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Pretty on the Outside, Gorgeous in the Lobby.... RUN FAST!

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This is a first hand experience:
The Administrator who finds people to move-in, is phony and fake and phony. Once they get you to move-in, they can care less. My family member lived there for many years and was always complaining to the Director about how the treatment of the CNAs were. There are a few good nurses; mainly on the short-term/skilled hall side. Many of the Nurses/CNA's lie and do not tell the truth. Especially, when you ask them a question, and they know that they did something wrong. Many days my loved one sat in a Urine diaper for at least 10 hours without being changed. They do not know how to place a needle in the arm when the tenant needs fluids. Management turns over constantly so you hardly ever see the same people (CNAs) for a month. They are either fired, or they quit! Their baths for the tenants were a joke. Management keeps changing also. They overwork their Doctors' too.The back of my loved one's ears had little black looking rocks; which was dirt piled up on top of dirt. The room kept spider webs and dust until I asked for them to send over Housekeeping to clean it! The place looks Ritzy and Glamorous when you first walk-in. Don't be deceived. Follow your heart. Do your research

Review for The Harrison at Heritage

I want to start this review by saying this does not come from a vindictive place, but from a place of concern and sadness over the care my family member received at The Harrison at Heritage. Within the several years my family member was in their care she had multiple items stolen ranging from jewelry to money. The lack of daily hygienic care was alarming. My moms teeth were hardly ever brushed on a regular basis. Her ears were not kept clean. As well as her nails were not kept trimmed or filed. These concerns were brought up in EVERY care plan meeting we had and NEVER were resolved.
There were multiple incidents where my mom was left in wet clothes from urine.
Unfortunately the lack of compassion and empathy from the CNA’s is a driving force behind this lack of care. You can look around and see them on their cellphones at any time (even though we were told multiple times from the head staff this was not ‘allowed’). The quality of staff does not improve as you go up the ‘chain of command’.
Please do NOT put your family member in long term care here.
It looks nice and even smells nice, but the lack of quality or even standard care is alarming.

Tour and care

This is a nice community for care. The staff were friendly and caring to answer the questions we had on the care that is available. The environment was nice with a clean community. they offer a lot of choice on the menu and the activities. Families would like this community to the care of a loved one.


We had a family member here recently. I’ll start with the good. The place doesn’t smell. Some of the CNAs, who do the bulk of the work, are compassionate and contentious; however, even those who are cannot keep up with the work required of them so wait times are very, very long for responding to basic patient needs. Some of the nurses are very competent and appear to be caring. The food, although not very healthy, is edible. The receptionists are outstanding and we relied on them many times when we could not get administrators, directors, and managers to respond to us.

The bad. The sales process is very slick, but misrepresents the quality of care your loved one will receive. No amount of faux fancy décor can cover up the stink of the administration, who with a few exceptions, are incompetent, unresponsive, uncaring. They routinely do not do what they are asked to, or say they will do. The “Circle of Excellence” meeting regarding patient discharge held with families is a joke and should be renamed “The Unconnected Lump of Mediocrity at Best”. Some of the employees who should have been at our meeting were not, including the Case Manager, who is responsible for discharge planning. The meeting is basically to tell you when your loved ones benefits will run out, which they could do over the phone. No other useful information is provided at the meeting. The Business Manager and Director of PT are incredibly rude and condescending. Some of the CNAs have such bad attitudes they should not be working with a vulnerable population. They are rude to the patients and ignore them whenever possible. There is a ton of time spent by staff on their personal phones when they should be tending to patients. The majority of the employees at this facility act like they are doing your loved one and you a big favor by doing the minimum requirements of their jobs, if that.

Do not consider this place if you cannot visit your loved one at least once a day. Except for doing what they can’t get away with not doing, your loved one will be ignored. In the entire time I was there I did not see one staff member say hello to a single resident in the hallways, which is where those who can be out of bed spend most of their time—in wheelchairs in their doorways.

Their deceptive practices left me feeling duped.

She was here for rehab the care was a little better than where she was before. They were deceptive though, when I looked on their website, it said that they had a salon open every day and that isn't the case, and they were deceptive about the insurance coverage, they said that there was no problem with the insurance, but they were out of network. They didn't have the amenities. The food was pretty good. Their deceptive practices left me feeling duped. Don't trust any of these people, do the research yourself.

From the Community

The Harrison at Heritage is a state-of-the-art transitional care center uniquely presented in a luxury, resort-style residential setting. Our interdisciplinary clinical staff is focused on working with you and your physician to carry out your personalized inpatient rehabilitative, complex or chronic care plan. Whether your stay with us is brief or long-term, our goal is to make you feel right at home as you recover full independence at a pace most comfortable to you.