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Customer Reviews

I would never put a loved one in this facility. We had to move my mother because of an incident with a CNA. The director is totally clueless as to what goes on there. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Check staff ratios before hand

I have been visiting this place for a few months and despite me addressing my concerns to the “owner” nothing has changed. They are so sparsely staffed that many many residents don’t get the care they need. They only have the bare minimum equipment and so only one staff member has the pager reciever that goes off when the patient pushes their call button and they don’t have anyway of communicating to the other cna that a patient needs assistance. There for the pages often go unanswered. They have a resident there who is causing some issues and they will not address them which has been very frustrating. We can smell urine throughout the building because of it. Our main issue is the staffing. It is a large building and [name removed] will not schedule more then 2 cnas a shift. The cnas they do have are fantastic but they are just stretched so thin that they can not provide the care that we pay a lot of money for.

Great Place

I am so glad I have found an Assisted Living that my mom loves. We had toured many and ended up deciding this was a great fit. The Staff are friendly and always helpful to my mom and us. I would recommend this place to anyone!!

The Lodge at Riverton is a beautiful new facility. The management is hands on and available 24 hours a day. The building is always clean and has no bad odors. The CNA staff is always friendly when I come into the building.

The Lodges at Riverton is a horrible place.

The Lodges at Riverton is a horrible place. The only staff there are CNAs and they are overworked. There was an incident with a resident that was sleeping and needed to take her medication so they just dropped it in her mouth. They refuse to accommodate the residents with their dietary needs. It is a poorly managed new community. I would not recommend anyone to this community.