The Willows at Hamburg - Lexington, KY

The Willows at Hamburg - Lexington, KY has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

This was a very nice facility. Clean, good food. [Removed], the director is wonderful, however they could no longer manage him as he has become violent.

This facility is fairly new and seems to be a very nice facility. The staff was friendly. There was a musical event going on during the end of my tour.

The call system is limited to wall units without the ability to have a device worn on the body and since my family member is prone to falls I see this as a negative.

There seems to be a communication system similar to email that is built into the TV system. I don't know if my family member would be able to learn the system or not. But it could be different way to communicate which I have a problem with currently.

I was incorrectly led to believe that there was a one bedroom unit available prior to my visit. The unit I was shown was a fair amount smaller than what I was looking for. I skipped seeing the Willows at Citation for this reason.


People, people, you'd better check this place out thoroughly. DO NOT be fooled by first appearances. I only wish they put more effort into their patient care, communication with family, cleanliness of their patients and their rooms, food, nurse to patient ratio and that is to name a few. My loved one has suffered and suffered, asked several times to be moved. We were in the process of making the move and illness struck again making a move impossible. Loved one has been in the hospital at least 3 times since being there, fallen out of bed and laid on the floor screaming for help. There are no bed alarms, hygiene is terrible....feces under fingernails and other skin rashes in private parts. On the weekend's patient care is nominal. Good Luck
finding someone! There is soooo much more. Guess there is a reason why they can't keep a decent director. We have seen at least 3 in 3 years. This place is a nightmare.

Care and Comfort

I like the care from the community for my father. They staff have improvment alot. This is a clean community and he enjoys the grounds. The menu is very good and alot of choices. They have a nice variety of good meals that he really likes. This is a community we have recommend to other families for good care and value that is recevived.and good care.

Nothing stood out...

It was very clean here but there wasn't really anything that stood out. I think it at this point in our search we had already made up our mind on another community. There was nothing wrong with The Willows.

Perfect place!

This was a great community. I looked like a mini hotel. The staff was great and they did a good job with mom. We loved the staff and the residents that were there. That is why we liked this place so much. The people were great all around.