Walden's View of North Huntingdon - North Huntingdon, PA

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My grandfather was in this facility. Unfortunately, what was promised is not what was delivered. Two hour wellness checks did not occur when I spent 7-8 hours straight with him over multiple days on the weekend. Medicine was documented as being given but I was with him during that time and it was not administered. I feel that this facility is understaffed and does not really care about a human’s care. If the resident says “no” in any way (to food, shower, etc) then it is documented and staff moves on. Makes their job easier but the person there may not eat or drink and nothing is done. Basic care was not given. Vitals to show alarmingly low blood pressure, phlegm which we learned later was pneumonia, bed sores on back, etc. all were not addressed.

Please be warned that there are no doctors or nurses on duty on weekends, only “med techs” who “administer” meds that are not done in a timely manner.

Also, there are multiple points of entry without any locks/ID checks in place. Visitors (or anyone) can park and enter the facility without talking to a person. People can wander the halls or enter rooms without any sort of verification of reason for visit. There is an “on your honor” sign in area near entrances but nothing is said if you bypass it.

Please visit and walk the halls for yourself. It looks nice from the outside BUT the care is superficial and inhumane.

Great place!

After many months of using an in home caregiver for mom we decided we just couldn't do it anymore. My mom was lonely an we were all snapping with each other. Since we moved her to Waldens view she is like a new person. She has made some new friends, goes to all kinds of activities they have an even has gained some weight.....thanks to everyone there it was a great decision for our family

Not Appealing!!

The community overall did not have a positive atmosphere. The place was sad, they were in the middle of demolishing it during my tour to remodel.
The staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions. The tour guide was aware that the place was not in the best shape at the time.