Signature HealthCARE at Saint Francis - Memphis, TN

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Customer Reviews

Best Kept Secret in Memphis

I had surgery here in 2015. I was greeted with a smile by everyone I ran into from the housekeepers to the nursing staff, dietary to doctors. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
My room was kept clean and they were very attentive to my needs. My call-light was answered very quickly and my family was taken care of as well as myself. We all felt very welcome - we felt like we were guests in their home.
The friendliest group was the nursing staff in surgery. Everyone over in surgery was happy and smiling and really made us feel as ease - a real comforting experience considering I was about to have major surgery. The nurse in the room kept my husband update on the progress throughout the long procedure which was of great comfort to my family.
The recovery room nurses and out patient nurses were fabulous as well. Tending to my needs and taking care of my family while I was in surgery.
I highly recommend St. Francis Memphis - best kept secret in Memphis!!!

Had a terrible experience

We were advised to take my husband here for a 3 day evaluation, and when he went in he was lucid and mobile. As soon as they got him in here they placed him in psychiatric care and sedated him so heavily that when I was finally able to get him out it took days in another hospital before he was lucid again, and he never really recovered.
The doctor I met that was in charge of him and gave him all the medication was dressed so unprofessionally I couldn't believe she was a doctor.
Also the nursing staff all went off somewhere at night, and there was only 1 nurse watching the whole floor, they'd just wheel the beds into the hall so she could see everything.
Do NOT bring your loved one here.