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While the adventure of reconciling my mother’s stroke has presented numerous challenges, her care and conditions at Sienna at Otay Ranch have been a welcome respite. The sales person and ED were kind and not at all pushy during intake, and really care about the residents. As the facility is still relatively new, and yet to be filled, they continue to evolve to service the residents, recently hiring a new director of health and welfare for additional support. They purchased their first Hoyer lift for my mother, and trained the staff so that she could be taken out of bed every day. Most recently she was having some chest and urinary pain that turned out not to be serious, but the new care manager handled the episode before, during, and after her return from the hospital with aplomb.
Mom is still getting used to the larger reality of her condition, which is not always easy, but I feel good about her care, and confident about a sense of ethics and commitment that Sienna has demonstrated.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to rate Sienna at Otay Ranch four-and-a-half stars. We would not be the community that we are without the members of our community leadership team. It is an honor to have you and your mother as a part of our community. If you need anything from us, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us on Facebook, phone, or in person. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

Sienna at Otay's new home.

I was very impressed when we had a tour of Sienna at Otay Ranch while it was under construction. The sales staff was extremely accommodating and the whole administrative team went out of their way to meet with me and my sister to answer all our questions. Their excitement about what they had planned at Sienna, and the genuine concern and compassion about our emotional struggles with Dad transitioning to assisted living were what helped us make our final decision. Although It meant that we had to delay (by about a month) getting Dad moved from home with round the clock companions into his new apartment, it was definitely worth the wait.
His apartment is very spacious, and well laid out. Safety was definitely a strong point in the planning stages. Upon entry, there's a kitchenette with a large refrigerator and microwave and room for a small table and chairs. His living room is just beyond the kitchenette and his love seat, end tables, coffee table and TV console fit there quite nicely. His bedroom is through a doorway from the LR and accommodates a double bed, dresser, night stand and comfy recliner. A short hallway leading to the bathroom houses two large closets on either side. The walk-in shower is large with plenty of grab bars. Another grab bar extends along the back wall to the toilet. An emergency call unit is on that wall as well. There's a large linen cabinet in the bathroom along with a sink and vanity with storage and drawers. Dad wears a wristband emergency call device as well, provided by community.
Dad loves having his privacy yet knows that assistance is close by. In fact he loves when his doorbell rings and his care partners check to see how he's doing. At Sienna they have a unique point system where dad is evaluated for how much care he will require and based on that, he pays for the care he needs. It's all individualized per resident.
We are so thankful that the fears we had about dad adjusting to assisted living have completely disappeared. He's been at Sienna for a month now. (He was one of the first residents to move in!). He adores the staff, participates in all the activities and has made many friends among the other residents who have moved in. Every time we visit him he is smiling. When we took him to Sienna for a tour the first time, after it's completion, he looked around and at first all he could say was "Wow!" Later he said to us, "What did I do to deserve this?" First of all, the place is gorgeous. It's lobby rivals that of a first class hotel. The décor is stunning, and the common areas, such as the theater, library, gym, salon and other gathering spots are very inviting.
Being one of the first to reserve space for our loved one, we were able to choose the apartment for Dad, a great 1 bedroom space, located on the first floor and overlooking the courtyard. It's absolutely beautiful and the exceptional assistance offered by the staff getting all of dad's things moved in and cable TV set up etc. was as unexpected as it was amazingly helpful.
I believe that the amazing support for residents and their families extended by each and every employee is directly related to the executive director and his leadership. [Name removed] has been in the industry for 12 years and you can sense his dedication and commitment to making Sienna at Otay Ranch the gold standard in the industry. His excitement about what his vision is for this community and the caring he exhibits for these residents is compelling and you just know that your loved one is in the best of hands. It's heartwarming when you watch him interact with each resident and witness the care and respectful attention he offers to each individual.
Since moving in, Dad has enjoyed several outings, (the driver of the Sienna transport vehicles is an experienced senior community driver and totally dedicated to finding great places and events to bring the residents to see and enjoy).
Dad really looks forward to his meals in the "all-day" dining room; they are high quality, nutritious and planned and prepared by [name removed], a wonderful chef, recruited from the high-end restaurant industry.
The activities director is a charming, high-energy and gracious woman who's background is in education. Her patience, warmth and compassion have made her one of Dad's favorite people in the short time he's been at Sienna. Dad has Parkinson's dementia and it's difficult for him to find the right words to express himself much of the time which makes it very frustrating for him. With [name removed] and the care team at Sienna, Dad has no problem speaking up, knowing that what he has to say matters to them and they'll give him the time and attention he needs to say what's on his mind.
Another of Dad's favorite people is [name removed], the Wellness Director. She was the first person he met from Sienna when she came to his home for his pre-admission assessment. [Name removed] is as knowledgeable as she is fun and relates perfectly with dad who loves to tease a little and enjoys a good laugh. Her influence and knowledge has enabled us to feel secure in allowing the house MD at Sienna to assume Dad's medical care from his long time primary care physician. Even though dad still lives close enough to remain in the care of his former physicians (primary MD, cardiologist, dermatologist, urologist, neurologist, optometrist, podiatrist) the care connections that Sienna is providing for it's residents will enable Dad to receive all of his medical care at Sienna by [name removed], the medical director, and by visiting specialists contracting with Sienna. All care is available under one roof! No transportation to appointments! Providers will have access to Dad's full medical record and be able to consult with each other and coordinate Dad's care among them.
Although Dad qualified for the assisted living area of Sienna at Otay Ranch, we know that over time Dad's dementia will progress and his care needs will increase until the time comes when it will no longer be safe for him to remain in assisted living. That's why we're so grateful that Sienna has Memory Care and that [name removed] is the Director of that department. Although Dad doesn't come into contact with [name removed] much at this time, I personally got to know [name removed] very well during Dad's pre admission when I was actively involved with his move and making frequent visits to Sienna. [Name removed] is a salt of the earth type of person, someone you immediately click with and get a sense of comfort and support from. She, like all the admin staff at Sienna, exude that amazing combination of professionalism and likeable personality which makes them so approachable and easy to communicate with. And like all the staff at Sienna, she truly loves what she does and it shows.
I'm thrilled that Sienna was one of the recommendations provided to us by your service. And we will be forever grateful that "A Place for Mom" helped us find the best place for Dad we could ever have hoped for.