The Oaks at Pleasant Gap - Pleasant Gap, PA

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Customer Reviews

Nice place, but make sure you know what’s available to you, because the admin is reluctant to explain!

My mom broke her hip and had to go into assisted living for a period of time while she was healing. She chose the Oaks because it was close to home. While all of the nurses there are very pleasant and helpful, the administration leaves a lot to be desired. We have to find out about available services by chance and no one, from the beginning, has come to explain what is available there. She has been there for a week, and mentioned to one of the care nurses that her daughter has had to come and bathe her because the showers didn’t accomodate her situation. The nurse responded with “we do sponge baths! Didn’t anyone tell you?? I will make sure you are put on the schedule right away!” Which was very nice, but you would think the person who checked her in, arranged her room and quoted her a price for staying there, would have made sure she was at least bathed a couple times a week, woulnd’t you?? I’m extremely disappointed in the admission process! I suppose it woulnd’t be such a big deal, but this is the SECOND time we had to find out, by chance, of available services. (First one being available handicapped transportation to and from doctors appointments)

Very pleased with their service

My mother had been here for 3 years, and we loved it, but they alerted me of some recent behavior and suggested that she may be in need of memory care. We were very happy with their service over those 3 years, and we are also glad that they notified us before it became an issue. Unfortunately they have no memory care at this location, but they were very courteous in accommodating our change in needs, they waived the 30 day notice fee, etc.