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My primary motivation for writing this is the bad reviews I've read on this site. I placed my mother there about 2 years ago. First none of these type of facilities are perfect, but I feel they do a good job and I would give them a B. The food is good (I've eaten there many times) and tenants and their guests all order from a menu. They will serve you in the dinning room or a private family dinning room. Guests are $10 each. [Name removed] (the chief) is open to new recipes and once a month the staff has a dinning meeting with the tenants to find out what types of meals they would like to have. There are numerous events on site and excursions to many locations for those that want to go. I've have found the staff to be responsive, courteous and professional at all times. The nursing staff is usually one step ahead of me. I demand good service and am willing to pay for it. Try and find something better.

Katie McHale

Local Representative

Hi Dennis, thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic review. We are glad that Skyline Place has met your expectations so far and are delighted that you enjoy the food. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us either by Facebook message or phone. Thank you again, Dennis, and have a great day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

This place sucks!

My mom has been living at Skyline Place Independent Living for over 3 years. We will be moving her ASAP. They are understaffed and can't perform simple tasks such as checking on her in the morning and taking out her Depends. Because of this, her apartment smells like a cat lady lives there and it is uninhabitable. I have left message after message for [Removed] who is in charge of this but she never calls me back and when I do get through to her she tells me she didn't get the message. It's gotten to where I have to tell the person taking the message, that if she doesn't get it, they will be blamed. I have had to call and bitch at them every day to check on her and take out her Depends, and she is paying extra for this service. I have reported them to Ombudsmen and her case is being reported to the state. This place sucks and no elderly person should have to be subjected to this disregard of their needs.

Friendly staff and very helpful

At first my mother-in-law was having some trouble transitioning but she seems to be adjusting well. She is starting to get more involved in activities.She loves the food here.The family is very pleased with the community. It's a very nice place and the staff is very friendly. Her housekeepers come in once a month to change her bed linens and once a week to clean her studio apartment. The staff is very friendly and on top of things.She has locked herself out of her apartment a few times and they are always willing to let her in.She also forgotten her walker and they let her borrow one when she gets downstairs. I would recommend this community to anyone and I've also talked to families of residents there and they agree.

My mom is unhappy with this community.

This community is clean. they do not have any activities for my mom to be involved in. The food is terrible and they do not offer it to families on visits. His mom is complaining on the food that is not acceptable. There is no hot water for the tea. . Kitchen is not open between meals. No coffee available when needed. Lunch was brought to the room on a family visit, My mom is on a low salt diet and they brought her potatoe chips. Staff is friendly. Second floor is quiet. Having to bring in meals on wheels 5 days a week. Dining area has other residents with dementia throwing plates. Will be moving his mom very soon. Not getting what he is paying for. Very unhappy with this community.

Marvelous facility

The times I have been there it has been great. The food is marvelous. Great facility. We have no complaints, we absolutely love it there.

Bad experience

This is the 2nd review I have written. Skyline from visual appearance is a beautiful place clean and friendly. However, very expensive. but more concerning I have some unresolved issues with them. First they have a [removed] problem with the staff. [removed]. this issue was reported to the administrator almost three months ago and there has been no resolution to the problem. Also my father had shortness of breath on the 17th of July he pushed his alert button several times no response. He started yelling for help and hour passed before the staff assisted him and he was transported to the hospital. This happen at 10;30 pm. When he was released from the hospital on the 24th the case worker called for transport back to skyline no transport was provided.

I am happier here so far than anywhere else I have been yet.

So far so good. I am happier here so far than anywhere else I have been yet. I have no major complaints at this time. It's only been a little more than a month, so at this point they are getting a conservative four, but if they keep it up in the next couple of months, that would be a five.

I am not usually a negative person, but I have been so frustrated with Skyline Place. My parents have been residents there for 1 1/2 years. The positive is that most of the workers are kind and gentle. My biggest complaints are the poor communication and the constantly increasing cost. The director is slow to address/resolve concerns. We have trouble getting packages delivered to the correct room (three incidents)and getting requested services (bathing) to happen when scheduled. Some services that were originally offered have been reneged with no reduction in monthly fee. The meals, that a year and a half ago were fantastic, are now and have been medicore for months. Our biggest problem is that we really don't have much, if any, choice of assisted care in the area. I really won't and can't recommend Skyline to anyone who asks.

Extremely expensive! They charge you for everything from bringing up a tray, to using a wheelchair, to helping get dressed, all above and beyond the basic cost which has gone up twice in the last year. The base cost was to be about $4,300. It is now well over $6,000!

A very nice place, however ...

A very nice place, however it is very large and the cost is far above what my brother can afford. 4 star