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Nursing Home Care in Arlington, VA

The concept of nursing home care is something that has a tendency to be greatly misunderstood. There is a decent chance that the mere utterance of the phrase brings up stereotypical images of "old folks' homes" where elderly people play cards, stare at the TV, and don't really do anything else. Yet this image is something that is not only unflattering, but it is wildly inaccurate. In fact, nursing home care represents an extremely vital short-term option for golden agers that need to properly recovery from a surgery, accident, injury, or malady such as a stroke. This type of care is particularly important to a senior's overall health, as a rehabilitation process that is handled incorrectly could have profoundly negative and even devastating effects in the long term. It's good news then that Arlington, Virginia is home to a wide host of fully accredited nursing home care options that are equipped to execute the rehabilitation process correctly. This in turn can go a long way into helping golden agers get back on their feet in a comfortable manner.

A Look at Arlington

It may be a little bit morbid to state that a graveyard is a city's biggest attraction. Yet it is accurate and perfectly acceptable to give such a designation to Arlington. After all, the city is home to the renowned Arlington National Cemetery, and its meticulously kept landscape is where some of the nation's most important figures are laid to rest. This list includes people such as William Howard Taft, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and John and Robert Kennedy, but also the legendary "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier," and all of its requisite and deserving fanfare.

And if you want to get technical about things, the city of Arlington is not even a city. Rather, this area of some 229,000 residents is technically a self-governing county. However, it is treated as a city because it does not contain any other properly incorporated towns within its borders due to a state law associated with population density. Even though its borders are not officially defined, Arlington still is directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., so it's not all that surprising to note that its economic landscape is made sturdy by the presence of government. And it is made so in a rather large way - The Pentagon, Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Transportation Security Administration are all headquartered in Arlington.

The presence of the government has given Arlington an esteemed reputation for being a highly educated region - an impressive feat, considering the fact that it is home to just one main collegiate campus. It has also turned into a prime living space for those that work in the nation's capital. Arlington is easily connected to Washington, and it has been that way for quite some time. It is home to the first stations of the Washington Metro that were built outside of D.C., so it is easy for commuters to bounce back and forth. It also makes it quite convenient for Arlington residents that do not work in the city to check out all of the spectacular points of interest that the Washington has to offer.

A Look at Arlington's Nursing Home Care Facilities

Nursing home care, or skilled nursing, represents the highest level of care that a senior can receive without hospitalization. There are two kinds of care that these fully accredited services administer. The first kind is short-term care where rehabilitative services are provided for seniors in need of recovery in the wake of a surgery, accident, or malady like a stroke. Through physical, occupational, and speech therapy, these services are created to bring seniors back to a point where they can leave the round-the-clock facilities and resume their lives as normal, at a pace that ultimately protects their overall health. The second kind administered concerns the execution of long-term care for seniors that have severe trouble in carrying out activities for daily living, such as eating, dressing, bathing, walking, or toileting. Regardless of the level of care that is needed, the facilities possess the capacity to take care of each case by crafting a comfortable arrangement that ultimately protects their dignity.

Living Nice in Arlington

The nursing care services in Arlington are built to ensure that the seniors needing recovery and recuperation can receive rehabilitative services at a proper pace. As such, golden agers that utilize this special form of care can be assured that any kind of therapy they receive in these facilities will be delivered with their best long-term interest in mind.