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The Breckinridge - Lexington, KY

2109 Cornerstone Dr, Lexington, KY 40509
The Breckinridge, located in Lexington, KY, is a senior residential facility that specializes in caring for individuals with early to moderate stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. The Breckinridge assures that every member of its staff is an expert in Alzheimer’s care in order to ensure that your loved one is receiving the most effective care. The facility’s main vision is to provide the best Alzheimer’s care while allowing residents to retain the level of independence that they desire. The facility also focuses heavily on wellness by focusing on keeping residents’ minds and bodies as fit as they can be.

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Tanbark Health and Rehabilitation in Lexington, Kentucky, offers a wide variety of services that allow patients and resident to receive the excellent medical care they need, the restorative therapy they require, and amazing support they, along with their family members, want and deserve. Post-acute and skilled nursing care is provided through the ExceleratedCARE units with each patient’s preferences and requirements being considered. The goal at Tanbark is not only to return patients to optimum health but to keep them there. That goal is achieved through the TransitionalCARE program, which assigns certain procedures and protocols so patients are closely monitored who are the most at risk of being readmitted to a hospital.
Managed as a Catholic community, Taylor Manor Nursing Home offers personal, intermediate, and respite care, allowing residents to choose the services that most fit their personal needs. Valuing the importance of spiritual life, they offer daily mass and Sunday worship services. With three physicians on call 24/7 and a pharmacy that is always open, Taylor Manor is committed and ready to address most medical needs.
Signature Healthcare at Heritage Hall Care Center is in the heart of horse country in the quiet town of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The Heritage Hall Care Center provides rehabilitation and clinical services from a dedicated and compassionate team.The lifestyle at Heritage Hall is lively and allows community members to engage socially, physically, and intellectually. From sky diving to the unofficial senior Olympics and resident art shows, there is something for every elder at the Heritage Hall Care Center. State-of-the-art occupational, speech, and physical therapies are available at the facility. Pulmonary rehabilitation and neurological and orthopedic recovery programs are also in place to help residents live healthy and happy lives.
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Nursing Home Care in Lexington, KY

It is vital for a senior that has suffered a sudden malady like a stroke to be able to receive proper therapeutic and rehabilitative care. It is equally important for such care to happen in the aftermath of certain surgical procedures. After all, the endgame of therapy is to make as full of a recovery as possible, and any bump along the way of this journey could cause setbacks or worse. And that is where nursing home care comes into play. This concept is far removed from the stereotype of the old folks' home in which seniors don't do anything except sit around and watch TV. This is a vibrant concept that exists in part to help golden agers in need of physical, occupational, or speech therapy get the precise kind of round-the-clock care that they need in order to make a full and complete recovery. And in Lexington, Kentucky, there are a wide host of nursing home care facilities that can provide this type of crucial service to seniors in order for them to get back on their feet properly.

Lexington in Brief

Horses and Lexington are inextricably linked, and the city wouldn't have it any other way. Indeed, this city of approximately 308,000 residents embraces this association head-on and without any shyness - if it did, it probably wouldn't have the nickname the "Horse Racing Capital of the World." But make no mistake: Lexington is far from being a one-horse town. The presence of the ponies merely makes up one aspect as to why the city is so vibrant.

Lexington is a thriving, highly educated city that is constructed on a foundation of rustic charm and natural wonder. And thriving is not used as mere hyperbole, either: the city's population has tripled since 1970. More impressively, this exponential growth has not come at the sacrifice of the city's own bucolic soul. The city has several strict laws pertaining to urban growth on the books, and these laws essentially work to protect the region's horse farm from the infiltration of city-based development.

And there is plenty of natural wonder for Lexington to protect. The city is nestled amongst the legendry Bluegrass Mountains, and the city itself is penetrated by the Kentucky River and its several watery offshoots. These particular natural affects are further enhanced by the great number of preserves and parks that are dotted throughout the city. These elements have helped Lexington maintain a strong bucolic vibe that has been able to stay mighty in the fact of enormous growth. It has also helped the city build up other intriguing reputations, like the one for being one of the cleanest cities in the country.

What's more, Lexington has also managed to maintain a sturdy reputation for cost-effectiveness. The city has an overall cost of living that is lower when compared to the national average. This could be great news for those that are on the lookout for a city that would enable them to stretch their dollar to its maximum elasticity.

Lexington's Nursing Home Care Scene at a Glance

Nursing home care, which can otherwise be known as skilled nursing, is the highest level of professional care that a golden ager can receive without getting a hospital involved. The primary impetus behind the short-term care that these special facilities provide is to make golden agers fully recuperate from a surgical procedure, illness, or an accident. They do this through various tactics, from ongoing physical, occupational, or speech therapy to daily monitoring of recovery status. This type of treatment reaches its ultimate success when the golden ager in question is healthy enough to leave the facility and resume his or her normal daily activities. With that being said, these facilities are also crucial in providing care for long-term situations, such as when seniors have severe difficulty in performing activities for daily living, or ADLs. At the end of the day, both of these services are underscored by a strong desire to protect the integrity of seniors, regardless of the level of treatment that they are receiving.

Recovering Well in Lexington

The desire to make a full recovery in the aftermath of a surgical procedure, injury, or accident is something that is obviously very strong. And for some seniors, this desire may cause unintended havoc if the recovery process is not carried out properly. This is why the nursing home care facilities in Lexington are so vital. By monitoring seniors' therapy, these special facilities can ensure that whatever type of recovery is needed, it will be executed correctly and within the proper parameters of time. This act not only will ultimately provide a sense of comfort to seniors, but it also will provide a sense of peace to the senior?s families.