Shelby Gardens Place - Cordova, TN

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  • Hospice Available
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Pets Allowed
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite
  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents

Customer Reviews

Would definitely recommend

My family moved moved my aunt here and she absolutely loves it! [Name removed], the activities director, is a God sent! She is amazing with everyone. The food is also very good. I would definitely recommend this facility!

I found Shelby Gardens smelling and looking clean. Staff was attentive, caring and welcoming. I loved that they didn’t have a lot of residents, only 25 beds in the Memory Care facility. Residents seemed happy. We were impressed with the facility overall.

Enlivant Marketing

Local Representative

Thanks so much for your kind review. We're glad the compassion we have for our residents resonated with you. Let us know if you have any questions!

Great experience!

My father lived here 6 years and we were always happy with the care he received. The facilities are always clean and they have recently updated the facility. This past weekend, my family was with my father when he passed away. The nurses and caregivers were amazing and the staff who stopped by to care for us and our family went above and beyond. You could just sense the "team" atmosphere among the staff there. Everyone communicated with each other and took pride in their roles. The day after my father passed, we ran into a young man who was collecting trash and told him about my father; he was so mature and kind in his response. He recalled the special bond he had with my father.
The director at Shelby Gardens Place is a first-class leader of that team. My mother has interacted with her the most and has been impressed with her communication skills and responsiveness. She impressed me when she recounted a short period of time when the ice maker was being repaired and my dad wanted ice. This director picked up ice for him on the way to work on the days the ice maker was not working. Above and beyond!!!

Very pleased!

Fabulous place. Small and home like, friendly, and extremely clean. Very caring staff. There a lot of options in the Memphis area but you wont be sorry selecting this place. My mom loves it! Her favorite things are the flower arranging they do every week and the Friday trips out. She loves the doctor that sees her there too.

Very Pleased!

We toured several facilities before deciding on Shelby Gardens Place for our Mom. We liked the convenient location and the building being situated away from the street. The large covered front porch with ceiling fans, rocking chairs, and patio furniture is very inviting. The staff and residents are friendly and helpful. There is a variety of entertainment and activities available to residents. There have been recent renovations made that are very nice. We have been very pleased with the choice we made.

Well cared for patients

Great nursing staff. Everyone seems happy here. The patients look clean and well cared for. It does seem a bit pricey for the size of the apartments though.

Great Activities Program

Moved our grandmother here because of the Activity Director [Name removed]. She is so good with all the residents. She takes time to go above and beyond to meet their needs. Our previous community was just not the same without her.

Great community!

Impressed with the staff at this community. They really care about the residents.

Friendly staff!

Great resident activity program

Moving my mother here because of their activity programming.

Toured this community and loved it, unfortunately my parents needed more care, but [name removed] went out of her way and helped me find a place that was a better fit for the needs of my parents.

Love that the residents here always seem like they are having fun.

Very lively and friendly community.The director and all the employees are so friendly and always willing help.All the residents love it here.

I volunteer at this community, and if I had a loved one, this is where they would go. Love This Community!

Great community

Love it here!

Fun, lively community. Great director that personally know the residents. Also, great nursing director that has been an answered prayer caring for the many needs of my grandmother.

Peace of Mind

The residents here look happy and healthy. As a family member, that peace of mind means everything.

Great Atmosphere!

Love the atmosphere at this community!

Shelby Gardens Place feels like home away from home.

The staff are really nice , the community are really nice and clean . The residents seems to be happy they all have smiles on their faces and they look so well groomed.

Pleasan home to live

I love working there. The community is very clean and pleasant. We are like family here. All of us.


Shelby Gardens is one of the best places to work or live. The staff are very caring and compassionate.THE DIRECTOR [name removed] is an angel, everything she does is only for the better of the residents and employees. I THINK WHAT MAKES THIS PLACE STAND OUT, IS THAT everyone loves what they do here and it shows. Whenever i enter the building i am greeted with smiling faces. AND THE BUILDING IS ALWAYS VERY CLEAN. I LOVE SHELBY GARDENS PLACE.

She Loves Shelby Gardens Place

My aunt recently moved to Shelby Gardens Place. It has been an answer to our prayers. Special thanks to [name removed] and [name removed] in their assistance. Since my aunt has moved in I have visited her several times and participated in their many activities. But the best thing is that my aunt loves it here.


Shelby Garden Place is a wonderful place place with a very knowledgeable and hardworking staff. The staff is very hands on and cares about each and every one of their residents! The facility is very well kept and will leave a great impression.

[name removed]

Shelby Garden Place is a wonder place to live and work.

