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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

Top notch experience

We were limited by resources and time when looking for a place for my 63 year old brother
We met with [name removed] and toured the place without [name removed] and then with him. I was concerned that it would not work for him. He was coming here after a 35 day hospital stay and 25 more days of rehab.
We have [name removed] as home health aid who is fabulous and affordable checking on him twice daily. The Apartment is beautiful. The maintenance staff including weekly Housekeeping is great. I’m here quite often to visit and haven’t seen my brother this happy in years and years.

Mom's Great Care and comfort

The care at this community for my mom. The staff are nice and caring and very attentive to her needs. I like to see that the other residents are happy. My mom is very happy with the caretakers that are so helpful. She is happy there and that makes me know she is getting great care. We would recommend this community for the care of a loved one.

Pretty good place, and staff. For our needs, I feel my parents need more care than the " independent living" provides.

Great place

Great facility for independent living. Friendly and responsive staff and residents. Clean building and many services including local transportation,attractive grounds best value in the state.

Mom is happy to be here.

Mom truly enjoys living at this community. She has made friends. The food is adequate and they have plenty of activities. The staff in general do a good job. There are some things I wish they were a little more attentive to. All in all I would give them a B plus. The community is very clean it is like being at a hotel suite and going down to a beautiful dining area. The community is inviting and I have already recommended it.

Horrible food!

I do like the community so far. The staff does help out as much as they can. I also like that they provide transportation to the store and certain doctor's offices. The only thing that I do not like is the food. They never give you what the menu has on it and it is cold, nasty, and no flavor. Also we can not have salt and they keep giving it to us.

Must see

Very clean, varried activities, very active fun place to live.

Windham Falls Estates - A Critical Evaluation

As a resident of over three years (Oct 2013-Dec 2016), if I were to be asked what was my basic objection to living in WFE, I would express the matter this way: the expensive and ever increasing rent I was obligated to pay was inordinately disproportional to the consistently poor quality of services I received in return and discordant with the highly unpleasant living environment I was forced to endure there.

As a prime example of the former, let me point to the meals. These are rigidly regimented to coincide with certain hours of the day. The food at lunch and dinner is far too often substandard in quality and lacking in savor. Because of the large throng of people filling the dining room, combined with a chronic shortage (and rapid turn-over) of staff, service is frequently at an excruciatingly slow pace.

The second aspect of my grievance is illustrated in the following. Not wishing to make waves or admit openly that some tenants pose a threat to others, management does little if anything to address the problem, and thus winds up in effect protecting those who are a menace to the community. [removed]. Despite my complaints, neither the corporate office nor onsite management communicated to me what its officials proposed to do in response to such grossly offensive behavior. Guaranteeing the safety and well-being of residents apparently does not rank very high in the order of priorities of the Holiday senior communities.

I must also mention some of the more prominent affronts that continually assault the senses here--the recurrent pet defecations outside the building, the rank, foul-smelling hallways, in constant need of fumigation, emanating from rank, foul-smelling apartments, urine-tainted and smelly seats in the dining room and in the shuttle bus. The list goes on.

The population of Windham Falls is now largely composed of aging, wizened, and enfeebled semi-invalids who require, as the case may be, aides, walkers, or wheelchairs as supports to live. All those not totally incapacitated or in a complete state of dotage may apply for admission. A good part of the younger retirees (like myself) who once resided here have since decamped for more congenial living quarters elsewhere. But if the reader still remains interested in becoming a resident, falls under the above described categories, and is willing to overlook or ignore the facility's many flaws and defects, then this is just the place for you. If not, then you should give it a wide berth and seek your abode in some other setting and locale.

Holiday Retirement

Local Representative

Hello, my name is Katie and I'd like to thank you for reaching out and sharing this very honest feedback with us. We are very sorry to hear this was your experience and opinion of our community, but truly value and appreciate the feedback you have provided - and would like to thank you for taking the time to provide it. We are committed to improving, and invite you to share any additional detail you may wish to share or provide with us directly at [removed], or by writing at [removed]. We love what we do, and continually seek to learn and grow so we can improve our level of service even further. Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity - we hope to hear from you soon!

Love everything about this facility

It has been one month since mom moved. She is adjusting well with the help of the wonderful staff at Windham Falls Estates. It is comforting to know she is safe!

We are extremely satisfied.

We are extremely satisfied. The Windham Falls Estates is a wonderful place for seniors to live independently. The food is excellent. The staff and residents are caring and friendly. It's a very caring community with nice people. The value is excellent. I would rate the value six stars if I could. We are just extremely satisfied with the Windham Falls Estates. It has been a really good experience. Five Stars.

Very nice place!

