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Customer Reviews

If your looking for good food and service, this is definitely not the place. It's not even a one star, if you go than have a meal before signing up.

My mom had a bad experience with Sunnyside. It wasn't all the staff but it is a piece a crap nursing home. They sent a [removed] doctor [removed] to get blood out of her right arm and they couldn't. So they went to the left side and my mother had said no due to bad dialysis that had gone wrong, But he disregarded her orders not to do it. Her arm swelled up so bad that it looked like a big snake that had swallowed a pig. She was able to move and talk but she had sore throat. On Friday they had Transferred her back to Memorial and got her stabilized there. They ended up sending her to another nursing home. The staff is sweet and very kind caregivers, several of the staff are very mean as well. Some of the staff very helpful with getting water and others would take a half an hour to get you, so she would end up pissing herself. The food was cold and I tasted it personally. The food looked like what the dog does and tasted it as well. She never received a hot meal while there, her neighbor said the coffee is cold. Doctor Turner is very sweet and very informative but the language barrier was there. I feel sorry the people that cant speak there, I hope their is a pay back in hell for the people that were mean to my mom.

I wish I could give a lower rating!

It only took 4 days for this facility to almost [removed] my mom.
The brand new rehab wing and friendly staff was deceiving. My mom was there for 4 days and left unresponsive in an ambulance. Her blood sugar was dangerously low, the UTI was back, she was dehydrated and her bed sores were worse.
The first night her call bell didn't work. She had to call my dad and have him call the nurses station. They assured us she was eating, drinking and getting turned every 2 hours. Her deterioration does not support that.
My dad was the one who discovered my mom's unresponsive condition. The staff responded quickly with a code blue, but 2 staff members laughed and joked through the entire event. My dad was horrified and outraged at the care my mom received.
This facility was highly recommended by Torrance Memorial Medical Center. We should have trusted the online reviews, not the discharge planner whose job was to get my mom out of the hospital.
Avoid this facility at all costs!