Silverleaf Senior Living - Atlanta, GA

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Customer Reviews

I can't believe you allow this place to be listed. The fact that you do makes me wonder if you visit places. If not, why would I continue to use "A Place for Mom"?


They have yet to convert or renovate anything. I have a friend living there and no one cleans her room. The conditions are deplorable. She fell and called for help and no one would assist her. Who would move someone into a hotel that is supposed to be converted into a senior living facility rather than wait until it is actually converted and legit. She has been there for months and nothing has changed thus far.

Still being renovated

This community is brand new in the sense that it’s being converted from a hotel into an assisted living facility. Part of the building still operates as a hotel while it’s being converted and so far there only 3 residents. There aren’t many people that work here yet, but the staff that does work here are good. They haven’t started serving food yet either. The owner is going to hire a chef but wants to wait for more residents to move in, so for now we have small kitchen appliances available to us. They’re renovating the rooms, too, so those will include kitchenettes and a sink. There is an activity center with games and they’ll be bringing on a teacher that will come and do the activities with us, but for now we all just sort of hang out in our rooms. It isn’t a bad place to live, they’re just in the middle of getting started.

worth checking in person