Shelby Gardens Place - an answer to prayer!

I cannot think of a better place for anyone's loved one than this. Every staff member is warm, communicative, invitational, caring and compassionate. This, in conjunction with the cleanliness, safety, and positive attitude that permeates the air is a recipe for the ultimate in senior care. The folks here bend over backwards to make all family members feel special and appreciated. Every human life is treated with dignity and gentleness. Finding Shelby Gardens Place was providential and continues to be a tremendous blessing in my life and my father's. Everyone who is in a position of taking care of some aspect of his life is an instrument of peace and consolation.

Shelby Gardens Place - an answer to prayer!

I cannot think of a better place for anyone's loved one than this. Every staff member is warm, communicative, invitational, caring and compassionate. This, in conjunction with the cleanliness, safety, and positive attitude that permeates the air is a recipe for the ultimate in senior care. The folks here bend over backwards to make all family members feel special and appreciated. Every human life is treated with dignity and gentleness. Finding Shelby Gardens Place was providential and continues to be a tremendous blessing in my life and my father's. Everyone who is in a position of taking care of some aspect of his life is an instrument of peace and consolation.

Great experience

Residents are treated like a king or queen! Very clean and friendly. Can't wait to start working here!

Loved it checked all our boxes

nice clean no smells advised the employees care about their job and their patients ++++

I enjoyed my tour and found the staffers to be pleasant and engaging. We ran into the director in the hall and she added well to the discussion. I liked that this property offered assisted living and memory care, but I'm concerned that it may not be affordable unless I choose memory care with a roommate.


My parents used to live here in the memory care before this community was sold to Shelby Gardens and they did not do well, they both started losing weight and I discovered that another resident was taking their food from them and they were not eating. None of the staff knew that this was going on and they did not notice the weight loss on my parents. I had to go and tell the staff who it was that was stealing their food and bring up the fact that my parents had lost a significant amount of weight because of it. I moved my parents out right after.

Still Adjusting but doing well

Overall mom is doing well since moving here. She is still in an adjustment period but things are getting better. She is slowly making friends and doing activities. She is really liking the food. The staff is very good very happy and polite. The community is alway clean and well maintained. We are very happy with the care here.

Running Smoothly Now

It was a tough adjustment at first with my mothers move to this community. She is doing well now, and everything is running smoothly now. I do feel comfortable with her move to this community, it is good place. They have a lovely staff, and they are taking good care of her. They have been great with their commutation, and I do feel comfortable talking with them. For the most part they do a good job with the cleanliness around the community. They provide good meals, and offer nice activities for the residents. The experience is going well now, and I would recommend this community.

Father Doing Well in This Facility

I'am very pleased with this community, and my father move too it. He is doing very well. The staff is good, and they are taking good care of him, and his needs. Everything is going very well, and I have no complaints about this community. He is in good hands at this community, and I would recommend it.

I toured!!

I took a tour of Brookdale Cordova when I was searching for a community for my loved on. The facility itself was nice and the tour guide was very friendly, I had a good tour of the place.

Overall everything is fine!!

My loved one has recently moved into this community and so far everything is going well for him. The staff have been accommodating to his needs the best as they possibly can and have provided him with comfort. Overall we are pleased and everything is going fine.

Pleased with the care!

My parents are currently at Brookdale Cordova and it has been a good experience so far. I am pleased with the care and the fact that they made move in as easy as they could. My mother is not the biggest fan of the food. Overall we are happy that it is a nice place close to friends and family and it fits within their budget.

A good option!

The staff at the Brookdale Cordova have been great. They are nice and friendly. The Brookdale was one of the best options from what we looked into. I would recommend this place to anyone looking, they do a great job.

Very Pleased with this Community

We are pleased with my father in law move to this community. He is safe and in good hands. It has been a good experience. The staff are taking good care of him and his needs. They are very attentive and kind. We are comfortable with the care he is receiving. Overall it is a good community, and I would recommend it.

