The Bridges at Ankeny - Ankeny, IA

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Customer Reviews

Disappointment in Care and Services Provided

My mother just recently stayed in the skilled care unit after having back surgery. The care was "spotty" to say the least. The rooms are uninviting and cold and do not reflect the thought and design going into the rest of the facility (all for show). Oftentimes, the response time to ringing her button for a pain pill or needing assistance to go to the bathroom (first day after surgery) could be anywhere from 1 - 4 hours later. Several of the nurses, technicians, and interns were blatantly rude and disrespectful to not only her but to family members as well. Mom had to repeatedly asked that she remain in her room to eat and that she needed beverages in a cup with handles. The lack of listening, communicating, or writing down those requests to be shared during shift changes was totally obsolete. It was not until a family meeting was called with the social worker, head of nursing and physical therapy, and the dietician, did a fire get "lit" about her inadequate care. There are other instances that I could share but at this juncture I believe you get my point. I would not recommend this facility to anyone who is thinking about placing a loved one here!

The best care ever for a loved one

Feels like a hospital

When I first saw the rooms I was immediately turned off. They feel like a hospital room and a retirement home. This is a brand new facility but it felt so empty and I saw no residents walking around. The rooms are only big enough for a twin bed and one chair. I wouldn’t be able to bring any furniture in if my Mother moved in and it wouldn’t have felt like home. The marketing director was really good and seemed very knowledgeable. I would not recommend this facility to other families.