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Customer Reviews

Good Care Given

My parents (mother & stepfather) have been at Summit View in Chattanooga for several years. I have never seen anything but a clean facility that is staffed with caring people. When my mother died, the staff was definitely supportive and concerned for my stepfather's welfare. I live several states away and the staff welcomes my calls to check on 'how are things going' and always takes as much time as needed to talk with me.
My visits are always unannounced and I never saw either unclean or with any signs of abuse or lack of care - my mother was incontinent and I never saw her soiled or their room unkempt. All of the other residents seem equally well cared for. 4-Stars because there is always room for improvement but I have no reservations about leaving my step-father in their care.


I have been to Summit View many times over the last few years visiting a resident there and I have never seen any of the things the other reviewers report. I have been very impressed with the staff, the activities, and the facilities. Go see for yourself.

Truly nasty place

This place is terrible! There's mold every where ceiling is falling in! If that's not enough there's cockroaches every where! Very nasty and trashy.The lady that gave us a tour was rude and very unprofessional!! The owners should be ashamed to call this place a business!! Please do not put any loved ones in here!! "This place definitely needs to be shut down"

Not good enough even for rats!

Do not put your loved ones in this place. Roach bugs, black mold, general nasty. You pay for house cleaning. - but never happens. When going by sat down on couch roach ran across dress.. Roaches so bad even in freezer.
In dining room anything you touch sticks to your hands never wipe down anything.
I have never seen such a disgrace!!
This place needs to be shut down

Repulsed by bugs

Have never been treated so poorly. Is this place seriously a business? They spoke to us as if we were speaking English for the first time. You know that voice where everything said is making you want to run the other way. During our tour there were noticeable live roach bugs as well as some in their artwork. The staff on the second floor where residents have help with daily activities seemed very over worked due to numerous residents in wheelchairs. [removed] Either way they don't have the proper equipment to aid these people and you can tell its overwhelming. You all need help on more then one level.

A joke of a staff

If you want a place for your loved one that drags them out of the bed at 5 am to get dressed for breakfast and sit in the hallway until 8 am when breakfast comes. That is if it isn't late because the chef is late every other day. If you want somewhere that your loved one is given medication and insulin injections by a staff member that is not certified in anyway except for a medical terminology course taught by the head nurse for 2 hours. If you want your loved one to be double diapered by the staff for their benefit. If you don't mind that your loved one is medicated at supper time and then one hour later they are given their night time medication. [removed]. [removed] 0 stars.