don't use this one

Review of services at Brookdale Cordova, 12/30/2016:
My mother was a resident at Brookdale for about 14 months. She was unable to stand alone so required assistance moving from chair / bed / toilet to wheelchair. (For this we paid an extra fee.)
The facility is updated and clean, perfectly adequate. They have nurses on staff and certain medical equipment (x-rays) which is very convenient, plus physical therapy facilities, visiting hairdressers etc. The food is actually very good. It’s not plentiful but I believe that those who don’t get enough in the regular servings can request extra; we did not hear many complaints about food.
The administrative staff bears keeping an eye on. Especially upon arrival and the first few weeks, when we were all trying to determine her needs (safety and medical), the administration generally made promises to procure or do something for her then did not follow up (e.g. fall pads, hospital bed). They were also responsible for ensuring that her call button worked, which they frequently seemed in no hurry to fix when it didn’t. Since she was entirely dependent on it, that was a problem. I heard complaints from other residents along the same lines, basically a seeming indifference to the needs / safety of the residents.
We also had problems with some of the nursing staff paying attention to the family’s experience with her and following through. One time we could tell she was getting a dangerous G.I. tract infection (which happened frequently); the nurse promised to get a test run the next day and medication prescribed, and she let it go for four days until we discovered no tests had even been ordered. This happened more than once. She also had frequent abdominal discomfort which they frequently ignored until the family insisted she get something to relieve the discomfort. Since we now know all the discomfort was the precursor to pancreatic cancer, which is very painful, she had valid reasons to complain, and deserved to receive better help than she got.
Then there’s the regular attendants (remember we were paying extra for the extra service). Not all of course – some were very good – but many of the attendants were abysmal. When she pushed her button for attention, it was not unusual to wait 45 minutes. They were too busy in the morning when they got her out of bed to take her to the bathroom before breakfast (it was easier to make her use the diaper); too rushed to take the time to handle her gently transferring her from chair to bed, or changing her diaper; too busy apparently many times to even make sure her bedding was fresh before putting her back into bed. Some attendants were rude and curt, even in front of the family. Some of them were untrained and didn’t know how to handle her safely to prevent falls. If her stomach hurt and she didn’t want to go to meals, she many times did NOT get a meal brought to her. Almost always, they were short-staffed and the attendants who wanted and tried to do a good job were so rushed that they simply didn’t have the time to do so. And the crowning glory – which another resident told me – was that one resident simply died at the dining room table in his chair and wasn’t discovered until another resident went looking for him some time later. So – short on staff, untrained staff, poorly paid staff resulting in poor quality of care – a big, big problem here.

A tour!

This community seemed clean and the people I met during my tour were nice. This community did seem a little dark. There was not a lot of windows to let in the light.

Nice Community !!

I went on a tour they were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The community was very clean and well kept. It was a very enjoyable experience. The staff was nice.

Great experience. The staff are all so attentive and helpful to everyone.

A Place That Cares!!!

The Best Place for your Loved One. My Aunt Velma Clay was at Brookdale only a short time but the care and communication was more than I could ask for. The People at Brookdale really care!!!!

Thanks Brookdale for helping me through the tough times!!!

Very nice place!

We're very pleased with how things have turned out at Brookdale Cordova! The staff here is friendly and professional, and the facility is clean and well kept. They're doing a great job taking care of my loved one!

Good place!

My father is doing pretty well at Brookdale Cordova. It's very clean, the staff is very friendly, it's a good place. They have good meals, he says the food is delicious. They serve full course meals with meat and vegitables. I haven't seen him participate much in activities but I have seen their activity calendar.

Kudos, Brookdale : Cordova !!!!

I recently brought my mother to Brookdale: Cordova. She is 96 y/o and did not want to leave her home. Although, there have been a few kinks, the staff is eager to meet with me & work toward a resolution.

The menus offer a great selection. My mother eats everything on her plate. This is a woman who made her own bread & her family owned a bakery. Mother's room has always been clean when I visit. The staff friendly.

I am traveling on new territory and realize this is a learning experience for me. Brrokdale : Cordova & staff have been great. I appreciate their patience & guidance as we travel this new journey together.

Well done !!!!!

Nice place, overall

Overall I think they do a nice job at Brookdale Cordova. It is a clean, well kept facility, and for the most part the staff is friendly and helpful. The price is also very affordable compared to some of the other options we saw in the area. However, I don't feel like she is getting quite the level of attention that they claimed she would during the tour.

Caring staff

As far as improving, they have quite a few residents in Assisted Living that have dementia that tend to wander off and they are not able to watch them as they should. I think their staff is very caring and they honestly do try to care for their patients.

the whole process of getting in was a very smooth

The whole process of getting in was a very smooth at Brookdale Cordova. The staff there are real friendly. I am really happy with this facility. I cant think of anything at this time to have them improve on.

Not Enough Food Choices

The only thing I could say, and I'm not sure, I'm just hearing from my mom, she is just saying there is not a lot of variety with the food. If you are not happy with the options then there is not a lot of alternative choices.

Nice place!

