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Customer Reviews

Parking lot vists

The assigned numbered parking spots, are not properly maintained between cars. Ice, snow make walking dangerous for seniors.
I parked there by mistake as it was my first visit last Friday, didn't notice a sign for drivers not to park in assigned parking spots.
Walking with cane to front door, the front desk woman, waited for me to reach the front door after a long walk to tell me I had to car. She seemed to be the head HEN as not comfortable with her tone.
This complex is very nice but I heard some front desk staff can be RUDE. (2).
There is a lack of parking as some seniors have a long walk to front entrance. Is there plans to expand parking?
I don't like to complain but it is nessessay when dangerous parts of parking lot is not maintained for ALL.

Some cars are not parked properly between the white lines. That's why I parked in assigned numbered parking. Is there staff to monitor parking?

Very Pleased With this Community

Everything is working out very well. and I'am very pleased with my mothers move to this community. She has adjusted very well to it. The staff is great, they have been great to work with. It has been a very good experience, and I'am satisfied with all they have for us. This is a community I would recommend overall.

No Complaints

My mother is doing pretty well here at this community. They are trying their best to care for her and her needs. It is a very nice and well-kept facility. The staff have been pleasant. We have no complaints about this facility. Everything is working pretty well. I would recommend this community.