Symphony Manor of Feasterville - Feasterville-Trevose, PA

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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Only drawback was distance

Very nice clean and cheerful facility.

The room size is great. I enjoyed the residents who were sitting in the main lobby, listening to the pianist and looking forward to their afternoon pizza party.

Renovations/upkeep make the facility look inviting (& not hospital-like/sterile), smaller size makes it not overwhelming. Happy to know they are starting a new program to divide activities for higher functioning & lower functioning members.

Review of Symphony Manor of Feasterville - Feasterville-Trevose, PA

Safe environment for memory care. Moderate to good caregivers. Rooms are very nice and facility is kept very clean. Communication could be better.

Settled in

We had a few hiccups when my grandmother first moved in, but the management listened to what I had to say and there have been some nice changes. In fact, they have added more staff which has helped a lot. I love seeing the changes in my grandmother, she is taking part in the activities, enjoys the painting class, and all the entertainment that comes to perform. They even have special family events that we are invited too. Grandma raves about the food and she enjoys going to the dining room. I would recommend coming for a tour.

Satisfied with my wife's care

My wife is doing very well here and I am very satisfied with the care and assistance that she receives here. The staff have been wonderful, they are friendly and attentive. I feel that my wife is comfortable in her room and that she is safe.

I would not recommend this community

This was a good community when my loved one first moved in. They have gone through some staffing changes and since then things have declined. They do not offer food options and the food they serve is not good. There were days my loved one did not receive their lunch. There are a few caregivers there that are trying their best to continue to give great care. The community and the rooms could be cleaner. The executive director was not very approachable.

Katie McHale

Local Representative

Hi, I'm Katie, I work at Milestone Retirement's support center. First, I'm very sorry to hear you are not pleased with your loved one's experience at Symphony Manor of Feasterville, but I'm glad you brought this to our attention. I've shared your review with our East Branch's Director of Dining Services an Regional Director of Operations for further review and potential coaching opportunity.

If you continue to experience less-than-satisfactory service and would like to speak to any member of Executive Leadership personally about your concerns, please don't hesitate to send a direct message to Symphony Manor's Facebook page: [removed]

We want all of our residents' families to have an outlet to voice their concerns to someone with decision making authority, repercussion-free, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have more to share.

Katie - Digital Marketing

Great Smaller Community

We liked Symphony Manor of Feasterville when we toured the community. They were friendly and helpful explaining what their community would offer. It is a smaller community which is what we were looking for in a community. We decided on another community that was closer to our family members.

Pulled The Rug Out From Under Us

We had toured this community really like it. The case worker and social worked had met with my mother in law and had evaluated her. We were all set to move in we had already made the deposit then 48 hours before we were ready to go we were told they would not accept her. They claim she was not going to fit the medical guidelines to accept her. I just felt that we were misled and lied to. I would never recommend this community

Katie McHale

Local Representative

Hi, I'm Katie, I work at Milestone Retirement's Support Center. First, I'm very sorry to hear that you had this experience at Symphony Manor of Feasterville. We cannot accept some residents, for various reasons, but our teams should always be transparent about our guidelines early on in the tour process. I've shared your review with the community's Regional Director of Sales & Marketing and Regional Director of Operations for further investigation and coaching.

My sincere apologies once more, Katie - Digital Marketing

Mom's good Care

This is a great comment for the care for my mom.I like the staff who are caring and friendly. The community. is clean and we like the menu of healthy meals that are available. I like knowing that my mom is allowed to walk the entire community. We would highly recommend that families tour this community for the care and the good value for a loved one.

[Removed] was very nice. Room was modern and nice. Eating area was pretty dark and a little depressing. Wasn't sure about residents since I didn't see many on my tour.

Good Experience, Tour Went Well

We had a nice tour of this community. Everyone was polite, and friendly to my family, and I. The community from what we saw looked nice, and everything appeared to be clean. The staff we met was courteous, and our questions were answered. It was a good experience, but we did find another community we liked better.

Nice but

Menu needs expanding. They need a higher staff to resident ratio. Activities lack imagination.

