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  • Doctor on Call
  • Outsourced Therapy Providers
  • In-House Therapy Providers
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Anytime Dining
  • Gluten Free
  • Special Diets: Organic
  • Dialysis Offsite
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Memory Care Services
  • IV/Infusion Therapies
  • Massage Therapy
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Transportation at Cost

Customer Reviews

Good and Bad - make sure you visit often

My father stayed there for a month of rehab. There was good and bad.
The good: Clean and no bad smell, much of staff is friendly and helpful, the food was fine, the rehab staff was good and he definitely made progress while he was there.
The bad: They only give showers / bath twice a week and if you don't speak up you may not even get that. After he was there a week I realized that they weren't brushing his teeth so I ended up doing it myself to make sure it was done. They left him in the same clothes for 2 days a couple of times.

There is good and bad.

My father was there for about a month. Staff are friendly, the place is clean and the rehab folks were good. He definitely made progress while he was there. However although he was supposed to have shower or bath twice a week that didn't always happen. He said that others were more demanding than he was so his needs were not always taken care of. A few times I had to insist that he get his shower. After he was there for over a week I found out that they were not helping him brush his teeth which he is not able to do himself. I did it myself to make sure it got done. We provided all of his medication as well as specific instructions on blood thinner levels which are slightly different than standard levels. The doctor they use completely ignored the instructions, never bothered to call his doctor, and therefore put him at risk. They also ordered medicines that we had already provided from their pharmacy without telling us. I found out when I got the bill from the pharmacy. At the family meeting before he left an appointment was setup with the therapists which they did not keep and the social worker was supposed to schedule a CNA to visit when he got home. Neither happened. I will not place a loved one in their care again. If you need to use this place I highly suggest that you visit often and keep track of what is done when for your loved one.

Happy with the turn out!!

I am happy with the overall care that my dear friend has been receiving from this community. The staff have been very helpful with the transition and do there best to accommodate his needs while he is there. Overall I am very pleased with his placement and would recommend it to anyone.

Hold on to your wallet

BUYER BEWARE. Unethical billing practices. Do not give your credit card up front like I did. Overbilled for 5 days with zero explanation, Your card gets billed. Detailed invoice? Nada. All you get is a credit card receipt for an amount. Well, upon check in, the rates , days and my responsibility were gone over in detail. For 2 months I called and called and called and emailed and emailed and emailed. Assistant Director, [Removed] agreed with my findings and promised a $425 refund. It took 2 months to finally get only a $400 refund on a check that misspelled my name and had the wrong address(kudos to the USPS for finding me). [Removed] seemed rather confused by the whole issue and promised to get me the remaining $25. That was another 2 months ago. I am giving this business 1 stars based on the facility, rehab and food. The staff did their job. No complaints about them. Management , on the other hand, seems to feel that they are always correct. I know its only $25 at this point but it is the principle. We had a detailed discussion where [Removed] agreed that I was owed $425. Not $400. Don"t turn your back on these people.

All is Well

Everything is working out very well for my mother since her move to this community. She is being cared for very well, and I'am pleased with all they have done for us.

They kept bringing him a full meal and they weren't supposed to; he was supposed to be on a soft diet.

Abington seemed to be understaffed and the nurses would not make themselves available to help. They were never available to talk to and always seemed busy with other tasks. They would take a very long time to help for the bathroom and sometimes would not show up. We kept having to talk to the doctor. The nurses and staff were not proactive with informing me on my loved ones care. My loved one said that the portions served during meals were too small. They didn't offer enough food.

The room was awful; the wallpaper was coming off the walls. The rehab therapy was absolutely great, as that is one of the reasons why he'd be brought back. The nursing care is the same as the rehab, just absolutely phenomenal care. The staff is okay, but the revolving door of staff makes it hard.

The rehab changed hands while in the facility and we are not happy with the plans. [Patient] was not able to walk when released. They did not have enough staff and the nurses had low morale. There have been a lot of cut backs, health foods are not given all the time.

Some of the aides were better than others. The nurse claimed that my mom did not want to take her medications. The memory care unit does not understand a lot of the needs.

The unit is closed and my husband needs fresh air. When the flu season comes around, it really spreads.

They have many lounge areas and feels like home. They are pleasant when I ask for information and smile when I ask them to do something. They keep it very clean and they enjoy the meals they have been serving.

I spoke with the rehab therapists a few times, I thought they were professional.

They did not have the information on their medications and they did not return a call to [patient's] daughter.

The rehab therapy services were good, she really likes that place. We haven't been to any other place, we didn't have any problems. All the employees were wonderful to my mother. Only one thing that I was kind of disappointed in was a mix-up in medication. The problem was resolved and everything was taken care of, but i had left a message with the head nurse and they never returned my call which I found very surprising. Otherwise, it's a great facility.

I thought Abington was very good and if my dad had to be institutionalized in the future due to cognitive or physical issues, I wouldn't hesitate to take him back there. I was there twice a day six days a week. The care was very good. I met and spoke with a few therapists and they were very professional.

She really did like the place We asked to be trained on the colostomy bag. We didn't get the best training and the discharge date fell short. Some communication problems, nothing major. She liked the food and it is always clean.

He had been there three years ago; it is the only place he will go. He loved the activities the woman was excellent. They are very knowledgeable, the nurse came in twice a week and he had physical therapy for six weeks. They also have a caretaker.

The nursing staff was very helpful. She raved about the concierge services! It was also very clean; she said that it was nicer than most hotels she had been to.

He loves it, he's been there twice before. He specifically requested it so it was a nice experience. He really loved rehab therapy, they were so good. The nurses were fantastic, we would come back again although we hope we don't have to When there was a minor issue they took care of it immediately, it was definitely to our satisfaction.

It’s great!

The experience was very good. She didn't think the food was that tasty though.

The rehab therapy services were absolutely great and the nursing care was wonderful.

It was great. The rehab therapy was good. The nurses are great, I didn't have any problems.

At the Abington she was taken care of very well. The food was good and she was treated well. I would highly recommend it to anyone

Fantastic. I absolutely cannot come up with anything bad, everyone was just unbelievable. Everything was just great, they were such nice people and nowadays it's hard to find nice people.

My Husband Says It Was The Best

My husband was very pleased with Abington. The staff was very warm,friendly, helpful ,and attentive. Therapy was excellent. Abington was not only well kept, but the atmosphere extremely pleasant.The food was well prepared and delicious. Abington also offered many different activities for those who were feeling better. I told my husband he won’t want to come . We highly recommend this facility.

From the Community

The Abington of Glenview bestows residents with the comfort and satisfaction that comes from receiving exceptional care from skilled professionals. Our professionals are dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every patient. The qualities that make the Abington special - the nurses and staff, the results-driven rehabilitation therapies, the excellent and nutritious meals, the engaging activities, the personalized care programs - work together to help the patient achieve optimal outcomes.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of compassionate healthcare and service in a safe and homelike environment. Residents are equipped with the essential education, direction and assistance to reach their highest potential spiritually, psychologically, physically and socially. Built in 1990, and renovated in 2012.