Stoneridge Retirement Communit - Mystic, CT

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Customer Reviews

Best place for my father--wish we'd made the move sooner

Bottom Line: Moving my father to StoneRidge was the best possible decision we could have made. The whole process went as smoothly, quickly, and positively as possible--far better than I could have imagined. He now has wonderful friends, delicious food, and a fantastic range of activities, facilities, and support all a short walk away. Now that he's settled, I only wish we'd found StoneRidge sooner.

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People: The people set StoneRidge apart. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible each and every member of the staff has been. From the first conversation through to ongoing care and support, it's clear everyone wants to go above and beyond to help residents be at their best. This goes far past meeting basic needs and comforts.

In addition to the staff, I was blown away by how friendly, engaged and helpful other residents were to newcomers--and how many sharp, interesting, active people have opted in to the StoneRidge community. Staff and residents helped connect my father to others with shared interests. We were running into friendly faces in the halls and having genuinely fun and meaningful conversations over meals within days; in just a matter of weeks it started to feel like home.

Apartments and facilities: The facilities team were willing and able to make any customizations we requested to the apartment, meeting a very tight timeline and staying within our budget (note: my father has an incredibly extensive personal library he wanted to bring with him, so they installed beautiful, durable shelving from floor to ceiling to hold all the books that would not fit into bookcases).

All shared spaces are modern, clean, spacious and very well-maintained. They have a wide range of amenities: salt water pool, gym, library, computer lab, large auditorium for speakers, break out rooms for special events, salon, on-site health services (as well as Transportation services to help with groceries, doctor appointments, etc. off-site).

Food: Last but certainly not least, Richard and his dining team offer absolutely delicious food and impeccable service. I work in Food & Beverage and was very impressed with the high quality and variety of offerings. Most importantly, my father loves the food and is enjoying more vegetables (albeit as sides) than I've seen him eat in years!

We Love Living At StoneRidge

My wife and I have been residents of StoneRidge since August 2018. I require a motorized wheelchair and could no longer live in our home. We spent several years visiting most of the independent senior living facilities in CT before making our choice to move to StoneRidge. We are very pleased with our choice.

We have found the residents and staff here quickly made us feel at home. From the minute we arrived everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome and a part of the community. There were new resident orientations, dinners and many social events that helped us fit in. Residents come from a wide range of backgrounds and are intelligent and engaging. We are making many new friends.

We modified our apartment to facilitate my wheelchair and the StoneRidge staff assisted us in planning the construction. We used Caring Transitions to help us downsize, move and set up our new apartment. They eliminated most of the stress with our transition. There is a wonderful pool and gym with staff to keep us active. StoneRidge provides me local transportation with my motorized wheelchair which is a great service.

The food is wonderful. We have a choice of a full meal at lunch or dinner. Plus, a glass of wine or a beer. Our children and grandchildren love visiting us and using the craft room and pool. There are several guest apartments which are reasonably priced for our overnight guests. Mystic is a wonderful area with lots to do and everything is within 15 minutes by car.

Making the decision to leave a home of many years is difficult. In our case we feel we made the right choice to settle at StoneRidge.

How To Be the Favorite Child

If I told you there was a place for your parents to live out their retirement years that was in the country but a mall, a great grocery store, a movie theater and restaurants were within walking distance of active people...would you believe it? If I said the one meal provided a day was delicious and varied, the dining venues were attractive, the servers were hand picked to be friendly and helpful, would you scoff? If I said there was a concierge doctor on site, a 5 star nursing home under the same roof, a variety of options for help with aging and a fantastic , popular exercise program, would you begin to wonder where this place was? I haven't mentioned the residents who are extraordinarily friendly and welcoming, the staff which will know your parents names the first day they arrive and the available help with moving which will make the transition incredibly now..would you want to know its name? it is. STONERIDGE on Jerry Browne Rd in Mystic [removed] I have lived here 11 years and the day our son recommended we move here was the luckiest day of our lives. Come see for yourself. Your parents will think you are a genius and be forever grateful.

Location, location, Location!

If location, location, and location mean anything, StoneRidge should be at the top of the list. Mystic CT is both culturally and recreation-ally rich beyond measure. The best part is that once you move into this friendly community, and ditch all the cares of home ownership, like mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, doing dishes, you actually have time to enjoy all the amenities. It is right off Route 95 so your friends and family can find you with ease, and join in on the fun. It is especially great for grandkids with both the Seaport Museum and the Aquarium right around the corner.

It's the People

When prospective residents initially visit here the most important part of their visit is not the tour, a delicious made from scratch meal in the dining room, or seeing the wide variety of activities - it is the opportunity to mingle with those of us who live here and love it here. We are a group of people from varied geographical and career backgrounds. There is a wonderful chemistry here not only among the residents, but also among the staff and residents. A very comfortable and interesting environment. While the facilities and services are impressive, it is the residents and staff that have made our decision to be here the correct one.
The emphasis on fitness and wellness is very strong and draws a large number of us into various programs and activities.

We have just completed our fourth year here at StoneRidge and are very active and happy.

A Perfect Retirement Place - especially for those who enjoy living near the ocean

We have lived at StoneRidge for 4 years in April! Health issues for one of us required that we move from our 2-story condo with 2 levels of stairs, and, after visiting a few other places in the area AND, having a friend introduce us to StoneRidge , we "took the plunge" and it was the BEST THING that could have happened to us. The one with health issues has made a remarkable recovery from the main issue (still has a few health issues BUT marvelous improvement)! The 3x/week exercise classes have been a BIG reason for the recovery BUT... all of the other activities that we have & the fact that we have weekly housekeeping, laundry services, no longer HAVE to cook our main meal of the day (wonderful chefs & several meal choices every day) AND have FABULOUS "ENTERTAINMENT" brought to us by our remarkable "activities" folks - have all made StoneRidge a wonderful place to live. We became familiar with this kind of living when one set of parents lived in one in MA for many years. Since we had retired to Groton, we wanted to stay in the area where most of our friends are, and STONERIDGE FIT THE BILL!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!