The Landing of Long Cove- Mason, OH

The Landing of Long Cove- Mason, OH has yet not published prices.

  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Homecare Onsite

Customer Reviews

This community checks all the boxes. The personalized care and cost were determined by a thorough assessment at our home two days after the tour. The staff was courteous, knowledgeable, reactive, sympathetic and helpful in so many ways. The rooms and common areas were bright, clean, and cheery. The dining room was lovely and huge with a wall of windows overlooking a courtyard. There are activities galore held in a variety of rooms. All kinds of accommodations are made to make this place feel like home.

Perfect Fit

We recently visited this community in search of a home for my mom who was not doing well on her own at home. We selected this community because the feel of the workers and atmosphere of the building-people were genuinely happy to be there. The place has just been updated which is really nice, but also, my mom is absolutely thriving. She didn't have a lot of socialization at home, which was a big concern of ours as a family. She has begun socializing more and participating in the programs offered. As a family, we couldn't be happier with The Landing of Long Cove. Five stars all around!

Nice Facility

I toured at Brookdale and thought it was nice. The facility itself was wonderful, but overall, I didn't feel that it would be the best fit for my loved one. The community seemed a bit dark to me, and I wanted something more bright and open for my loved one.

Small rooms and a bit dark

The lady that took us on a tour was very nice and very knowledgeable. The place was older, probably built in the late 70s or 80s, and the lighting hadn’t been updated so it wasn’t as bright in there as we would’ve liked. I didn’t really think my Mom would like that. The rooms were smaller than a few other places that we had looked at as well.

[Removed] was awesome and made the decision easy. Brookdale was or first scheduled a tour of the day and after meeting with [Removed] and seeing the room that our grandmother would move into, the decision was made. We canceled the remaining 4 tours and chose Brookdale.

Hearts of GOLD

My mother has lived there for 2 years now. In early 2016 I was on the verge of moving her out due to so many issues with staff and care. Then the entire management team was replaced and we had a meeting to discuss moving. The Executive Director asked me to give them a chance to make the needed changes. I am so happy that I did. The new team came in and made this facility a home. They genuinely care and give of themselves every day. My Mom is happy and cared for and loved. It is evident in her positive change and will to live. The activities and food really increase her quality of life and she has made some great friends.
This community has a heart of gold and there is no way I would ever want her to be anywhere else.

Care for dad

The care at this community is really good. We like that they have a clean community that is always. My father seems to be happy with the variety on the menu that are appealing. They are offering him to participate in the many activities. This community is highly recommended for the good care and the value for the care of a loved one.

Helpful Staff!!

I had recently spoke to the staff at this community for a possible living situation for my mother in the future. They where very kind and knowledgeable about there community as well as answered any questions I had for them. They just did not have the available bedroom that mom wanted. They only had studios and that would not work for her.

Care and compassion

I toured this community for the care of a friend. The staff was nice and helpful to answer the questions I had on the care that is offered. The meals were appealing and they offered a lot of nice activities for the residents. I would recommend that families tour this community for the care of a loved one

A nice community

The staff at this community were friendly and the community seemed clean. The rooms were not as big as the community we chose. This community was a little more expensive than what we were looking for.

New and Great Experience

I recently moved my mom in and could not be happier. It was a fairly quick move and the team was more than accommodating. The dining room staff got all of us food, the care staff was incredibly friendly and my mom was overjoyed with her new home. There is a lot to do and there was a resident birthday party happening the same day and we were even asked if we wanted cake! No detail was left untouched. I continue to be pleased each day when I visit. Looking forward to be on this journey with the team at Brookdale!

Not Getting Our Money Worth

Overall my father seems to be doing okay since his move to this community. For the most part I do not feel we are getting our money worth from this community. I do have many minor concerns that I feel I should not have, since we are paying so much money. I feel they are understaffed. My father isn't getting quite the level of care I would like. The cleanliness could be better. The staff is friendly for the most part, but I do not feel this community is worth what we are paying.

No Birthday Party.

I was there visiting a resident for his birthday. The staff was informed the date of his birthday and that 3 family members will eating lunch with him. We arrived for lunch and a table wasn't set for us to have lunch. People in the dining room were notified that we would be eating lunch that day. I thought it was disheartening that nothing special was done for his birthday. I thought a little birthday cake would have been nice. Totally disappointed with the event.
Just thought you would like to know.

