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Assisted Living in Tennessee

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Senior Living Communities and Care in Tennessee

It can be argued that Tennessee is America's voice. The roots of many of the country's music genres, like rock, rockabilly, country, and blues, can be directly traced to this state of some 6.5 million residents. And given the mix of nature and activities that exist within its borders, there is certainly a lot to sing about. It makes sense, then, that this Southern state would be recognized as a terrific place to consider for those that want to move to this part of the country. For seniors, the presence of the numerous senior living communities in the Volunteer State may make this type of consideration even more enticing.

A Glimpse of Tennessee

Tennessee was issued statehood in 1796, when it became the first territory under U.S. federal jurisdiction to be granted such a designation. It was a major battleground in the Civil War, and its role in the creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority helped to turn the economic tide during the Great Depression. Today, it is still known for being a major hub for electrical power and agriculture. It is also known as a state that is a bit economically friendly, as the state is one of seven states in the union that does not have any income tax.

One can make the assertion that Tennessee is somewhat centrally located; it long, east-west shape allows it to border eight states, tying Missouri for this distinction. What's more, it is said that roughly 50% of the country's population is within 600 miles of the state capital, Nashville. The lengthiness of the landscape enables Tennessee to have a diverse landscape. The eastern part of the state is dominated by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the middle segment sits on an elevated plain, and the western part of the state is highlighted by the Mississippi River and the furthest extension of the Mississippi delta.

The music scene that Tennessee helped fuel back in the day is still as strong as ever now. The state is the indisputable home of country music, and it continues to have a deep influence on the modern blues sound. Certainly, there are plenty of ways that people can explore the ways in which the state contributed to the sound of the nation within the 20th century. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is one of the most iconic music venues in North America, while Memphis is home to Elvis Presley's mansion Graceland and Beale Street, considered by many people to be where blues music got its birth.

Even if you're not into these musical genres, there are still plenty of exciting things to do throughout the state. Outdoor enthusiasts will note that part of the Appalachian Trail runs through Tennessee, and that the state is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which holds the distinction as being the most visited park in the country. The Volunteer State is also home to the famed Jack Daniel's Distillery, and the delta hub of Memphis is well-respected for its dynamic barbecue scene.

Information on Tennessee's Senior Living Facilities

In essence, Tennessee's senior living communities run under the guise of providing seniors with a dignified living space; one that works to encourage as much independence and freedom as possible so that they may live full and fulfilled lives. These fully accredited venues primarily accomplish this by allowing golden agers to live their lives as freely as possible without interfering on things unless it is absolutely medically necessary. However, if there is no urgent medical emergency present then they'll back off.

That's not to say that these highly accredited places are completely invisible. If anything, one of the strengths of these communities is that they encourage their residential seniors to get to know each other in a safe environment that organically enables peer-to-peer interaction to occur. This kind of engagement could potentially lead to the formation of friendships and the forging of important bonds - connections that could play key roles as a senior pursues an active lifestyle.

Living Life in Tennessee

Tennessee's status as a geographic hub has made it a relevant state, while its status as a place that is rich in history and uniquely American culture makes it one of the most reverent states out there. It is a place where golden agers can enjoy the joys of Southern living through nature, food, music, and other elements that have a unique regional flavor to them. And thanks to the senior living communities that exist within the state, the golden agers that do move here will have no problem experiencing all of the goodness that Tennessee has to offer.