Lewinsville Center Residences - McLean, VA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews


This is NOT a nursing home. It is an independent living senior residence with mostly 8-A subsidized apartments.

Meal program

The food is very poor quality and quite often overcooked, the food program
is a requirement of the lease at a cost of 225 dollars a month. When you are away for a vacation or hospital stay you are required to pay for the meal plan.
If your stay is a week or longer, and you fill out the required forms you will receive 4 dollars a day returned to you. You pay about 7.50 a day.
From the longer term residences I understand that this place was excellent
until Goodwinhouse took over.

Living and eating at the lewinsville

The Lewinsville has a food program that all residences are required to participate in, at a cost of 225 dollars a month. The food is not good and usually overcooked.
From the long term residences, the food was a lot better before the Goodwin
House took over.
I wood not want my parents to live here.
Also there I s a policy for the cost of the food that you have to pay for when
you are away. They return 4 dollars a day for the time you are away, if you
fill out a form ahead of time, if you forget to fill out the form y OK u do not
get any return of th e 225 dollars. The cost OK f the food is about 7.50 a day.
It is not worth it.