The Possibility

After having a tour and seeing the community we wanted to go there. We loved it. The community would have been closer but they did accept us.

Thank goodness for A Place for Mom

Well, we would rate Symphony Manor excellent because this is the facility we chose for our father. Some of the other facilities we toured were in very close contention as we made our choice. Symphony Manor just had that something extra that put it over-the-top. I'm glad we acted when we did. The nine vacancies they had soon filled up. We were lucky. Obviously many other people thought the same as we did.

My brother is very well cared for at this community!!

I am very happy with this place and everything they have done for my brother during his stay so far. I do not even know where to begin on explaining all of the reasons why I love it here. The staff are amazing I could have not asked for a better overall group to care for him. They all know him by his first name and make sure to greet him with a hello and a smile every time they see him. I have noticed he is very much at peace and feels comfortable as well as safe since he made the move into this community. The size of the facility is very small and has a family setting which I really like for him. Overall people are wonderful , the place is lovely, and I would highly recommend it.

Moved a Permanent Move to this Community

My mother had since a good respite stay experience here at this community, that she has now moved here permanently. It is a very nice place, and I know she is safe, and in good hands. She being provided with great care,and I'am satisfied. The staff is great, they are taking very good care of her, and her needs. Everything has worked out very well for us here, and I would recommend this community.

I liked this place as soon as I pulled into the driveway. The facility was well kept and full of life. The staff was very welcoming and the residents seemed very happy there. The dining facilities were similar to dining in a restaurant.

Respite Care

My husband stayed at Symphony Manor for one week in respite care. It was a very pleasant experience. The facility is lovely and all staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I would definitely consider leaving him there again. My only issue was that he had not been shaved for several days and that was something I specifically mentioned when he was admitted. He said he had a nice time and that he enjoyed the food.


Dad moved into Symphony Manor six months ago and I could not be happier. Thank you to all the staff who help my father and who make this a great community.


My sister was a resident. Most of the staff were very impersonal. Whenever I called or asked questions in person, no one seemed to know the answers, they never got back to me and I never was able to speak to the resident doctor after several attempts. The final week she was there, we had Hospice for her and their services were excellent. They updated us with phone calls. When she passed away, they called to offer condolences. They sent us letters and even attended the funeral service. However, no one from Symphony Manor called or contacted us to express their condolences. The last week of her life, her dirty clothes piled up in the hamper and were never washed, even though we requested this several times and they assured us it would be done. When we went back to pick up her belongings, some of the staff didn't even know she had passed.

We cannot be happier with Symphony Manor of Feasterville!!

Mom is doing really well at this community. They offer a variety of games, a cocktail night, movies and a bingo night. They also have weekly trips. The food is good and the community is kept clean. The staff and the physical therapist are great. I have already recommended this community.

Peace of mind

I chose this facility for my husband because he could have freedom to move around the facility and Ho into the garden and still be in a safe locked facility. The memory care unit staff do not force anyone to participate in activities they do not want to. They can get up in the morning and go to bed at night when they want to not at set times. My husband is taken care of, showered, dressed, and has meals in a lovely dining room. He has a primary care doctor who visits the facility weekly who oversees his medications and general health.
I would like to see the carpets in rooms and halls kept stain free.
The most frustrating aspect is that his clothes keep getting lost. His shoes I know he takes off and they are usually found, however new shirts and sweatpants have disappeared the week they were taken. All of his things need to be tailored because of his size so losing the clothes gets expensive.

