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uncaring, unsanitery,

A dear friend of mine was sent there from the hospital so he could receive a drip IV for an infection on/around the heart. He has been there about one month, the floors are covered with so much dirt, I took my foot and drug it across the floor and I saw in shock on all the dirt that pilled up, the straw and needles caps that was there two weeks ago was still there. He had a wound when he first came there that continued to bleed, It took over an hour and me making 3 trips to the station to say Ha, can we doing something about the bleeding. the bandage the put on is still on it and it has been a month, it has never been changed,. there is NO hot water or even warm water after having it on for about 20 min, If any longer it will run all over the floor cause the sink will not drain. every time I go to visit I find his pee bottle full, dirty cups, and silverware all over, these item have been there for some time because the food on them is crusted to them. they are not made to shower or change the pjs or under ware. if they refuse it's just logged and they show no care for there hygene. we had to demand that the sheet be change , there was blood on them from several days a go. when asked for them to change them as with everything else, Its not my job, but I will tell someone that you asked. How can anyone get well in a place that is so dirty??????? I can't wait to get him out of this place!!!!!!!!!!!

Kindred was not great. They are suppo...

Kindred was not great. They are supposed to have such good care but their nursing care is spread very very thin. If you turn on your light someone will be there in like 2 min, but if you need a nurse for pain meds or something it can take over an hour. The physical therapy was very good though. The two or three times she was able to coordinate her pain meds with the therapist it was quite good. The communication between the nurses and the staff is not very good. They marked her being in pain because medication was not given in time to be able to be able to move and participate, as a refusal of therapy. If therapy is "refused" three times they cut it off completely. The ratio of LPN's to CNA's is not adequate. I got a very condescending attitude from the staff. She said the food was horrible, I tasted it once and it seemed ok, but overly salted. If you are going there and you don't have medication needs you will do fine because the CNA's are superb. I didn't feel that the nurses didn't care, they just seemed harried. They definitely need more staff. I also found it very concernting that they didn't make her do a T.B. test, they just charted that she refused.

Supportive People

My dad is there. Overall I really like them a lot. We've had a few things happen but there are always the kinks you have to work out and we're getting them worked out. Overall, the nurses are just wonderful and everybody has been just so supportive. We're getting things worked out.