Allay Senior Care has been a lifesaver for my mother and our family. My mother suffers from Alzheimer's and while in a nursing facility in Bolivar she was treated like a psychiatric patient rather than an Alzheimer's patient. I was refered to Allay Senior Care by the Alzheimer's Association and they have been nothing but outstanding. My mother has had many struggles and they have addressed them all with patience and kindness. I would highly recommend Allay to any family.

Melissa Redd

Local Representative

I'm very glad your mother found a home with Allay. Our caregivers understand and are trained in the many unfortunate side effects or behaviors associated with this disease. And it is a disease. It is not your mother's fault that she is experiencing this and she should never be treated as such. We are very happy to have both of you at Allay!

There was just a serious lack of attention by the staff

We came and toured here when we were looking. We didn't even take the tour. When we walked in there was a desk there, but nobody was behind it. Anyone could just walk in and out, and nobody seemed to notice or care. Behind the desk there was a glass window, and we could see nurses and staff standing behind it. We were just standing there, and they saw us, but they just completely ignored us. People are supposed to sign in and out and nobody was there to make sure that happened. The facility itself didn't look too bad, it was clean from what we could see, and it didn't have any odor. There was just a serious lack of attention by the staff. It was also in a more rundown area of town.

Dan DAmico

Local Representative

Unfortunately this review is for another facility. We are a small facility catering to individuals with memory care impairment. Therefore in order to enter our facility one must ring a buzzer and a staff member has to let you in. We do not have a receptionist area who site behind a desk nor do we a glass window for people to stand behind. There is no sign in and out sheet because you are greeted at the front door by a staff member.

We are adjacent to a nursing facility which we may have been confused with.