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Customer Reviews

Hell Hole!

STINKS!!! NIGHTMARE!!! This place is filthy, over crowded and grossly mismanaged. Staff is focused on billing not patient care, No Case management at all! Doctors deny being your doctor but are quick to bill your insurance, no phone calls returned, nobody knows what to do, everything is deferred to someone else, food is horrible, laundry steals your clothes and gives you rags to wear. Had to call an Ombudsman, everyone smiled to my face and lied. This is a patient warehouse and needs to be shut down, Shame on the State for allowing this SCAM.

Wonderful care and great, hardworking staff

It was fabulous, she was almost comatose when she came here but we had no crticism. We had to go over at about midnight to get the room so we went ahead of her, I was a little apprehensive because it was pretty bare bones, but it was clean, it smelled good. By their nature they're not very great palces, but I thought taht they took good care of her and they day before, we noticed that they had put her in one of those blankets that was full of hair and pulsated and she just looked so comfortable. They took very good care of her and she was very comfortable. Obviously they were very busy. the staff works very hard, I could see the stress a little on their faces but they were wonderful with mom