The Social at Vinings - Atlanta, GA

The Social at Vinings - Atlanta, GA has yet not published prices.

  • Dentist Available
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Nurse on Call
  • Doctor on Call
  • Female Residents Only
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Respite Available
  • Hospice Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Pets Allowed
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Activities Offsite
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Aging in Place
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite

Customer Reviews

Horrible Place

This is a terrible facility. The Executive Director is a joke. Please do not let your loved ones live here.

Very nice place with good services and staff. However, its location is not ideal for our family, so we will not choose here.

Nice place and staff, but the apartment was small for my mom since she is coming from a one level ranch home (approx 1600 with a basement), even with the studio/1 bedroom combination. Not our first choice. Loved the activity options and community areas.

Wonderful People, Institutional Feel

I toured here, and loved the community as a whole. The people were wonderful, and the assisted living portion was nice. However, The memory care unit, where my loved one would be had we moved there, was depressing to me. It seemed dark and very institutional. Brookdale was also a little farther away than I was hoping to travel.

-like the physical appearance
-like the extensive social programs
-like the apartments; studio
-like the location- close to 121
***Concerned about overall price point

I've followed up to ask about care costs (were not included in material) and trying to coordinate a nurse visit to assess Mom's current capabilities - this will pin down the overall price point.


We looked at this community after a recommendation and found it to be very affordable! The community is wonderful! They have plenty of activities. The best thing of all is that I am out of state but the staff here is so friendly and easy to talk with there is even a member of the staff who takes the time to send me photos of my mother painting, going out to lunch or whatever she may choose to do in a day!

Professional Staff!!

I thought that staff where very friendly and professional at this community. They gave my loved one and I a great tour of there facility and made sure to answer any questions we had for them in detail. The only complaint I had was that there was community bathroom area and I do not think my mom would be happy with that, she would want her privacy.

Wonderful place. Everyone seemed so nice. I met a few of the residents and I feel Mom will be in very good hands. Signed her up.

Very nice community!

This community is very nice. We liked it. The people were very nice and accommodating. The residents seemed to like it here. All of our questions were answered. It just was not a good fit for my husband.

Not a good fit!

This community is very nice. The people that work here could not be any nicer. The community just gave me a different feel and I did not want to send my mom here. Everything seemed nice just not the right fit for mom.

This is the perfect community!

I am very impressed with this community and what they are doing for my dad. He is having a rough transition and the staff has been so understanding and helpful. Dad has been trying to get involved with some of the activities that they offer. The therapy is going good.

It is a wonderful place!

My mother has gained some weight since she moved into the Brookdale, which is good for her. She loves the food! The place is clean and everyone is very friendly to her. The place is wonderful.

My second choice!

The Brookdale Vinings was not a good fit for my father. When we walked back to the memory care unit, it was more of a dark setting. The lady that took me on the tour was very friendly, but I did not like the vibe I got from the place overall.

Hard to get over the strong, acrid smell of urine in the hallway. Room is nice and does not smell. People are nice. Good value.

Been here before!

This community was really nice and the people were really helpful. This community just did not offer the care that my mom needed. We also have had my grandmother here before so we were familiar with the community.

Everything seems safe and clean.

Definitely met and exceeded my expectations!

Care for my father

My father was here for a short time and was taken care of by a great staff. We found the community to be taken care of. Activities were offered, but he was not there long enough to participate. I would recommend for others needing care for a loved one.

Well kept community!

I enjoyed the tour of Brookdale Vinings. The staff that took me on tour were very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions. The whole community was kept very clean. They did offer many activities for the residents.

Very nice with many actives. Th y do have a ten day minimum stay. I am looking for two to ten day stays

This should be considered a Nursing Home!

Thankfully my stay there was short and what an awful experience it was. They are very under staffed and I was only there for respite and did not get the proper attention I needed at the time. I remember waiting for a nurse for almost two hours just to help get myself dressed for dinner. The food there is terrible and half the time the things featured on the menu weren't available. The only dessert ever offered was Jello and most of the residents were not very high functioning like myself. The one good thing that I can say about the place is that the therapy they offer is fabulous. Other than that I am happy to be out of there and back at home.

Friendly, caring staff

So far our experience with Brookdale Vinings has been a very positive one, they've really exceeded my expectations! All of the people who work here, especially the management staff, have been very professional and approachable. I appreciate how upfront they are about their care practices and billing. It's been a tough adjustment for my loved one, but they're really trying their best to help him get settled in and feel at home.

