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Clover Rest Home - New York, NY

28 Washington St, New York, NY 10004
Rivington House Health Care of New York, New York, specializes in care for individuals with HIV and AIDS diagnoses. This residential community provides assistance and advocacy with accessing entitlements, housing, crisis intervention and escort services. The community provides wraparound services, including clinical services, pre- and post-HIV testing, counseling and prevention. Individuals living here receive information on living with AIDS and HIV in a caring, comforting environment.
A large brick building, Lakeside Manor Home for Adults in Staten Island, NY, is a beauty. This facility provides residents with meals, medication and other assistance to make life easier, but does so without taking away independence. Its central location means residents will want to be out and about as often as possible. The gorgeous Silver Lake Park and Reservoir is just across the street, and a variety of casual dining options call the surrounding streets home. Richmond University Medical Center and Staten Island University Hospital are nearby as well.

Foley Nursing Agency - New York, NY

790 Madison Ave, #503, New York, NY 10065
Golden Gate Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, established in 1975, is recognized as Staten Island's finest rehabilitation and long-term care facility. Golden Gate recognizes the difficulties of life transitions such as getting loved ones the care they need in their old age and is empathetic to family needs as well as the needs of residents. There are many medical and therapeutic services on offer, and prospective residents and families should come and take a tour of what is available to create customized care for their loved ones. Additionally, Golden Gate takes entertainment and fun very seriously and aims to keep residents engaged and active through music and art programs, holiday celebrations and other entertainment services designed to enhance the quality of life for all residents.
Hospice of New York provides comfort and thorough support to those suffering from terminal illnesses and their family members. Staff members and volunteers provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support to those with terminal illnesses as well as those dealing with grief. Hospice of New York works closely with patients' doctors to make sure that they receive comprehensive care. Hospice of New York is Medicare-certified, licensed by the State of New York and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program.
King David Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, a large facility with 271 beds, received a four-star rating from U.S. News & World Report as a provider of rehabilitation services. Most patients in the cardiac rehabilitation are recovering from heart surgery, stent placement, heart attacks, or other cardiac conditions. Treatment includes telemetry-modeled therapy overseen by cardiac rehabilitation professionals, occupational therapy, and instruction in healthy heart practices.The sub-acute short term rehabilitation program treats patients recovering from strokes, surgeries, amputations, or accidents. Each individual is evaluated for a comprehensive care continuum which may include physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
Skilled nursing in a newly-renovated facility, offering rehab services for cardiac, orthopedic and stroke patients along with comprehensive skin and wound care. Short-term and long-term stays, along with in-home services are available. This community also offers a specialized program for patients with memory disorders and an innovative telemedicine option for those with Parkinson's disease, giving patients access to specialists in neuromuscular disorders which can be hard to find locally. Other features are individualized diet programs, state-of-the-art exercise facilities, speech therapy, massage therapy, and adult day care.
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Nursing Homes in Jersey City, New Jersey

If your aging loved one is like most seniors, they probably don't want to discuss the idea of living in a nursing home. You can't blame them; the idea of being institutionalized isn't appealing to anyone. However, nursing homes have improved so much over the last decade that it's important to assure your loved one nursing homes are more like apartment living with a helpful staff than an institution. At some point, your loved one may need more help with their daily activities than anyone in the family can reasonably provide. It's a normal part of aging, but it's important to find them the right care to keep them safe. Nursing homes are a great option because they not only provide that assistance, but they also come with a built-in social network, secure facility, and access to medical care when needed. Families in Jersey City have several nursing homes to choose from, so there are plenty of options available when the time comes.

A Look at Jersey City

Jersey City's history runs all the way back before Colonial America. The land was originally inhabited by the Lenape, which was a collection of tribes. In 1609, Henry Hudson traveled the length of the city while looking for an alternate route to East Asia. After surveying the land and the inhabitants, the Dutch West India Company formed to manage the new territory, and in 1623, it became New Netherland. Over the years, the land changed hands, and by the American Revolutionary War, it was under British control as part of the country's control of New York. After the war, Alexander Hamilton and other prominent New Yorkers and New Jerseyeans developed what became downtown Jersey City. Modern day Jersey City is the second most populous city in New Jersey, and it is part of the New York metropolitan area as it lies across from lower Manhattan from the East Hudson River and Upper New York Bay. It is a port of entry for both New Jersey and New York, and it contains 11 miles of waterfront and rail connections.

The city is vital as the distribution and manufacturing center for the Port of New York and New Jersey. The neighborhoods of the city are based on some of the earliest settlements and divided into six wards. Over the years, it has become one of the most racially diverse cities in the United States. Although relations between the different ethnicities haven't always been amicable, the growth and change of the city provide a rich cultural experience for those who live there, and those who visit the area. Over the years, the city has worked to appeal more to those seeking entertainment. It has plenty of options for food and shopping, but it also has cultural entertainment through art and museums, as well. There's plenty to do to keep seniors active and entertained.

The Nursing Home Option

Nursing homes in Jersey City strive to be a helping hand for their residents, and they've gone out of their way to provide the type of environment seniors want to live in. A nursing home takes care of all of its residents' needs while still giving them opportunities to make decisions for themselves so they feel in control of their lives. It's difficult for independent people who move into a nursing home, but through patience and supportive care, nursing homes can help seniors feel more comfortable with the transitions in their lives. These changes occur whether you want them to or not, and if the family can't be there to support an aging senior, then you have to think of what is best for them. Sometimes a nursing home is the safest option for them.

Making the Move

After deciding on nursing home care and choosing the right home for your loved one, the next step would be to make the move. This is perhaps the hardest step for your loved one to make. Most seniors move into a nursing home from the house they spent the better part of their lives living in. It's difficult to let go of the memories and emotions that come with that, so it's best for families to be patient and supportive through this process. Most nursing homes have a limited amount of space, even those with generous living spaces, so your loved one will likely have to downsize their belongings. Help them decide what's most important to keep and take with them, and what they can give away to other family members for safekeeping. Once you've decided what stays and what goes, hire movers to help move the belongings, and spend the last remaining time reassuring your loved one that a nursing home will be an exciting new adventure for them.

Seniors moving into a nursing home have many emotions to process, and some of them don't handle the situation as well as you'd like them to. However, it's important to remember that it's difficult and scary to give up the life you know for something new, and it's even harder when you're already set in your ways. Families can help their loved ones with the transition by remaining patient and loving through the whole process. Make the decision to move them to a nursing home, find the right facility, and then help them with the move in whatever way they need.