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CNAs making residents fight?

cna’s are making residents fight???? what kind of animals does this place hire??? i was considering this place for my daddy who’s declining with alzheimers and am in shock, just beside myself as to what's gone on. what is this world coming to?


The Danby House is not a very good facility if you really care about your loved ones!! This place basicly runs itself. The staff isnt very engaging or helpful, even Administration. They rarely answer the phone when u call. NO PROFESSIONALISM!! The residents look after themselves with little supervision. There are no activities done daily, and alot of them are just wandering around. The staff is loud on takes alot of breaks and is slow to come help when called. They sit in the residents rooms and talk on their phones while on the clock!! They need to be some serious investigations done at this place!!!

Not what I was looking for...

When I toured The Danby, the lady that took me around was very nice, but it just did not feel like the right place. They had the different levels of care mixed and I did not like that. I felt like my mother would do better in a place where the residents were in the same place as her, I do not mean that in a derogatory way. It was a nice place, just not what we were looking for.

Old, dirty, bad smells, staff not engaging with residents, no resident activity observed. Very sad place.

The Food Is Good

My dad is doing pretty well, doing the best he can. The only problem is that some of the staff know what to do and some do not. They are very good at cleaning. Food is important to my dad and he says he likes the food. When supper was ready he told me see you later and went to go eat. He has made some friends during the time he has been here. The price was just right for us and they have flat rates. I would recommend this place to others.

The Danby House was well maintained from what I could tell. the staff was pleasant and administrators were help full.

Go Elsewhere!

This place is horrible!!! If you actually care at all about your loved one then please place them somewhere else. Don't let these people fool you. If your loved one is not well enough to be able to have a voice for themselves, then this place will take advantage. Not take good care of them. Not give them the dignity and humanity that they deserve. Not try to give them the best chance to survive and have the best life possible. You are doing half of their job for them if you even want your loved one to have any sort of fair treatment! If you don't visit often then you may not figure out. If you visit everyday, then you will definitely see it. Their ratings on the NC licensing website are only because they haven't been caught. Other facilities with violations...this place is doing the exact same thing!!!! Be warned!

From the Community

Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Danby House is a state-of-the-art assisted living and Memory Care residence located in one of the state's most vibrant cities. Winston-Salem is also home to world-class medical facilities including Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, and Forsyth Medical Center, along with a host of shopping and cultural activities.
Danby House offers gracious residential living in a home-like atmosphere, supported by skilled and experienced staff that are available 24/7 to meet the personal needs of each resident. We support a philosophy of "assistance when required, service when desired." That's because Danby House is about quality of life and supporting residents when they want to do things independently.