Somerset Woods Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Somerset, NJ

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  • Recreational & Social Activities
  • 3 Balanced Meals and Snacks Per Day
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Laundry
  • Religious Services
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Behavioral Psychiatrist Available
  • Diabetic Insulin Management
  • Pain Management
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care / VAC
  • Ostomy Care
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Dentist Available
  • Onsite Laboratory and X-ray

Customer Reviews

Review of Somerset Woods

Everyone is wonderful. Everyone is very nice and caring. The meals are fine. My loved one was a little upset with the care on his bottom. He needs a little more sanitary cleaning. That was only one little issue. The facility is clean. He knocks things over getting out of bed, but it is clean. They are not too good with communication. They do not call if there is a health issue. The nurse said they should call of any changes in his health. The LPN is very caring and attentive. Some nurses ask if my loved one needs his pain medication, and others do not ask him.

Review of Somerset Woods

The service could have been a little quicker. They had very good rehab services. The nurses were all great. The aides were good. The staff was very friendly. We had to ask for the room to be cleaned. The microwave was filthy. The meals were very bad. The communication was very good. The social worker was very good.

Review of Somerset Woods

Everything seemed fine. It was very clean and nice. They were really good about informing me. Someone called last night about him going to the hospital, and she was really sweet and on top of it. My loved one wound up on the floor a couple of times in the middle of the night.

Review of Somerset Woods

My mom's therapy is going well. The staff have been amazing to my mom and me. They work around her schedule and the family's time. When my mom needs assistance, it takes a little bit longer for them to get to her room and ask her what's going on. It's not terrible. The cleanliness is not too bad. It took two to three days days for a housekeeper. The floors were dirty. The next day, it was done. They've been on top of it since then. Every time I go in, they always tell me what's going on.

Review of Somerset Woods

Sometimes they are understaffed. The nurses seem to know what they are doing. Some of the aides are not reading the charts. My loved one never gets the food she orders. I have to go and ask the nurse for information.

Review of Somerset Woods

The nursing supervisor and director are not on top of things. They need to call the family if the patient has an issue or asks them to do something. They just ignore him. He asked for his treatment and the nurse just ignored him, even though it was ordered by the hospital. I called the director and spoke to him about it, and that same day he still had the same nurse! They need to keep in mind that not all of their patients have dementia. Some are completely capable of speaking for themselves! The therapy seems pretty good. Some nurses need raises, and some need to get their act together. All the staff are very polite. It is very clean. The meals can be improved. They don't keep me informed.

The attentiveness and the food are the best parts. The staff is very attentive. My loved one enjoys the meals, especially the dinners. Therapy is going good, at first it wasn't so great.

I would recommend Somerset Woods.

If I could give a 6, I would. I am very happy with everything and everyone there. My loved one does rehab every day and I've noticed improvement in her. They give good reports about how's she's doing. They give the correct meals according to her diet and it's very healthy. She eats better there than she has in two years.

The staff was very helpful and friendly. They kept her clean and the room clean. For the care that they did give, it was overall good, but I don’t think they are equipped to deal with my mom’s behavior issues. Every day they would let me know what they did with my mom. They had family meetings to discuss how they can work with her and what they need to do about her combative behavior. She was not able to eat the food too much. The selection was okay, they had something different for everyday. I tasted the food and it was not too great. The type of foods that they were giving her had a lot of starch and didn't seem to be very healthy.

It was very clean. I was kept very aware of how things were going. They were very accommodating with the meals and brought her something else when she wanted it, but the food was still terrible.

I would recommend it for the rehab therapy. That has been very helpful. The food is really bad and some of the aides aren't helpful. The nurses are great but the aides are not. The facility is almost new so everything is great, but the microwave is really dirty. My loved one didn't really care for the food. They didn't give him what he requested. They gave him expired fruit that should have been thrown out. He requested tea and they gave him coffee.

I wish my loved one was getting more therapy. They are good about calling me when she has a problem. She is a fussy eater and I have to bring food in for her.

Everyone has been very helpful and very nice to my mom. They are very good at keeping me informed. They are always there to answer my questions. They are good at including me in the care meetings. I haven't heard my mom complain about anyone being mean to her. My mom has not been getting out of her room to eat, but the meals seem to be okay. I have been there twice on the weekend, and the bathroom hasn't been as clean as it should have been. The floor in the shower seems to get gross around a barrier that keeps the water from going out.