Unsatisfactory Review

I want to inform you that the care and assistance given to it's residents are inconsistent with your goals and objectives. I have witnessed laundry in hampers untouched for weeks. I have heard of complains of clothing getting lost or left in washers for days on end. I witnessed a resident informing an employee that his toilet is stopped up and was assured that it would be taken care of quickly. The resident and I waited for over an hour expecting someone from house keeping to show up with a plunger. One employee was sitting at a table studying and others were busy in conversation that had nothing to do with care for its patrons. I finally asked the person studying to notify house keeping of the problem. House keeping was gone for the day so I asked her to locate a plunger to unplug the toilet. She located a plunger and handed it to me to fix the problem. It took me less than 5 minutes to fix the problem that I thought the employee should have done. I am upset that this wasn't taken care of in a reasonable time;

My opinion

The sales person that took us on tour was nice. I felt this community was to big for mom. The community looked clean, however it felt like I was walking into a hospital. They did not have a variety of floor plans and I just did not care for it.

Enjoyed My Tour

I had a very nice tour of this community. It is a very nice place, and I enjoyed my tour. This community has a very homey atmosphere. The staff was friendly. It is a very nice looking community. The residents I met expressed their joy of living at the community. I liked this community, it is good community.

don't have one

All personal is always ready to help.
Only problem is the communicating system is lacking. The signal for getting help is not getting to the people it needs to.

Wonderful place!

The Brookdale Long Cove Pointe was a very nice place. When we went for our tour, we noticed that the place had multiple stories and we were actually looking for something on one story. Other than that it was a very nice place with nice people.

A home for my mother in law

This is a great place for my mother in law. We are happy with the staff. The community is beautiful. She seems to like most of the meals that are served. She is offered to do activitites to her each day. likes. I liked the home feeling that is given here. I would recommend this community for the great care they offer and value.

Mom Loves it Here

My mother loves it at this community. It is a very nice place, and she is doing very well. I like the staff, they have been very helpful and friendly. I know she is safe and in good hands with them. They do a good job with keeping the community neat and tidy. She has tired some of the activities they have available. They have nice activities like, bingo and church services. I've tired some of the meals and they are very good. She is being provided with great care, and we are pleased. I would recommend this community, it is a great place.

While I understand it is hard to keep everything clean with all the traffic there is a fair job done with the condition of the carpet.

My tour!!

This is a larger community and not quit what we were looking for. It seemed clean and the staff we met were nice. There are multiple levels and different staff for each level. This location was a little farther than we liked.

Great place

My wife and I just recently moved my mother into Long Cove Pointe. From the beginning we weren't for sure how the transition would go. Since moving in, my mother's quality of life has improved tremendously. She participates in the activities and she is stimulated throughout the day. The caregivers and everyone that works there seems to truly care. This was a very quick decision for us and we couldn't be happier to have chosen Brookdale.

Nice Community For the Right Person

My tour of this community was okay, but it appeared to be a community for someone who just needs a little bit of care. My parents needed more care. The apartment they showed me was nice, but designed for someone who still was independent and wants to live near others, instead of a big home. (You furnish a bedroom and living room and there is a bath and kitchenette with a small refrigerator & microwave.) They have a big main dining room, but I felt it would be overwhelming for my parents and nobody would be aware of their eating. The facility had easy access in and out, and I wasn't very comfortable with that. I wasn't shown the dementia care area. The pricing was alacarte ~ pay extra for helping with showers or distribution of medication. This is a nice community, but not the one for us.

Still Working Out Things

There are some things about this community that are great, and other things I feel needs improvement. I do feel that they are understaffed, and need more aids on the weekends. My aunt does seem to be happy here, but it is still a work in progress for us here. There have been a few incidents where I didn't feel she was being cared for well. I'am having a meeting with the director too address these concerns. The nurses are good with communicating to me any problems. The meals are great. Overall it is still a work in progress, and hopefully the care improves.

Pleasant Tour of This Community

Our tour of this community was a good one. From what I saw everything appeared to be well maintained. The community is nice and clean. The staff was kind and informative. It was a pleasant tour, but not the place for my mother in law and her needs.

Perfect Fit

I really liked this community and the friendliness I felt from the beginning. As a daughter, I wanted to make sure the people caring for my Dad were great and he got what he needed. This was a tough transition for my family and every day I'm thankful we made the decision to move him to Brookdale. The people truly are great and my Dad is happy and is adjusting well.

This community is worth a look!!

This is a fairly new clean community. The person that conducted the tour was nice and knowledgeable. There was a calendar of daily events on the bulletin board. I liked this community.