I think they do a very good job at Windham Falls Estates, I would give them high marks across the board. It is a nice looking, clean community, and the staff are friendly and do a great job looking out for the people who live here. We are very pleased by the experience overall!

nice place

everyone is very friendly and helpful.the apartments are very nice for the price.its convientley located.Everything is nearby.Fort hill pharmacy delivers medications for free.My only complaint is it takes forever to be served food in the dining room.Its not uncommon to spend 2 hours for the main meal at noon.

Good, with some criticism

I placed a conserved client at WFE. I have talked to other lawyers who have also placed clients there and all had nothing but great things to say. I don't have enough experience yet to really give a thorough rating analysis. the only glitch was with my client's pet; when I agreed to rent an apt, it was clearly understood that my client had some mental problems. I was assured that it was not a problem and that with the extra $25, she could have her cat.

On the day I was moving the cat into the apt, the manager of WFE called to tell me that because of my client's particular illness, she could not have her cat, and he was of impression the rent we had paid did not include a pet fee. Of course, I was very annoyed and upset because I had assured my client that she could have her beloved cat. I was ready to move my client out of the apartment and sue for damages. I could not bare to have told my client that she could NOT have her cat afterall. As you know, when someone is old, or ill, or both, their pets are sometimes their lifelines to sanity. The manager did call me back stating that he had spoken to someone higher up and the cat would not be a problem as long as I had ample outside help coming in to watch over my client and her cat. This still stings with me.

It's a great place.

They provide three meals a day and have a service bar that offers hot drinks and water or lemonade and snacks. They have a slew of activities going on, if I didn't have my own house I would want to live there. They have movie night and bingo and puzzles and crafts, and once a month they even have a themed luncheon. It's a great place. I chose it based on the affordability, the geographic location, and the services offered. The apartments are really nice and cute, and they have a bright cheery atmosphere. The sales team was very helpful. Sometimes there are maintenance things like upkeep that could be done, but I don't think in the spectrum of things that is a very big thing. The managers are always there helping out. They live right on site and are kind of the trouble shooters for the community. There was no waiting list. Everything is included, meals, special activities, rides to the docter, the grocery store, and even scenic drives. It's situated where you drive over a beautiful reservoir, it looks rural with lots of trees in the area. They have a carport to keep your car under the shelter.

Mixed Feelings

It seems to be a nice place. On the good side, there are residents there all the time. It's all independent living, not cared living. They do provide three meals a day. They try to have activities, but it seems like a lot of the time they are a bust. On the bad side, the staff has changed out. There are only a couple of staff members that have been there the four months that my mom has been there. Tons of manager turnover. That kind of surprised me. They use a pressure sales tactic to get people to move in and I am sure there is some sort of commission thing that goes on, so the staff doesn't last. The other thing is that her apartment is very small, about 600 sq feet, and she pays about 2200 a month in rent which includes electricity and cable but not care. On top of that, my understanding is that they raise the rent every year. As far as what my mom has said, she doesn't really want to move out, but it drives her nuts being there because everyone that stays during the day is in wheelchairs or has dementia. All of the active people leave during the day. My mom can't drive, so she feels stuck. She doesn't really have the social life that she had hoped for. For extra help, you can hire Visiting Angels, and I think they have an office in the building, if you want to pay extra for that. The other thing that is kind of nice is because the unit is in Groton, Groton has a really, really nice senior center. A bus comes and takes people to the senior center, but the catch is that you have to be able to walk. My mom uses a walker so she can't get up the steps on the bus. If you could walk, that would be a huge perk. She has a one year lease where they can't raise the rent, but she can walk away any time. She had to pay a month's rent in advance.

From the Community

Solstice Senior Living provides a fulfilling, independent lifestyle in a welcoming environment.

Situated on beautifully landscaped grounds in a quiet community on Long Island Sound, you’ll love the tasteful elegance of our facilities while enjoying the convenience of living in the heart of it all. We’re just minutes from shopping, dining, healthcare and wonderful regional attractions.

Our all-inclusive month-to-month rent covers:
- Three delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals from scratch
- A variety of enriching activities
- Weekly housekeeping and linen service
- Transportation
- Most utilities

Friends in 300 places
Solstice Senior Living offers our residents a one-of-a-kind travel program that invites you to stay up to seven nights per visit at most of our more than 300 independent living communities across the United States and Canada, where you’ll enjoy a comfortable guest room, all your meals, shuttle service, and participation in all programs and activities, at no additional expense.

Built with your comfort and safety in mind
Our easy-to-maneuver floor plans are ideal for seniors and all apartments have emergency pull cords. Our 24/7 dedicated live-in managers provide an additional level of comfort. We understand that each individual is unique and that needs may change over time. Solstice Senior Living does not provide any health care services. Residents are welcome to use outside home health care options that may enable them to continue enjoying life at our community.

Our live-in managers are dedicated to making your life with us a truly special experience, and we look forward to meeting you.

Call today to schedule your personal tour and learn more about joining our family!