Activities Need Improvement

I did not ask them the right questions regarding the activities that they put on. Most of them are just sitting in front of the TV and watching something, Everything else seems okay at the Brookdale Vinings though.

Need more experienced staff on weekends

They have been very attentive and good with my Mother. She has advanced dementia. However, they could use more experienced staff especially on the weekends. I have even heard the staff (weekend staff) yelling at some of the patients.

I am grateful to the staff

At Brookdale Vinings they're struggling to fill up. The director is new, the nurses are new, about 50% of the staff is new. My father is bed bound. He is on hospice care. They are taking good care of him. Under circumstances they are sustaining him. The staff is very friendly. I am grateful to the staff there. They are doing the best they can.

Looked very nice!

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, the rooms were very nice looking, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. We narrowed it down to this and one other community, and let our loved one pick. She ended up selecting the other community based on its location, but this is somewhere I definitely would have been comfortable placing my loved one!

Not Impressed

Drab and dirty . I was not impressed with this facility at all. The location in Vinings is great, but it is need of a redo. Residents. I met just seemed sad. This ended up on the bottom of my list. They also were giving free rent on your 3rd and 4th month which was a red flag that the place was not on the top of anybody's list.

Great looking facility . Amanda in sales was way too pushy and I am no longer considering the site.

Not appropriate for fall risk residents

This did not end up being an appropriate level of care for our loved one. Shortly after moving in she fell and moved beyond what assisted living could provide. I would advise any other families looking in to this facility to be sure your loved one is not a fall risk, to avoid the same situation.

Nice place, overall

I thought Brookdale Vinings did an excellent job overall. Our experience with them, although short, was a good one. The staff were all very friendly and caring, and they take great care oft he people who live here. The facility itself is clean and well kept, and they have a lot to offer.

Happy Customer

I have been extremely impressed with Emeritus and A Place for Mom . Every contact that I had with the personnel associated with or recommended by a place for mom were A+plus. I highly recommend seniors looking for assistance, specially if are relating to living situations, take advantage of the service provided by a place for mom. Emeritus has a great staff.

Review of Emeritus at Vinings Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Atlanta, GA

Friendly and professional staff and well maintained facility. Seems like a good fit for my wife.

horrible managemantM

I removed my Mother from the facility because on 4 separate occasions my Mother was given the wrong medication. As luck would have it I was there and caught it. I approached the front Desk on the first occasion and brought it to the nurses attention as well as the Executive Directors attention. The Head nurse showed no concern and the Executive Director walked off; the wellness nurse was the only one to address it. Another time the medication person was about to give her another residents medication, As usual nothing was done. As for activities 85% of the time they never take place and the residents sit around and watch TV or just stare at each other between meals, The resident turn over is huge as most relatives are not pleased with the services they receive for the amount of money charged. My mother fainted and broke her ankle one evening after dinner and had I not been there she would have stayed on the floor until the next morning as they do not do the required mandatory checks on residents after dinner. One caregiver told me that she did not have time to be bothered. I retired and am now taking care of my Mother who is very mobile and healthy but has early to moderate stage Dementia. The food was terrible and they often ran out of one of the menu items. I was having to spend more time there with my Mom than I was working.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are troubled by your comments and would like to hear more about the specific reasons you feel your mother was unsafe. We have no incidents on file that match your descriptions. We understand the importance of having the correct medication administered to our residents, and we work diligently to follow all medication orders. Regarding activities, we do our best to plan activities for all tastes and activity levels, but these are not mandatory and residents may participate as they choose. We have welcomed a new management team to our community, including a new Executive Director, Resident Care Director, and Wellness Coordinator/Nurse. We invite you to reach out to our new management team to address the concerns you have regarding your experience.

Hopeful about the new management.

We decided to stay here, we thought about moving but we decided to stay. The regional manager was able to help us resolve the issues we had. If you are on the assisted living they are not really equipped to handle someone with Alzheimer's. If you are not disabled and have most of your faculties, it's a really nice place. We had a few issues, but I think all of that will be addressed with the new management.

When you meet with management and corporate and things don't change

We chose them because the lady that had been working with them had made a good deal for me. It was not a good location for us. Management is week, they don't seem to follow through, and if they do it only lasts a couple of weeks. The staff seems to do what they want to do. The food was not very good. The activities were just okay, they looked like they had more at one time, but there was always some reason things didn't happen. When you meet with management and corporate and things don't change, then it's time to move.