Bad place to be

The place looks nice on the outside but that's about it. The staff is always short never enough and the staff they do have are over worked and under paid. I have seen many CEO come and go and all no better then the one before. activities are not there because the person they have in the memory care unit takes a 2 hour lunch break leaving the nursing staff to do his job as well as there jobs and the CEO seems to be ok with this. They have had C-DIFF go around to a lot of the residents because no one is washing there hands, I have seen them come out of residents room at night and go right into another residents room. The aides talk in the halls about what is going on and that is a HIPPA violation!!!! The med techs are very good I always see them running around but I don't see a nurse most of the time I am there and when I do they are on the phone or talking trash about another staff member behind there back. The food is a joke, they residents in the Assistant living side have it way better for all the meals I have taken my loved one over there many times. and have saw this. BOTTOM LINE IS IF YOU WANT YOUR AIDES AND MED TECHS AND NURES to do better you need to pay them more. Can you live off of 10 to 12 dollars an hour? I don't think so. All the money that they get every month and you would think they get paid good but no. I feel bad for the staff. I will be taking my loved one out as soon as the other place has an opening.


My family member was there for one year.. They went into assisted living walking and In control of her body functions. She had three unnecessary falls in one week due to careless care takers. No Follow up medical care. From that time on her whole personality and ability to care for herself changed. They make promise from CEO down that they do not keep. If you do not make surprise visits and spot checks you would not know what's hidden behind your loved ones care. They are left alone unsupervised. Transports are a joke they are not properly secured either in wheelchair or seat.... much witnessed... and brought to care givers attention . Just had event 2-3 months ago where wheelchair was not secured in van and client in wheelchair obtained fractured leg. Staff was told to LIE or else and family from NY was told a different story. Truth a staff member told . Witnessed falls with no staff around.All clients look un kept and have body odor . Clothes destroyed and burnt by utilities. Supplies of one client shared. Food cold and proper utensils not used for there needs. Staff rude disrespectful and dress improperly for job. Clients are bathed if in bed naked with no blanket or towel covering there shivering cold body . They are treated ruff and mishandled . Observe when u visit .... A animal gets better care. Ask a place for mom.... We did when it was too late... Be a advocate.... they cared for you when you where helpless don't they deserve I CARE DO YOU.

Review of Symphony Manor of Feasterville - Feasterville-Trevose, PA

Tour went wonderfully. We will move forward with a deposit within the next day or so

Best place for our Dad

This was a very difficult decision but I have been extremely happy with Symphony. The staff is excellent. My Father is clean, shaved and dressed appropriately. Somehow I could not manage this for him at home and it broke my heart. I must admit the biggest surprise has been how much he is enjoying himself. After 6 months, my sister and brother and I really feel we made the best choice.

Very nice place

I think they do a great job at Symphony Manor, I'd give them top marks across the board! The staff is friendly, caring, and very attentive to the needs of each resident. The facility is clean and well kept, and our experience with them was a very positive one overall.

Nice place

Overall our experience with Symphony Manor has been a good one. It's a nice looking place, and the staff seem friendly and helpful. If they were going to improve something I'd like to see a few more people on staff and maybe a few more activities for the memory care patients, but otherwise it is a nice place overall.

great experience

I had a very great experience at Symphony Manor of Feasterville. The nursing is great. Anything that we needed was taken care of. It wasn't perfect but nothing is. Overall the experience here was good.

Some staff members not as attentive as others

I think they have some staff that are not as attentive to the needs of the residents as they should be. There have been other times where some of the residents that were confined to wheelchairs were just sitting in the hallway for extended periods of time. There are certain staff members that are excellent. Nursing is fine. Administration is fine. It seems to be the caregivers (some not all) that are not so attentive. I have gone to visit in the evenings and some of the caregivers were just sitting there on their cellphones doing nothing.

Very nice place

Symphony Manor is a very nice place, overall! The staff here are all very friendly and very kind, and obviously genuinely care about the people that they take care of. The facility is well kept and clean, and they have a lot to offer the residents!

very pleased

Overall we have been very pleased with Symphony Manor of Feasterville. It is a very nice clean facility with helpful staff. The only area I can think of where they might could improve would be to proactively involve the residents in the activities a bit more.

