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BEWARE - Do NOT leave your parent at this facility!

Under NO circumstances would I recommend anyone EVER place a loved one at Accel at Willow Bend Plano, Texas!! Our elderly parent was sent there for a physical rehabilitation stay. That experience was truly a worrisome and disturbing experience. There is clearly a lack of communication between departments, as well as a total lack of communication to the family. We felt like we needed an advocate for our family and parent each day we were dealing with Accel at Willow Bend. BEWARE. Take photos and document every conversation in writing!! Legal documents like medical power of attorney are not honored at that facility. Be certain to check the typed case notes for accuracy. The only employees we encountered during the entire stay who deserve praise are [name removed] and [name removed]. We have cared for both elderly parents, and we have Never experienced such a disturbing situation. Having a parent at Accel At Willow Bend Rehabilitation left our family feeling we had lost control of our parent's health care or any opportunity to protect our parent. Attempting to obtain a proper and timely discharge from [name removed] was a nightmare!!! [Name removed] told us our parent was ready for discharge. Upon arrival, we were told there were no discharge papers, and that taking our parent would result in a discharge AMA. This happened three times several days apart. Double check medications sent with you upon discharge against the list given at discharge. We were dumbfounded! It appears there are also serious organizational problems at Accel at Willow Bend Plano, Texas. This was certainly an eye-opening, unprofessional, and very disappointing experience!!

Great therapy, attentive staff

This is a great facility. The nursing staff is attentive and caring. Therapy is great. Very clean and positive atmosphere. I would recommend if you want to get stronger after surgery. Therapy really pushes you. Thank you. [Name removed]

Beware ...looks can be deceiving

Don't consider this place for your loved one if you have anything but simple rehab. This is not a facility for individuals requiring high levels of attention.

While the facility is clean and the staff is friendly, I am not sure why Medicare would rate this facility so high. The patient to nursing staff ratio is about 21 to 1. Employees are overworked and do not have the time to attend to patients. For example, my mother was taken to the hospital and we only became aware of this when the hospital called us 5 hours later.

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Local Representative

Hello, we truly apologize for your unsatisfactory experience at Accel at Willow Bend. We strive to consistently deliver quality skilled nursing care to all residents. If you would like to discuss your concerns further please contact our Administrator at [removed], or let us know if you would like us to contact you directly.

Be careful in choosing this facility

Please read all the way through this review as it is very important for people to realize what this facility is like.
I am in rehab recovering from double knee replacement, and have been at Accel at Willow Bend for 15 days now. My doctor required rehabilitation after having double knee replacement. So his nurse recommended this skilled nursing facility. I have been to physical therapy 6 days a week and sometimes on Sunday. I really wanted to give this place a good recommendation, because the PT and OT were wonderful. I am fully walking and can do everything for myself thanks to the excellent therapist. However, I did a lot of my own work when I went to therapy.
My problem now is they will not release me to go home, even though my therapists have been wondering why I haven't gone home sooner. Therefore they are [Removed] that my outpatient physical therapy will not be covered by insurance if I go home without their approval. I live 2hours away from this facility and Christmas is coming up. They say they are worried about my welfare even though I am doing every thing on my own.
If they were so worried about my welfare, then why do I have to wait an hour or more to get my medications? Why do I have to chase down a nurse to give me my night time meds when she delivered everyone else on my hall 2hours earlier? Why do they continually run out of my medications? Why can't they give me the correct medications which occurred every time I got a new nurse? And the worst of all, why did one nurse get angry at me for asking for my medications twice in a 2 hour period and he responded with throwing my cup of water in the trash, causing it to splash on me, my cell phone, and my iPad?
And finally, why do the nurses lie to cover up their mistakes?
One nurse did not know the difference between ecotrin and aspirin.
Yes, we did let supervisors know repeatedly when all of these things happened except for the nurse that got angry. We were worried about the nurse making it even more difficult for me.
So the facility is not that concerned with my welfare as much as the money they can make off my insurance.
The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because of the therapy. They are wonderful if they have the time to work with you. They are under staffed in all categories of health care.

Not a good experience!

While my husband was at Accel, it was not the best experience. It was a very bad experience and they just do not have enough help. When my loved one would press the button to get help, it would be up to an hour before anyone would show up. There was a time where I was not able to get water for him for a whole weekend. They really need more help!