Potomac Valley Nursing Center - Rockville, MD

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Customer Reviews


When my love one was residing here, the experience I had was not great. We almost filed a form of complaint, but unfortunately we did not. While my relative was here she was in a wheelchair the entire time. When we got her out of there, she didn’t even use a wheelchair. The facility smelled bad and all you could hear is people crushing pills. They are maxed out with their residents and there are four quadrants laid out. The way that the staff administers the meds is ridiculous. Everyone is getting their pills in front of everyone else. I stayed over one night and I heard a woman screaming “help, help, help me please”. There was a woman on the floor in the dark across the hall. I told her that I will not leave your side until I get a nurse. So then I start calling out for someone, when a nurse finally showed up she said “[Removed], you did it again, you fell” in the most non-empathic voice. When I would try to call my love one they would take 50 min to find her and when I would visit that wouldn’t know where she was. The toilet was backed up, the sink wouldn’t work, my relative had no hot water in her bathroom, and the toilet itself was too low. I would never ever recommend.

Beds will be available next week. We...

Beds will be available next week. We are in search of the right place for mom, still unsure.