Nice place, overall

Overall our experience with Symphony Manor has been a good one, although there are a few areas they could stand to work on. The staff here are very friendly, and the facility itself is very high quality. It's a real "Wow!" moment when you walk in, everything from the common areas and dining room, to the apartments themselves, all seem like a fancy hotel. The problem we've had here is the quality of the care itself. I think they could use a few more people on staff. But overall it is a nice place, and worth a look if you're looking into care in the area.

very happy

We are very happy with Symphony Manor of Feasterville! When my aunt got there, she was in poor condition. She was not able to walk, on lots of drugs, etc. They have done a tremendous job turning things around with her. Her condition has improved dramatically, she is walking, and off the meds. We have been very pleased.

Very nice facility. Memory care is all inclusive. Has an odor. Not my favorite for that reason .

I made the right choice!

One of the best expereinces I have had in my Father's care. I walked into this amazing community and was immediately greated with a smile! From there it has been a pleasure working with the staff I do not want to miss anyone's name.,

Thank you Symphony Manor Feasterville and my father is greatful to be in your hands.

They are very good. They have been very helpful.

They are very good. They have been very helpful. They are very good with my mom. There were a few glitches in the beginning, but they were right on top of everything. It hasn't been very long that we have been there yet, but so far it's working out.

Very pleased, Staff could not have been more helpful in this time of anxiety.

Rather new price was not to...

Rather new price was not too bad would have been second choice also location not to far from home

Nice place, overall

Overall I thought The Arbors did a good job taking care of my loved one. It was a nice looking place, and the staff all seemed very friendly. I think they probably could have had more staff on hand, however. The food also could have used some improvement.

The staff was really nice.

I think there are enough activities. My loved one was only there for about a month. The staff was really nice. They were very concerned and kind. My dad seemed to like the food. When my dad fell though, they found him by the dining room and it was an witnessed fall. It might be a good idea for them to have cameras to witness falls. They did good with contacting us and getting him help.

Friendly, caring staff

The staff here have been incredibly patient and caring, it's been somewhat of an ordeal dealing with my loved one. But they have been dedicated and persistent in reaching out to us.
The facility itself is extremely clean, and looks very very nice. The staff are all incredibly friendly, and they are all long-term employees who work well together and seem to really enjoy their jobs.


Minor problems that were quickly resolved. Very friendly and cooperative.

Personal care, i.e., help with shower...

Personal care, i.e., help with showers & meds. Food, activities, etc.

Visited, but found out they do not ac...

Visited, but found out they do not accept Medicaid patients in Pa., it is more expensive than Bella Terra and a bit further away so is not in the running.

Loved this place,brand new opened in ...

Loved this place,brand new opened in February, only had 6 residents. Took her for lunch with staff so she could see how nice it was and its nothing like the Rehab places dad's been in. She said it was a nice place but is not receptive at all to moving at this time.

We all loved it! It seems perfect fo...

We all loved it! It seems perfect for Mom. Mom however doesn't like the location. She is a Montco kind of lady! I still think it is the best option so we are not giving up on it.

I didn't actually see anything as the...

I didn't actually see anything as the site won't be open till probably the fall, but it sounds very different, actually. their philosophy is to "bring the outside in". it is supposed to give the feel of a neighborhood-a library, an ice cream shop,a pharmacy,living spaces that are actually small apartments. It is only a 15 minute drive from where they live now. My rating is based just on what I heard.

great tour and education. nice facil...

great tour and education. nice facility like approach to care. after visiting believe mom needs higher level of care (nursing home)

From the Community

The Arbors at Buck Run is a state of the art supportive living and Alzheimer's/dementia care provider in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. Conveniently located in a quiet, mature, residential neighborhood, our beautifully-appointed community will be opening February 2011 and will offer the perfect mix of personal care and hospitality tailored to meet the individual needs of our residents. At The Arbors at Buck Run, we believe in giving residents control over their lives and encouraging independence and socialization all while providing exceptional care.

One monthly fee provides a beautifully appointed apartment home and a full complement of services and amenities from restaurant-style dining with a choice of entrees to housekeeping and professional laundry services. Our individualized care plans and exceptional quality of care enable staff to meet the needs of residents as they age.

We would love for you to visit and take a tour of our supportive senior living community in Feasterville and see why The Arbors at Buck Run is a great supportive living choice for a senior you care about!