Brookdale Cordova has been a nice facility for us, I believe they're working on cleanliness. They lost their activity director, so they haven't had much as far as activities for awhile. My mom likes it there, at first it was difficult but she's gotten into the routine, has met people, and Brookdale made it much easier on our family overall.

Seemed like a nice place!

We toured this community while looking into senior living options for a loved one. I thought Brookdale Cordova looked like a very nice place! The staff all seemed like very friendly, caring people, and they provided us with a lot of useful information! We actually looked at more than one Brookdale property, and it seems like a very well run company overall!

My Mom has only been at the Brookdale Cordova since last Saturday. Moving your Mom from living alone to the hospital, to a nursing home, and then to assisted living has been hard, but I will say that Brookdale has made it as easy as possible. My Mom is 90 years old and is extremely hard to deal with on certain days. The employees of Brookdale have made the move as easy as possible in the situation I was in. I do thank each and everyone for their help.

Very Nice and Helpful here

The people there are nice, their helpful, They have a nice attitude. My mother is in Memory Care, that is where she needs to be. They are taking very good care of her. The Director of that unit is very knowledgeable, very friendly, very helpful and he has been able to get my mother to eat on days she did not want to eat and he was able to get her eat. That is very impressive to me.

Don't be fooled

False promises! Don't be fooled by this beautiful facility. You will be highly disappoint!

Don't be fooled!!!!

A pretty facility and that's all!! Moved mom out 3 months after moving her in! Poorly managed, the food sucks, and no activities! My mom was bored to death! BEWARE!

highly recommend

Their breakdown in the initial meeting about how things are run at Emeritus at Cordova was very insightful and helpful. Due to circumstances beyond our control we ended up having to break the contract and get grandmother elsewhere, and they were very understanding and accommodating. They've really been great in any way and I would highly recommend them.

We're very happy with how things are going

We're very happy with how things are going at Emeritus at Cordova! The staff, here, are wonderful, they are so, so kind and just have such a sweet disposition! It's a very nice, well kept, clean facility, and they take such good care of their residents. We're very happy we found them, and would recommend them to others!

Very attentive and nice, my mother likes living there

They've been very helpful. Both Place for Mom and Emeritus and Cordova have stayed in touch with me.
I like that they're very attentive to my mother, they're very friendly, just overall nice people, that think and really care about my wishes. They seem to try to keep everything in line, especially with her medicines.
I wish the location was closer, but it's working out fine. They've done activities in the gathering room. She likes the patients real well, and gets along with them. She really likes it there.


Started off good, but there was nothing for the memory care people to do really. My father refused to socialize and was angry all the time. They let him stay in bed and his heel wound that was almost healed up when he got there got bad again and never did heal up.

His room was always dirty and there was a stinky diaper up on a shelf that we found when we moved him out. He wasn't made to use his cane or walker and he fell numerous times.

People were very nice, but there was a feeling of animosity between the workers and the people in charge.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are sorry to hear that your experience with us didn’t meet your expectations. We work diligently to provide an assortment of activities for our resident’s to participate in. However these activities are not mandatory. We are concerned with your comments regarding the care you feel your father received, and we would like to hear more about your experience as we have no incidents reported that match your description. We have welcomed a new Executive Director as well as a new Resident Care Director and both have expressed that they would be more than happy to speak with you about any concerns you have regarding your father’s stay with us.

My Mom is adjusting well, but we are ...

My Mom is adjusting well, but we are still trying to
figure out medication and other health issues.

Attractive and clean. Wide ...

Attractive and clean. Wide corridors with hand rails. Nursing assistants were very friendly. Nice room with large closet; microwave and mini-fridge included; shower seat included; grab bars in bathroom; basic cable included. Each person gets a call button to wear. Many activities. Daddy would like that Bellevue comes to hold church services there. They thought he'd most benefit by being in the Assisted Living section, but if he worsened, he could be moved to the Memory section easily. 2 Memory sections, which are locked. (And looking even further into the future, if he worsened so much to need a nursing home, they could move him next door to Appling Wood.)The person I talked to also said they could help with the VA application.

Did not have a good experience here

I toured this place looking for care for my husband, and I thought it looked very nice. The director told me that they were running low on space and that I should put a deposit down to make sure I could get a room for my husband, which I did. A few days later she comes to me and tells me that they will not be able to care for him, that he will need hospital care and they were refusing him entry. However, I few days later I still received a bill in the mail for the entire first month that I had "reserved". I was very upset.

price and location make thi...

price and location make this one more attractive than it should. Nothing wrong, just no warm and fuzzy feeling. Can smoke outside. Pet weight issue on visiting.

liked the kitchenette clean, nice

liked the kitchenette clean, nice