Sumter Grand ILF - The Villages, FL

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Customer Reviews

Decline in Sumter Grand

After a week stay in May 2019 with my mother I am sad to say that Sumter Grand is no longer the facility it use to be - a big decline is all aspects of the building and its operations. This decline seems to correspond to the new management company that took over this past year. Staff is stretched too thin (waited 25 minutes to have waitstaff even acknowledge our presence; dirty tables; dirty glassware, coffee cups and silverware; a decline in meal selections and food quality; untrained waitstaff). Cleanliness of entry, elevators, hallways needs attention. Individual unit housekeeping is always a challenge, and I always have to clean my mother's patio and windows each visit. The facility is suffering from lack of management (no executive director for about a month) with employees scurrying around to fill in the gaps in a very unprofessional manner. All in all, and considering the staggering price tag of the unit, Sumter Grand is in need of a serious reevaluation by their owner - not the management company. Management continues to be unresponsive and unprofessional as noted in their most recent resident meeting June 27, 2019. Our loved ones deserve more!


Amazing bartender/ servers. Activities are fun.
BUT BEWARE: roaches everywhere in kitchen and bar area. Ive watched bartender try and try to keep things clean, yet fellow employees leave behind messes of their own after the fact. You can clearly see they are more worried about their marketing team and getting people in the door. Than they are about keeping current residents happy. The fact theat we pay so much to live here and half the time they are out of things that shouldnt even be an issue. Management needs to be management plain and simple. Ive seen mcdonalds run more smoothly.

Good, but transportation is required

Pros: Located in The Villages with many activities and beautiful location.
Cons: Most activities require a vehicle to get there. Events within the complex are not mentally stimulating. Unit was not cleaned well between tenants.

My father moved in!

We just moved my father into there a little over a month ago.
1. Overall the staff is very nice and generally accommodating 2. The food is terrific (watch out for the warm cookies in the afternoon you will get addicted)! 3. They definitely promote social activities.
When we moved my Dad in the room was absolutely atrocious. I had to removed rodent dropping from under the sink and there was a distinctive smell in the room. The carpet in the bedroom was supposed to be replaced due to heavy staining. During that first week I put in two work orders to at least have the carpet cleaned. My father has put in several as well. As of this writing it has not been cleaned or replaced!

All I Need Is Here

I am just fine being a resident of the community. Everything from the meals and activities have been very good. The cleanliness and staff are good too.