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Great place for mom to meet friends!

This is the cleanest and prettiest section 8 building I have ever seen. My mother moved from another senior tower in the area to Taylor Towers and we were amazed at the difference in amenities. The staff was friendly and helpful. They have strict rules and guidelines for resident behavior which was wonderful to see compared to my mother's former building. We waited two years to get my mother off the wait list and into an apartment. It was well worth the wait. She is so happy!

Taylor Towers review

To address the issue of a Senior that her daughter states was just removed from this apartment complex is pure bull. I live at Taylor Towers for the past two years and I have seen the director and staff go out of their way for anyone that lives here...Furthermore this Senior was out of control, I was in the lobby when this happened and she was screaming and yelling at everyone .. They asked her to just sit until they could deal at the time with her issue. They were NOT MEAN to this Senior by any means. This Senior was in need of medical help ASAP due to her actions towards the staff. She went and pushed one of staff member and after that they had to lock down the office. For other residents concerns they advised us to stay put. This daughter was not here and has no clue on what went on that day. In fact I had never seen her here to visit her Mother. This poor senior spoke NO ENGLISH and was put into a senior living.. So if you want to trash anyone I would begin with yourself for not caring enough to spend quality time with your Mother and stop blaming other's for your lack of judgment on housing that meets your Mothers needs. This apartment complex is very nice and the staff goes above and beyond for anyone here. They are not here to babysit anyone ....This is independent living . So as far as the handcuffs on your Mother...They had to protect themselves (police) and was the only way to remove your Mother before she hurt herself or anymore people....And by the way she did hurt a person. So anyone that would like a nice place to have your parents live... I love living here with the staff and friends that I have made.

Illegal eviction and discrimination of 80 Y.o. Woman

Just wanted to share my experience with the management of Taylor Towers of Westland, in particular Theresa, who is in charge there.
My mother lived there for over a year. Last summer she was diagnosed with dementia, which I informed the office about. She was doing fine, until she was not taking her medications properly, and she got paranoid, and according to the office became violent. She was taken to the hospital by police in handcuffs. Yes, this is the standard procedure I found out, the dementia seniors are taking in handcuffs by police to the hospital. This alone was very traumatic experience for my mother, as you can imagine. To add to the situation, [name removed], the manager of this apartment, evicted my mother in 7 days due to criminal activity. Since when the mental illness became the criminal activity?
I had no time or energy to go and argue with her about it. I tried to explain that my mother wont be coming back after what happened, she will be going to a nursing home, but I needed more time in order to pack her apartment. She would not hear any of that, which was so surprising to me. But I had no time to deal with that. I had to go between visiting my mother in the hospital, finding her a nursing home and working full time. I had only 1 day out of 7 days I could pack my mother's apartment, and couple of hours next day to load the boxes out of my mother's apartment. I had to leave everything there, I couldn't find my mother's jewelry and so many other valuables. I left the key with next door neighbor, and asked her to let people know they can have what ever they want there. On Monday I called the office, and I let them know they can get the keys in next door apartment. [removed] tried to intimidate me by saying I had to bring the keys in person, or she will call the prosecutor on me. She said because I'm on the emergency list it made me legally responsible for my mother, which was such a ridiculous statement, that I had to call the lawyer. When my lawyer called her,she denied that she made such unlawful misrepresentation to me, and agreed to take the keys herself.
From the above, you have to know before you put your parents in that apartment what is going on there, how management is acting illegally towards their residents and their children, illegally evict and discriminate against disable seniors, intimidate the next of kin and lie when you involve the legal help. Dementia is very common among seniors, and that can happened to anyone.