The facility is brand new and beautiful, but communication from them was not very good. He wasn't eating the food that they were giving him and no one was ever notified about him not eating. There were times where my loved one was not changed into his day clothes, he was still in his night clothes at 1:30 p.m.

Brand New Community

My sister is doing about as good as she can with her dementia being here. She doesn't want to be here she would rather go home but that is not possible. She is choosing not do any of the activities they offer. She feels that she has no one to talk to due to the advanced dementia residents on the floor. She doesn't go down to the dining area.When she eats she doesn't like it but I'm sure it is good. The staff is very kind and patient.I feel that being still new they might be understaffed.

Had complaints first week. seems to have improved.

Don't be afraid to complain. Service for mom was very slow. Had meeting. Much improved. She loves the food. Says the aides and nurses are nice.

Would like to see chair exercise every week day.

I would recommend Somerset Woods Rehabilitation & Nursing Center to a friend.

They are excellent about letting me know what is going on. I especially want to thank the Director of Admissions. She is extraordinary and very helpful. He enjoys his meals they are good.

So far it’s been very good!

They are very accommodating during this stressful time. Everyone there is wonderful. My father looks forward to meal time. The doctors talk to me about how he's doing often.

Everything was great while my sister was here! The nursing staff was good with the exception of a few individuals. The food was great and the community was beautiful. They could work on their communication skills a little more. It's very close to where I live so hopefully when I’m older I can go there.

I would recommend Somerset Woods Rehabilitation & Nursing Center to a friend or a family member!

The therapy is defiantly a high score. It’s understandable my mother’s clothing got lost, but they still have not replaced it. Certain CNA's don’t smile. I go in smiling and sometimes I don't get a response. I know they are maybe lacking in staff as it is a newer place and they're overwhelmed. They could use some work on communication.

The therapy is helping and she really enjoys it. They are always cleaning. If I asked them for anything, they would have an answer for me right away.

Rehab is going very well. They take good care of her, they don't come around as often, but they do what they can. It was clean when she came back from the hospital, but it had gotten cluttered and she started to clean the room herself. She had problems swallowing and they were giving her pureed food. Now she can swallow, but they still haven’t given her solid food even though she has asked for it. They call me when there is problem or something needs to be addressed.

It wasn't a gratifying experience for us. My wife and I both came out with pneumonia before leaving this place.

They are doing a very good job motivating her. She is exercising every day and walking again. The nurses attend to her needs. They just don't come soon enough when she rings the buzzer. It worries me because she could fall and it would take 30 minutes for them come to her room and find her. It's brand new so it's nice but the housekeeping can do a better job. Every time I visit there is tissue on the floor and they don't sweep or mop. The food is cold and they don't assist her with eating. She has cataracts and cannot see very well. She needs someone to feed her because she cannot do it herself. Every time I visit she is sad and upset. She rings the buzzer and they don't come to change her. They are caring for her but they cannot care for her the way she needs to be cared for. When I bring up issues they are friendly and try to resolve the issues I bring up. It just upsets me because she needs more help. They need more people, there is one lady who I have seen doing five things at once. They are improving but at this point I would not recommend them until they resolve their issues.

The therapy was good. My mother did not have a good experience with them and neither did I. My mother got scabies here and they tried to convince me that she did not get it in here. This was a brand new community so we thought it would work out. They are really understaffed. The therapists were phenomenal and they were friendly and they made my mom feel great. The nurses did not have my mother’s orders ready nor did they know what was going on with my mom. There were some staff that was friendly and nice and then there were others that you could tell did not want to be there. Mom got scabies from the room being so dirty. The food was really bland it's like hospital food. There was so many times that we would ask questions and all we would get were we will get to it. No one ever told us anything.

From the Office

Somerset Woods is committed to providing the best ambience, service, therapies, and activities we can to make our residents’ time with us both productive and enjoyable. Every aspect of our newly constructed facility was carefully designed to provide the very best in comfort, care, and recovery for each and every resident. We offer a full suite of physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies, as well as 24-hour skilled nursing care all geared toward residents recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Each resident benefits from personalized plans for treatment, diet, and recreation, optimized to account for their physical needs and their personal preferences.