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All nursing homes have their shortcomings. After my moms old nursing facility was closed by the state, we thought it couldn’t possibly get worse.
Twice I have personally found an errant pill in my mother’s room. Accidents happen.
Today [date removed], my aunt found a tissue box behind my mothers tv on the windowsill WITH THIRTY (30!!!) PILLS STASHED AND HIDDEN!!!! My mother has been sick her entire life and has ALWAYS taken her pills religiously!!

My mother is disabled and had a bunch of Lularoe leggings and tops donated from a friend to her since they’d be easy to change her in and out of. Myself and my aunts all agreed that we would do her laundry so that items wouldn’t go missing. Wouldn’t you know over 16 pairs of $25 retail leggings and 16 $25+ retail tops were stolen.


Place of horror! I am shocked that places like this still exist!
Patients in crappy old beds no blaket pillow and strangely all layingin similar positions, on their side almost like a fetal position. The place should be demolished!!! I am in shock, I am heartbroken that HUMAN BEINGS are living like this. Lazy lazy nurses, garbage everwhere. PLEASE DO NOT send anyone who love there. Keep fighting for your family member! This place was bought out by some guy in New York who has never even seen the place!

Williamsville Suburban Rehab Building...Sent to them too

I have a good friend who was admitted there about a 7/10 days ago. He has been treated horribly by the staff with the exception of the therapist. He can only urinate if standing. This is not by choice. This is a physical issue. They left him for 24 hours without allowing him to urinate. He had to wait for a family member to come in the following morning to get him up to go. The attendants at the nursing station are rude and uninterested. They couldn't care less about the patients or family members. They give answer like "I'll get there if I get a chance. A case in point: At another time, when he had to urinate a family member asked for assistance. The response was "I'll get there when I can." Understandable if busy........ but a half hour later nobody. Problem is that she was hanging out at the nursing station talking. Maybe the nurses there can't multitask. On a recent visit by friends, the patient had an accident. The people visiting told the people at the nurse's station that he would have to be cleaned up. The same response. We'll get there when we can". So the nurse's(and I use the term loosely) were going to leave him laying in his feces for how long...a half our, an hour, or maybe 24hrs. I think that is Cruel... INHUMANE. The visitors cleaned him up with water and paper towels from the bathroom. That's all there was. The visitors went back to the "nurse" and suggested to her that he might need a shower. The nurse responded with nothing more than a grunt. We are now documenting everything. I WILL get names. Hopefully this will wake you up. If you are understaffed hire somebody. Hire qualified people or train them. Lets see if you post this on your website comments. Doubt it.

Social Worker Unresponsive

Social worker refuses to acknowledge or respond to messages was asked to reestablish safelink phone for my sister with Dementia. My sister had questions regarding billing statement received and got no response. My sister has medicaid and they are taking from her personal needs allowance. Statement shows outstanding balance no response or explanation. Very unprofessional administration needs to address these matters as we have exhausted all avenues.

Most disgusting place ever.

I visited a loved one recently and i have to say from the minute i walked into the building i was horrified. It is absolutely disgusting and extremely outdated. My heart breaks for my relative living there. I don't know what the first floor looks like but the second is like what you would see at an old mental institution. The walls, floors....everything is just disgusting. The elevators are disgusting. The nurses station is down right horrendous. I don't know how this place passes survey when the health dept comes in. If you care at all about your loved one do not place them here!!!!!!!!!! It's 2016 and its a shame there are places like this open. I have seen other nursing homes and they are palaces compared to this place!!!!! My heart breaks just thinking about the kind of care this place offers judging by the appearance. Do not bring your loved one here!!!!


My mother was transferred from the hospital to this facility on a tuesday night and we left AMA friday morning. She was in the south bldg, 2nd floor rehab. Her call light was never in reach, she was not given a med to decrease her brain swelling, she fell out of bed. The facility never notified us of these. Thankfully her roommate was able to reach her call light when my mother needed help; of course didn't help since would take 30min -2 hrs for help of any kind to arrive. [removed] Again, we were not notified and no 1st aid was applied to her bruised back, knee from fall or the injury [removed] on her arm. STAY AWAY from this place at ALL cost. They only will appear to work and care when family members are present. [removed]


My mom had to go here because we couldn't get her in any other place. This place was a nightmare, absolutely the dirtiest nursing home I have seen. We checked on her everyday for fear something would happen.
She was at the rehab building. This place is smoke and mirrors... When you walk in its all clean nicely set up. Not until you get on the second floor do you realize how bad this place is. Old, smells, and very very dirty. Patients left in the HALL for hours, my mom had to call me at 10pm one night because they hadn't changed her since 4pm that day.
I was always asking them that certain people could not to be in her room because of how mean they were to her.
All I can say is RUN RUN RUN RUNAWAY.

Worst Nursing Home Ever

My mother was recently in this so called " nursing home" for a few days, but we had to pull her out due to severe [removed] If your loved one needs nursing home care, RUN, don't walk from Williamsville Suburban. It's old, dirty and the staff is not motivated and just plain lazy. Try to find a Nurse or an Aide when you need them, because they NEVER answer the patient's call lights. The level of care here is sub-standard. At any time durning the day and/or evening, the staff is just sitting around. This place is an absolute Hell-Hole with elevators like out of a horror movie. WHY IS THIS PLACE ALLOWED TO STAY OPEN?? SHUT IT DOWN!!

do not place your loved ones at this facility

My grandmother was there for 5 days. My first visit i was appalled by the smell. The elevators and floors had garbage on them. The staff was a joke. My grandmother was crying and in pain when i walked in. She was saying help me. I went to the nurse station and got a nurse. Her response was she is refusing to eat and take her meds. The fact of the matter is she could not eat or swallow her pills. I personally buzzed the nurses button 3 times after that and no one came in. Long story short she had not eaten in 3 days. She was dehydrated and needed medical attention. The staff did nothing but seemed annoyed at her and the family. We pulled her out that night.

This place is disgusting-the North building worse than the south building. It's dirty. Look at the floors, the walls, the elevator, the patient rooms. They are disgusting. It smells bad. Always. The staff, especially in the North building, are lazy, use foul language, and are abusive towards the residents. I would NEVER allow a family or friend to stay here. I'm not sure why NYS allows them to remain open. One only has to walk in and look around for five minutes to see how awful this place is. Please do not bring your loved ones here.

This is a must read

My mother in law was in this place for over a month for rehabilitation and she said her rehab was consisted of putting her arms in the air they also didn't change her for hours and who knows what happened if she complained the entrance way looks nice but beyond that not good do yourself a favor go somewhere els we were fooled

From the Community

Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home is proud to offer an excellent opportunity for individuals with various physical conditions and medical complications to receive the health care they require for their comfort and recovery, and re-entry into the community. Our number one priority is for our residents to feel at home and we will do everything in our power to make their stay a pleasant one.
Our facility is recognized as having one if the most clinically advanced therapy departments in the Western New York area. We are known for successfully rehabilitating medically complex patients. Among the disciplines of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, our team has developed various programs to meet the needs of our patients with multiple medical challenges including: Fall Prevention, Cardiopulmonary Interventions, Neurological Rehab, Orthopedic Rehab, Speech and Language Therapy and Wound Care.