Excellent Service

I was overly impressed with my visit to Brookdale Long Cove Pointe. The friendly faces I met on my tour, the warm welcome my Mom was given upon move in and the care since Mom has been settled has been great. I moved my Mom to Long Cove Pointe after her long time friend moved in and had such a positive experience. The care associates truly seem to care and are friendly which makes a difference! I struggled with the idea of moving my mom to an Assisted Living facility, but every person I spoke to was so understanding and was helping me each step of the way. I'm very satisfied with my experience and my Mom is happy, which makes all the difference!!

Nice Management Team

The management is wonderful, their hearts are in the right place but I feel they need to make improvements in the memory care. The staff seem to do a good job but I feel there is no "care" or high-level interaction. I was told they have a program that shows all residents pictures of their loved ones in movie-mode but I have yet to see this. I also feel they are under staffed and this may be the cause of not giving high quality care. I thought I picked out the best community based on what they explained to me but I have not seen all the greatness from this community. It has been a little over a month since my mom has been here and I hope, hope they improve.

Less than expected

Way worse as Brookdale! I now clean my Mom's room esp. the toilet every time I'm there. We pay for personal care but it is very poor as compared to what we received before with Emeritus. Poorly staffed with new faces constantly. Most aided not trained except on the job. No certified nurses aides. We have lost belongings including a denture. I have also found her with other people's clothes on!

Wonderful Community

The Brookdale team has done an amazing job transitioning from Emmeritus to Brookdale. The new leadership is making sure everyone is cared for properly and treated with dignity and respect. The tour is extremely informative and everyone that works there really wants to be helpful and really seems like they love being there. We moved my Mom in and it has been such a relief to know she is well cared for and happy. There have been no problems or issues and Mom has really changed for the better since moving there. FIVE stars!

Nice looking facility. The staff was extremely friendly. while on the tour they made my dad feel welcome.

No, No, No

Totally agree with Courtney and Lauren. My mother was here when it was Emeritus and it was lovely with great staff.

Once Brookdale took over it changed drastically as "it is a business" as I was told by administration.

The charges listed on here are so wrong. It is much more and they change charges on a whim. I received a $9000/mo
bill for charges they decided to back bill me on for they never had me sign contracts on.

I removed my mother to a lovely place where she died peacefully and well taken care of. I can only wish this for your loved one. It is not Brookdale.
OH, they turned my dead mother into collection for their billing errors.


I would not recommend Brookdale to my worst enemy. They are highly understaffed and have no compassion for their residents. Their turnover rate of employees is outrageous, and this is because anyone that is good at their job gets tired of being underpaid and underappreciated and leaves. They have no hiring standards and even hire people from Wal-Mart as new aides, that have no patient care training and NO compassion at all and yell at residents. Your family member may sit in their own urine or feces for up to 2 hours without any attention to the matter, and then be told that they're having "phone issues" and their call button didn't work. Mind you, this is the excuse that has been given for almost a year now......The director has NO interest in patient care and is only concerned about the corporate side of things (aka the money).
If you view the place and interview to send a loved one there they will paint a VERY pretty picture and things will go well for.....maybe a few months.....but then everything will begin going downhill and you will see the true way in which things are handled. They have no problem promising extra care and CHARGING you for that "extra care", but don't expect to receive the extra care you have been promised. But don't worry, it will be on your bill, and you will be expected to pay the outrageous amount they charge you, all for your loved one to fall out of bed, sit in dirty depends, and not receive appropriate personal hygiene standards.
Not ALL employees should be lumped in the same category, some of them DO care about the patients, but they are the ones in the kitchen, the activities, the housekeeping, not the ones actually CARING for your loved ones. Overall, this facility is good at TAKING YOUR MONEY but NOT good at providing care to your loved one.

Quality of care is horrendous - not enough help

My grandmother is currently here we are looking at other options. My grandmother developed bed sores after having an accident and waiting over 2 hours for help to the bathroom...and this was far from the first time this happened. Thank GOD my grandpa is there every day with her for about 12 hours each day or she would be in worse shape. When issues like these are brought to the attention of [name removed], the current director, he says whatever he thinks you need to hear to get you out of his office. And subsequently nothing changes. They have 2 aides to service the entire place (aside from memory care which has only one aide). [name removed] says this is an adequate amount of help which clearly means that he is clueless about the amount of care needed by his own residents. Bottom line is that Brookdale accepts residents that need more than "assisted living". They offer extra care for an additional charge so you believe your loved one will be taken care of. Instead they take MORE of your money without supplying the service you were promised AND paid for. Unless your loved one is completely capable of taking care of themselves beyond cooking and doing laundry then this is NOT the place for you and DO NOT believe them when they tell you otherwise.