Mom is happier

I felt relieved when my Mom moved into Emeritus. It was very clean, friendly and the residents looked like they were very well cared for. When I moved Mom from her other assisted living group, Emeritus was very, very helpful. They did everything they could to make her transition easy. They greeted her with love and care and are still giving her this same attention.

It is very hard having to turn the care of a loved one over to someone else. One always wonders are they going to treat her the same way as I would. I feel she is getting the care I would give her. Since her move, she is more relaxed and is much happier. She is not needing as much medication to "settle" her down.

Great place to call home.

The facility is very clean and all the staff are very pleasant. It's obvious the employees like working there. Everyone works together as a team to make sure my dad's needs are met. The staff went all out in helping us get my dad settled in, from putting in additional shelving in the closet and helping us hang my dad's curtains to make it look and feel like his former home. I also like the fact that there is a doctor who makes house calls there once a month, and the house nurse keeps all the records, so no need to worry about how to get him to and from doctor appointments.

Very nice facility. Effici...

Very nice facility. Efficiency unit should be just fine. Clean, numerous activities.

Don't Believe Everything You are Told

What is told to perspective families on tour and what actually is are sometimes two different things. The staff is very caring and friendly in taking care of their charges. The food served is good. All tables should be set with salt & pepper shakers and other condiments for the diners. Activities are not posted in a location where residents can easily seem them and should be announed daily. This is a memory care center - most residents will not even look at the activities calendar but will go to the activities if prompted by the staff. Activities posted do not always happen. Housecleaning of the apts is basic at best and have not been given a good answer when and how often apts are cleaned or what they do clean. Executive staff is very nice but requires follow up to questions, problems, etc. Family members need to understand EXACTLY the level of care assigned, ask for assessments and the results. Once assigned impossible to change except to go up and charge more. They will tell you after 3 months a detailed assessment is done on the resident and reported to the family. This never happened. Cleanliness of the facility is good but not great, especially with the deep cleaning and general maintenance etc. Family members need to stay on top and make sure their loved ones are getting and receiving the services Emeritus is responsible for providing. Executive staff works mainly M-F until 5:00. Think it would be very beneficial to have one staff member on call or at the facility during the weekends especially at night. Finding someone to answer phone or help later in evening is difficult. If a resident is somewhat self sufficient and has cognitive skills to remember dates, times, etc they are fine. If resident, requires more one on one care in all areas, then family needs to be diligent in make sure resident is getting care and getting that care in a timely fashion.

Too Expensive - they want $...

Too Expensive - they want $3000 per month.

They are wonderful, he is very happy there.

They are wonderful, he is very happy there. It's a very nice facility the only thing that isn't the greatest is the food. The staff is great, they are wonderful, and pleasant. He is thriving and doing so well!!

Very nice, large studio apa...

Very nice, large studio apartments, many different floor plans. Close to shopping and bus transportation available.


Very helpful in moving in. Apartment was repainted, recarpeted, and cleaned. Staff was very helpful and friendly. The meals are acceptable, but not fantastic and could be improved. The overall facility is very clean.

Civilized and I don't have to worry about mom

In my case, I had to make a decision really really quickly and I didn't have a lot of time but they really went out of their way to accomodate me. Once I went to the place it was much more and I winded up paying much more. Their intial response was very pleasant and they made little small gestures and I appreciated that but otherwise they had a lot of extras that I didn't know about that kept driving the price up, but I would say that on the whole they worked hard to accomodate us and I appreciated that. We haven't gotten to the point where I want to be they do try, the people appear to be nice and gentle, and that's what you need, gentle. The day of the move, she didn't act like she wanted to come, so the person who's the director, Michael, he called and said I'll treat her to a hair salon appointment and she let me get her ready and get over there. The key so far is it is more civilized.

Liked the smaller # of resdents in th...

Liked the smaller # of resdents in the memory-care wing. Felt it would be a better fit for my mom. Did not like the fact that they if we signed papers that day, they would make us pro-rate the last few days of Dec and then start payng in full in Jan even though we are not ready to move her in. Did not feel they showed willingness to work with us on timing. It was all bottom-line driven for them. No issue with the facility. Staff fully enaged with residents in memory-care wing. High down payment but monthly price was good.

Liked the facility. Over all good imp...

Liked the facility. Over all good impression.

will most likely be the spot for her ...

will most likely be the spot for her "respite/evaluation " time