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Whispering Pines of The Woodlands

My brother was a resident at Whispering Pines of The Woodlands in Conroe for several months. I moved him to another facility due to the lack of care. The place is under staffed so residents do not receive the proper care. My brother fell multiple times during his stay and we were not notified. Once we even had to take him to an urgent care clinic for injuries he sustained after falling during the night. When I expressed my concern to the owner he said " well older people do tend to fall more often". He was very unprofessional and even hung up on me. My brother also lost a lot of weight during his stay there due to receiving very small portions. The place is beautiful but what good is that if your loved ones don't receive the proper care.

Manager here is outstanding

I am very impressed with this facility and I really liked the philosophy they have. They don’t want their community to feel like a clinical setting and more like a residential home. The staff members here are all very sweet and nice however they do have some difficulties keeping them. It seems like they are very young and not as professional. They don’t show up when they’re supposed to but the manager has been outstanding in dealing with this. She never drops the ball and even works as many hours as she can to help out. The food is okay here but my Mother is not used to eating a hot large meal for lunch and a sandwich for dinner. The only thing I can really say I don’t like is they need pay more attention in grouping the residents with the same intellectual levels. I would recommend this facility to other families.

No activities available for us to participate in

I live here currently. I’ve been able to make good friends with the staff and they’re the reason it’s been a wonderful experience. The food used to be a lot better but the owner has gotten to where he’s on a budget so sometimes you might have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. I’ve got my own kitchen so I can make my own food but some of the other residents don’t and they rely on the kitchen to make their dinners. There aren’t any activities that we can participate in besides going to church.

David Myers

Local Representative

Residents who reside in Majestic Pines Senior Village are completely independent and may choose to rent with services or without. This particular resident has chosen NOT to participate in any of the services available.

I highly recommend them!

I only had 2 places to look at for my husband that would work within my budget, and when I opened the door and walked in to Whispering Pines, I just knew this was the place for him. My first impression walking in the door was how nice it is; you feel like you’re walking into your house, not an institution. My husband is so happy here, he doesn’t even talk about coming home. They have a big hallway and a central room when you first walk in and it has a beautiful fish tank in it. It’s so clean and it smells like home. The staff is very knowledgeable here and I love that I don’t have to announce I’m coming to visit. I just walk in the door and every time I show up, the place is clean, his room is spotless, he’s well groomed, and his bed is even made. The staff helps him shower 3 times a week and they just take great care of him. The facility is only a year and a half old so it’s still very new and very well run. The rooms are very nice too; my husband’s room has a deck where he can sit and look at the lake. The food is very nutritious and balanced and there’s plenty of it – he cleans his plate and eats so well. They do picnics every Friday if the weather permits and will sometimes have the kids from the high school come in and visit. My husband has some wandering problems and they really do a great job at keeping him busy, giving him chores to do like helping decorate for Halloween or sometimes taking out the trash. He loves to be outside and be busy so it helps so much that they work with him to keep him occupied. The other residents are very friendly and welcoming, so that helps too. It is a bit of a stretch on my budget, but in comparison to other facilities that I’ve priced, the price for this community is very reasonable. My husband is very happy here, I can tell, and that makes all the difference in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better place and I highly recommend it.

David Myers

Local Representative

Thank you and he is a real blessing to have in our home!