The Healthcare Resort of Leawood - Overland Park, KS

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Customer Reviews

Healthcare Resort was amazing for my mom

Healthcare Resort of Leawood took fantastic care of my mom during a difficult time. The facility is immaculate, the staff highly trained and the food is amazing. Laura treated the family with the utmost care and made the transition a success. [Name removed] is a top administrator as well.Our entire family is grateful. It's 5 star spectacular

The staff are wonderful to work with & very helpful for coordination of care with home health transitions when clients return home.
[Name removed]
(Aquinas home health)

Exceptional Care

I’ve had two family members that have received care at this resort. They received exceptional nursing care. The therapy department is one of the best in the area. The staff seem to really care about the patients. Definitely recommend for any rehabilitation or long term care needs.

Memory problems??

The care at this facility was less than stellar. They were rough with my mother when transferring from bed to chair. They claimed she had been showered THREE times in a week (she had none) and then tried to “explain” to me that she was “having memory problems” (she does NOT) and couldn’t remember having her showers! OMG. She sat for over a week without getting clean. There are other items that I could mention too. Do NOT send your loved one here.

Great big NO!

Keep looking, HC Resort is truly horrible for anyone needing "skilled" nursing. There are very few nurses,'and the doctor is non existent. CNA's run the place and for the most part they were non responsive to needs, rough and rude. This place is beautiful on the outside but the inside is full of dangerous incompetence.

Don't stop-Drive on By to the next Assisted Living community

My mother in law moved in July 28th after she was discharged from the hospital with a broken hip and pelvis. Her care was atrocious with a 25 to 1 care level. I personally witnessed 5 requests for help that took over 3 1/2 hours before they came. My mother in law was is severe pain and they would only provide her with Tylenol which was uncomprehensible given her medical status and severe pain she was in.

The head honcho and lead business person were truly rude and had no clue about insurance-None. We switched insurance coverage while she was there and I was told they only accept Humana which is 100% wrong. I tried explaining that the BCBS policy can be used anywhere regardless if they are contracted or not. After several calls between BCBS, Myself and the 2 rude "know it all's) we left there after only being there for 16 days. The care and food is simply horrific.

The one lady was so rude that I ask her to listen for a moment. When BCBS called her and explained there's no need for contracting because the reimbursement percentage is based on Usual & Customary costs within the area. This lady I'm guessing chased away over 100+ applicants because of her ignorance regarding insurance. She was educated by the BCBS Claims Manager in front of 6 people, after the call I ask "Is there any doubt now that you can begin accepting BCBS applicants. Her answer was " I still don't believe this can be done".

I received a bill 2 months later and BCBS payed 100% of her 16 day stay. On my follow up regarding the bill to Miss No It All, I ask her if she learned anything from everything I did to help her understand insurance, her reply " You didn't teach me a thing because I already knew how to handle this". Whoa I exclaimed, I'm calling because when we first met and discussed insurance you were adamant and 100% convinced that The Healthcare Resort of Leawood is only contracted with Humana. Hasn't that changed because BCBS paid our bill with no issues of any kind. I'm sure since you will know accept BCBS you won't have to turn people away and maybe begin filling your beds. She gave me a friendly hand gesture that resembles a bird and I was told I could leave anytime I wanted too.

I guess my hope for getting a Thank you for helping you is out of the question, her response was silence and a growl.

In closing, I wouldn't take my [Removed] there because you would argue that a spaded male is a [Removed] because that's what it looks like. Stay clear of this poorly run organization and that's evident from all the bad reviews you are getting. Corporate needs to clean house and begin administering Testing to determine Emotional & Social Intelligence. These types of test allow the company to weed out those whose DNA is not suited for Elderly Care. These tests also tell you what industries your qualified for based on what your genetic DNA testing reveals. I sincerely hope that Corporate in Dallas reads this and does implement a process for weeding out the Turkeys from the Eagles... and that includes you Miss Hotshot. I would be happy to assist there due to such a shortage of qualified Healthcare Executives who know how to run a friendly operation.

Stay away from here

The medical care at this community is [Removed]. My mother was at HC resort of Leawood for rehab care and had a completely unresponsive doctor ([Removed]) that did not return phone calls and never once walked into her room during a 20+ day stay. She deteriorated under his care and the care of his incompetent nurse practitioner ([Removed]) and ended up in the hospital for 5 nights. The nurses (a few who are nice) do not have a competent Director to help them problem solve and get ahead of issues. Even after all of this, we never received one call from HC resort asking how my mother was doing. When we arrived at the hospital, we finally felt safe and were so grateful that we never had to return. It saddens me that a place like this is responsible for the care of our loved ones. They need a major overhaul.

Poor medical care

I had a loved one stay for short term rehab care. The therapists are excellent but I have to give them a terrible grade due to poor medical care. I was frankly afraid for my family member since no one seemed to know what was going on with her condition and how to improve it. I got a call on a Saturday from my loved one who is immobile and she told me that her head was laying on the metal bar of her medical bed and no one was responding to her call light so I had to rush over.

Take caution before sending your loved one here

This place has great physical and occupational therapists but the medical care is horrible. I would never send my loved one back to health care resort of leawood due to a nonexistent doctor who never makes an appearance or returns phone calls, an incompetent nurse practitioner, and nurses that do not have the skills to problem solve and prevent issues from occurring. My loved one's physical condition deteriorated after being here so I would not recommend until they do a major staffing overhaul to bring the medical care on par with the the therapy dept.

Look Elsewhere

I only toured the place. The units have one small, small closet. The refrigerator is really small with no ice maker. And the movie room only has stairs. No ramps. Definitely not a place I would think about.


A very good community to live in.

Brand new community. Very nice amenities. Rooms larger and some with vaulted ceilings. One of our finalist