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They Need to be More Alert

My mother was there for 3 months first, and then for a year and a half. I visited almost every day and she seemed very well cared for. She was always fed, clean and well taken care of except they did not get to her right away when she needed to be changed. Also, they missed that my mom was having a heart attack and she died overnight. She had all the classic symptoms and they totally missed them as I did when I visited that day.

Good facility

I have read some reviews and had to add mine. I found the staff caring and compassionate. The unit was clean and tidy. The food was typical institutional fare. I have been in other rehab facilities and this one was as good as any I had been in and better than some. When I had a problem, they solved it. Rehab was excellent.


There were three deadly diseases running rampant in this place the past few weeks - FLU (10 patients we know of - our family member being one - rushed to ER in ambulances before the whole place was just quarantined and shut down by NY state HD) Upper respiratory disease (I am home sick from one short visit there) and gastrointestinal disease. No one using masks and staff going room to room not washing hands and not always wearing gloves. They deliver your tray and touch patient and go to next room and patient. Cross contamination people!!!!! Food is so horrendous - "smothered in gravy" is how the mystery meat is described on a supposedly healthy menu - it's all fried or shriveled. There are laxatives in the sugar free cookies and they ply the residents with them and artificially dyed and sweetened "juices" - snack tune to shut them up. They are understaffed and under trained - but blame the management they are responsible to train the staff and set a standard of which there is NONE. Do NOT send anyone you love here. It may have been ok once but not anymore....

Stay away

Waterview Hills Review
• Stained, crusty sheets
• A used medical glove in the bottom drawer of the bureau.
• The hospital bracelet from the former patient was still on the top of the bureau, in plain site. Clearly this area had been “straightened” but definitely not cleaned.

This is how our saga began at Waterview Hills in Purdy’s and this is how is continued until I got to management and pitched a fit for my mother.
• It was clear by the pandemonium we encountered at arrival-yes; they were expecting us, the hospital called to say I was bringing my mother in, that this place was woefully understaffed.
• Inedible food. The pancakes needed a knife. The hot cereal was cold. The meager slice of meat was 80% fat and gristle.
o After complaining we were told that if Mom wanted to go downstairs to eat, e food was better. Or, in my words, residents are punished for staying in their rooms even though they pay the same.
o After complaining, the director of food service came to complain to my mother! How could she complain about hard pancakes, fatty meat, etc ad infinitum. If her food is cold she can ask to have it heated up! Really? This is the responsibility of an elderly woman just out of the hospital? I thought it was the responsibility of the director of food service.
 In the Waterview Hills brochure, Fine Dining is listed first. Hardly.
• It took 3 days from our initial request for a shower for my mother.
o We were told residents receive a shower every 3 days. So, if you ask after they’ve done the round of showers, you are out of luck.
 Mom had been in the hospital for a week with IV’s in both arms. She was looking forward to a shower.
• We were sold a room with a shared bath for 2. When we arrived it was a shared bath for 4.
o When my While this was remedied, it felt like bait and switch.
• Mother told an aide the bathroom was out of toilet paper,the the aide told my mother it wasn’t her job.
• No hangers in closet
o While this was remedied, they were expecting us.
• No pillows on bed
o While this was remedied, they were expecting us. Then we asked for 3, 45 days later, still only 2. Yes, it’s a small complaint, but compounded with everything else?
• No assistance upon arrival until I complained.
o I brought my mother in. No one directed us. I was pointed to her room. There was no welcome packet. It was worse than a Motel 6.
While Waterview “looks” pretty, landscaping, nice furniture and carpet, they are so understaffed it isn’t funny. If you hate your parent then this is the place for them.

We were so impressed with her recovery

She had complaints if you ask her. The staff is changing at 5:00 am and so there was a little noise. She said at first they were pushing too much, then not enough, but we were really impressed. We were so impressed with her recovery the nurses are incredibly warm they smile and sing when doing their job. They are very caring they fill me in on everything. The variety of the food isn't fantastic, but the food is decent. We used them again when she needed rehab again.