The Village Assisted Living and Memory Care - Denton, TX

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Customer Reviews

An Adequate Community

I toured at The Village while looking for a place for my loved one, and I thought that the community seemed adequate, but I was worried there wasn't enough staff. The community just opened recently, and it didn't seem like they were quite ready.

Dad is happy here

Dad is here in the assisted living community and it is great. It's like a hotel with room service he's got everything he needs there. They have 3 very good meals a day. All of the staff know him, they are nice and friendly. They come in daily to make his bed and then weekly to clean and to do his linens. They will try to engage him to join the daily activities. It has a square courtyard in the middle of the building with raised gardens out there. I would recommend this community.

Mom has found living at the Village to have many positives

This community is great and mom is fitting in nicely. The staff helps her with bathing and dressing. Her pills are taken care of for her. The food is good and there are always other options at mealtime.The facilities are always clean and welcoming. There are numerous activities in which she can participate. She likes the movies, popcorn and Wednesday Bible study. She has made several friends and they have been helpful to her. They encourage her to get involved with crafts and Uno games. It brings my brother and my peace of mind knowing my mom has staff available to help at any time. The bonus, she lives within a few mile of each of us.

Does Not Follow Procedures

I'm not sure if the staff resents outside people coming in but they certainly don't welcome it. My mother is under hospice care and the staff here does not make it easy. When ever there is an issue the staff does not follow the procedure that the hospice agency has put in place which in turn cost me out of pocket money. They are short staffed here in the memory care unit which effects the attitude of the staff that is here. I feel the staffing is not trained correctly. There is nothing done on a consistent basis from the laundry to the housekeeping is horrible. One night my mother had come home from the hospital granted it was late at night but the chef had gone home and due to there not being a kitchen in the memory care section they had no food to give my mother which is unacceptable. They do offer some activities to stimulate the residents in the memory care unit but the staffing pays more attention to the ones doing the activities than the ones that are not

Overall Nice Tour

I had a nice experience during my tour of this community of this community. Everything looked nice, and appeared to be well maintained. However I did feel it was to large of a community for my father. I wanted something smaller. The staff was kind, but overall this wasn't the community for us.

Just Another Tour

They were a pretty good community to see and I thought we had a good tour. Our tour guide was professional and able to answer any questions we had about the facility. I saw staff who were great and helpful. While
nothing was wrong with the community, we thought it was not a good fit for a mom. The rooms were smaller and a spacious room was desired.

They Could Have Been More Compassionate

My mom was there for a day and a half, it was horrible. She fell and hit her head and broke a bone in her neck. They took her to the hospital but she never recovered. They can improve with more hands on help for new residents and more monitoring. I never blamed them but they were unresponsive and they never asked how she was doing, ever. They charged me $4,000 for the day and half she was there. After I posted a review they refunded me the community fee of $2,000. I tried to get back a month's worth of medication but there were no replies back. Weeks later I spoke to a woman who said they destroyed her medication because I didn't pick them up, but I contacted them with no reply from them.

Beautiful facility!!

I thought the staff where very friendly to my loved one and I during my tour of this community. They where on time to our appointment and made to take there time with us during our visit. They gave us lots of great information and showed us many of the different rooms. It was just not the right location in the end decision.

Accommodating staff!

My loved one is doing okay, I think she is in the right place where they are doing what they can for her. The community is close by to our home and they are doing a good job in taking care of her. I would recommend the memory care unit in this community because it is bright and open, and the staff make the residents feel as comfortable as they can.


My advice is that you run, not walk, away from the Village.
The care is inconsistent at best and even though you have a contract with them about the services they will provide to your loved one, they change them on a whim and abandon them and then say it is your fault. If you expect your loved one to always be healthy, then is a good place for you. But if illness comes, they are ill-equipped to deal with it.

Head nurse is [removed] and you will not have your loved treated with respect or caring if she decides she doesn't like you.

Forget about trying to work things out with the Director and Head nurse. I know, I have bent over backwards to work with them but after their stunts I am done.
Trying to contact anyone in corporate will be fruitless.

My only avenues, after working though an Ombudsman, is to [removed] and to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Aging.


I could not have asked for a better community!!

Mom is doing really well since moving into The Village. The staff are nice and helpful. This is a newer beautiful community. The food is excellent and they go above and beyond. Most of the food is homemade. The activities are great. I would recommend this community and A Place for Mom.