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Kirby Pines is a stately community with top-notch amenities, 60 landscaped acres to explore with walking trails and gardens, and elegant and comfortable common areas. This community has been refining the art of senior living for over 30 years. Five food venues provide variety, chef-prepared cuisine, and old favorites and new adventures in fine dining. Friends here gather to eat and talk. They then meet in classes, exercise groups, and outdoors to explore the abundant flowers and beautiful fountains. Kirby Pines offers independent and assisted living, memory support, and medical care services.

The Highlands of Memphis - Memphis, TN

3549 Norriswood Ave, Memphis, TN 38111
The Highlands of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, is a community that offers rehabilitation services to seniors and disabled people in the Memphis area. Staff provide patients with skilled nursing care and offer the chance for residents to stay in private or shared accommodation. There is 24-hour controlled access to the center, as the safety of residents is of paramount importance to the staff. The Highlands of Memphis also offers residents 24-hour nursing care, with each shift staffed by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nurse aides.
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Nursing Home Care in Memphis, TN

The need to fully recover from a surgery or an injury is one of the most vital things that a senior can fulfill. However, it can also be one of the more frustrating things if not done right. If it is improperly carried out, more harm than good can undoubtedly occur. That is why the concept of nursing care matters as much as is does. The concept is not shorthand for "old folks' home." Rather, it is a term that is best described by being a place in which necessary therapy and recovery can be properly doled out under the watchful eyes of highly skilled trained professionals. In Memphis, Tennessee, there are plenty of nursing home care facilities within their borders. While each facility goes about their business differently, they are collectively bound by a desire to provide their golden age residents with a level of care that is high in quality and dignified in nature.

A Glance at Memphis

Memphis is a city that is attached to so many things that define the United States as a whole, its presence almost seems embedded into our consciousness. It is one of the more prominent cities on the mighty Mississippi River. It is arguably the country's chief destination when it comes to barbecue. It has played a vital role in the development of blues music, and it is also the home of Graceland. All of these elements and more make this city of approximately 655,000 residents one of the most dynamic cities in the region.

Memphis' presence on the Mississippi has long been responsible for its vitality. It is still considered to be the second business cargo part along the famed waterway; as such, it's not too surprising to see that the city's diverse economy is built on a foundation of industries associated with the port, such as transportation and shipping. These industries have also been built up because the city is also a major railroad and highway hub. As such, it makes sense as to why FedEx is headquartered here.

Tourism also plays a vital role in Memphis' economic landscape. People from all corners of the country and beyond descend upon the city to enjoy its blues and barbecue. And they can do this by walking through the city's revitalized downtown, particularly along Beale Street. This near two-mile stretch of road is one of the country's most famous streets, and it is teeming with lively blues clubs and restaurants for travelers and residents alike to enjoy.

It should also be noted that the city is anchored by a "down home" sensibility that is linked to the classic concepts of Southern hospitality. And this welcoming sense is further enhanced because of the city's overall cost-effectiveness. It boasts a cost of living that is substantially lower when compared to the national average. This could be particularly noteworthy for those that want to move to a city that would allow them to stretch their dollar as far as possible.

Nursing Home Care in Memphis at a Glance

Only a stay at a hospital will match the level of care that can be received through nursing home care. Also known as skilled nursing, this concept in essence provides golden agers with the means to conduct therapy in the right way in the wake of an accident, injury, surgery, or sudden malady such as a stroke. This short-term process is designed to pace out a proper recovery and recuperation period through tactics such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, depending on the actual ailment in question. Once this round-the-clock care is fully completed, seniors will have the opportunity to leave on their own accord. Nursing home care can also be a vital option for patients that need more intimate long-term care, such as those that need aid in properly executing activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, or dressing. While there is an obvious difference between short-term and long-term care, they are nonetheless linked because both situations are designed to administer care in a manner that respects the senior's dignity entirely.

Living Well in Memphis

The nursing home care facilities in Memphis are so vital because they do more than provide recuperative care for golden agers. They are a conduit to ensure that proper therapy happens correctly, and is not rushed or forced along to the point where additional damage could incur. As such, seniors and families of seniors can rest easy in knowing that these special facilities are an excellent option for seniors to get better after physical trauma.