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Not enough staff. They always have agency and all of my moms regulars have now quit. I asked a CNA what was going on and she said she would be fired if she said anything at all about the chaos

My dad's lucky to be alive.

Don't send your families here! All the staff is so unhappy because their higher ups make them work short and then demand they pretend they aren't. I asked my dad's nurse why there was only 1 cna for 27 people and he told me normally there are 2 or 3, working with 1/3 the staff is absolutely unacceptable. I can't blame the staff when my dad had to wait long for his call light to be answered, because I know it's from managers not caring about anything other than the money he can bring in. Those poor CNAs do everything but pass meds and every single day I saw the don and her ladies walking the halls and not helping one bit. It was hilarious yesterday seeing them all pretend to help the because state had showed up! I'll be making sure I give state a call so they can be aware of this little trick. Never ever will I let my dad come back here. If you love your family don't put them here. If you want to see your loved one covered in their own excrement and despite how great the CNA is they can't get to them for 4 hours then this place is perfect for you.

This place is unacceptable. My dad was there for rehab after knee replacement surgery. They said the CPM wasn't ordered and the nurse didn't know how to use it. He was there for 3 days and wasn't bathed. My 71 yr old mother got him in the shower and finally the cna came running over to help. He pressed the call button and no one showed up so he tried to get out of bed and he fell. The physical therapist got him out of bed and sat him in a chair, said she had to check on another patient and never came back. Pushed the call button no one came. My mom tried to get help and there were no nurses or CNAs around so again she put him back in bed herself. [Removed] It seems like all they wanted to do was dope him up and keep him in bed.

excellent facility

My mother has been in skilled nursing care for a year now. She has received excellent care. Staff is easily avaiable to update family on care, problems, medications, and plans. Staff has also been very helpful with financial planning. the facility itself is in a beautiful quiet location and very clean and attractive inside.

Fantastic Care!

We spent more of our time on the rehab side. I didn’t get to see much of the skilled nursing. My dad was there for rehab and the care was fantastic! They did an extended stay with my dad. They basically said they would have to keep him there a little longer but if they could they would find ways to keep the cost down. My dad loved the food and I thought the facility was very clean. It was a brand new facility which helps.

From the Community

For more than a century, we’ve been caring for adults in the Pikes Peak region. Sunny Vista is a Life Plan Community. Our campus provides three options for a continuum of care—from independent living, through rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care and memory support.