Side note: Some of the aides there are REALLY helpful and nice. But this place takes advantage of the really good aides. They are overworked and under appreciated and unfortunately end up leaving. This means there is constant turnover and communication between nurses, aides, and administration is abysmal.


[removed] Don't trust anyone here. They lie and don't care for the residents. Just ask how long staff has been there. High turnover rate.... Run!!!

If I could I would not even rate this place, it doesn't even get 1 star in my book!!!


Very Responsive Staff

My Aunt is still adjusting to moving to Brookdale Long Cove Pointe, but she is doing fine. She does participate in some activities but hasn't ventured out to an outing with them yet since she is still settling in there. The staff is friendly and very responsive to requests or anything that is needed. They are quick to respond and have the best interest of the residents in mind. The food is pretty good and is good portion size for the residents.

Communication Issues

I have a loved one living at this facility. Overall, they are responsive to my inquiries about my loved one's care, especially the nursing staff. However, there is difficulty getting medications when they are needed, sometimes waiting two hours for them. Using the call button often takes very long to respond to the patient. We were told it should take no longer than 30 minutes for a response. Management is difficult to contact and receive resolution of financial issues. Communication is lacking with respect to advising family or POAs of what steps the facility is taking regarding meds and medical care. The staff is friendly and give respect and care to the residents. This facility would be 5 star if they communicated better with family and POAs regarding financial issues and coordination with in-house doctors.

Management team does not respond vis email well if at all.

Would not recommend

I thought this was a nice place when it was owened by Emeritus, but when it was purchased by Brookdale things started to go downhill. I started noticing a lot of oversights in both the care and cleanliness of the facility, and the issues were not resolved even after I pointed them out to the staff. Since the service was on the decline, and the price on the rise, I chose to move my loved one to another facility.

I really was impressed with this facility. The residents seemed to enjoy it. One actually said she would not rather be anywhere else. They were playing bingo while I was there.

Staff seems to decrease each week and activities are same EVERY day. Food quality has decreased under new ownership.

There seem to be fewer employees now than when we had our first tour. Activities tend to be the same everyday. Response time to help button varies from 5 minutes to up to 20 minutes. Dining room has run out of common items like lettuce and cola.


Don't send your loved one here. Very inconsistent care, especially for the Alzheimer's community. Often my father is unshaven and not clean. Many issues with administering medication properly, and logging info and poorly trained staff. Unless you plan to become a baby sitter for your loved ones care, don't choose this place.

Nice place, overall

Things have gone well so far at Emeritus at Long Cove Pointe. It's a nice looking, clean community, and the staff have all seemed very friendly. My loved one has not been here long, but so far she seems to be enjoying herself. I felt like the move-in process could have been better organized, I was pulled aside by the director to sign forms for an extended period of time when I was trying to direct the movers where to place my loved ones furniture.

We asked Colleen to set up ...

We asked Colleen to set up an evaluation of my mother. This will be my first choice if she meets their criteria. Closest to our home, typical of surroundings mother would like and Dr is familiar to us.

Everything is going well for my mom a...

Everything is going well for my mom at Emeritus at Long Cove point. They try very hard to make a nice place there!

Very nice, our second choice

This was a very nice looking newer facility, and was our second choice when we were looking into care options for our loved one. It was a bit more expensive than what we were looking for, and their a la carte pricing structure meant that the price had a lot of room to go up if our loved one's care needs increased.

Wonderful Place!

We toured several places over two days and Emeritus by far was the best place for my grandmother. The staff was wonderful, answered all of our questions and the community itself is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend anyone looking for an assisted living community to go to Emeritus at Long Cove Pointe!

Very Good With the Residents

I highly recommend them. I have told several people about them. I like the atmosphere for the residents. It's light and uplifting. I think the front desk people are phenomenal. There are a lot of residents that hang out in the front area and they always have time for those residents. We've had a problem with the person that I am POA for, the resident there, because she doesn't respond well with the staff. It's not their fault; she has behavioral issues. They're patient with her and do what they can for her. When I went there I liked them immediately and actaually cancelled my appointment to see another place.

A great place for mom to stay. She en...

A great place for mom to stay. She enjoyed her stay and I was impressed with the facility and staff.

Beautiful new facility-- the staff wa...

Beautiful new facility-- the staff was very helpful and interactive.

Facility specific for dementia client...

Facility specific for dementia clients. Great place-no medicaid waiver for dementia.