Sumter Place in the Villages - The Villages, FL

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Customer Reviews

Improvements made, happy parents

Ownership changed hands and new staff has been put in place over the summer. My parents are here and I live nearby. I am there at least twice a week. I see residents who really should be in a memory care unit instead of assisted living. If you want help showering, dressing or other, that costs extra. My parents love it there. They are busy all the time. The food is good. If a problem arises, all it takes is telling the staff and they take care of it.

You can't tell a book from it's Cover. Look Elsewhere

Who cares what someone thinks that toured this facility, the only reviews that count are those from individuals that live there or know of someone living here.
This is not a good place to put your loved one fi you want peace of mind. They do not take good care of the people living here. It really is appalling how my grandmother is treated here, she wore the same clothes for days and I finally figured out it was because she was sleeping in them because no one would help her change into her night clothes. When I helped her change her clothes were filled with dry dead skin. The attitude comes from the top down and none of the employees like working here. The head nurse never answers the phone or calls anyone back. When I mentioned this to the aides they just roll their eyes as to say that's the way it is around here. They employ some low intelligence wait staff in the dining room who are trying unsuccessfully to deal with seniors that aren't all that swift anymore, it's ridiculous. I'm looking for a new place where my grandma can be safe and receive the care that we expect and are paying for but she isn't receiving.

Poor care here

I agree with the other poor review. My relative is living here and they don't lend much assistance at all even though he needs help getting dressed and showering. I don't know if there are any senior assiisted living places that provide good care but this one certainly doesn't. I've spoken to other children of residents at Sumter Place and one hired additional outside help, one was moving their parent out of the facility and others were actively looking for a better solution since the care is so poor here.

Worth taking a look at

I liked this community when I visited. The staff I met there were friendly. This community is family owned and they seem to offer a lot of nice amenities. This looked like a nice well cared for community. This community just did not feel like the right fit for my loved one.

A good tour!

I had a good tour of Sumter Place in The Villages. The facility was very clean when I toured, and the lady that took me around was friendly and helped me with any questions. What I did no like was the size, it was a larger place and I wanted something a bit smaller for mom.

Not what it appears to be

My mother-in-law was there for 2.5 months. She had to wait a long time constantly for someone to come help her since she had limited abilities. Whether it was for the bathroom or getting dressed. They would not bath her which is included in their fees. She started having medical problems, infections due to not being kept clean. She end up being hospitalized. Do not go to this place. Looks don't mean a think because of a pretty building. Management is unorganized.

Nice Staff in this Community!!

I went on a tour here i was not very impressed. The set up of the community was not what i was looking for. The staff was nice and they did have different areas set up for all the different needs. I would recommend for for friends and family.

Happiest choice we could have made...

My husband and I were Villages residents for 10 years when he required more care and did not want aides coming and going and we chose assisted living for him I remained in our home and visited him every day . It was the most wonderful option we could hope for. He was there for 2 1/2 years. We were treated like family...he made friends... the food was WONDERFUL... the help treated him like they were his children...the residents were so friendly and everyone knew us. Every holiday was an occasion to celebrate. After 2 years when the memory care building opened he moved there. Some of the same residents he knew moved also and the food came from the main kitchen so it was familiar and good. His medical needs were tended to and there were lots of activities to keep busy with. I cannot understand the complaints I read from other people.

Child of unhappy residents

My parents live there now and are moving out! Very misleading to get you to move in. The food is terrible. The help is rude. Management needs some work. Many of the employees don't care about the residents. There a couple good workers Eddie and Marilyn, but they can't run the entire home. They run out of food constantly. The activities are slim pickings. Check out other places if you must be in a home. Too many broken promises. Too stressful to have to move in and out in such a short period of time. Seems like a high turn over of residence coming and going. DONT DO IT! You'll regret moving here.

Very Unorganized

Too big and too impersonal, and it didn't have memory care. I made appointment with gal and she never showed up. When I got there the woman that was at the desk showed us around and it was awful. The home itself wasn't that bad but it was so unorganized. I would never put my mother there.