Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - Brooklyn, NY

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Customer Reviews

If you will need Medicaid assistance, avoid this place.

My brother is a patient in the rehab section. I have had to deal with this facility by telephone only, since I live far away. My experience has been enormously frustrating. Medicare is no longer covering his treatment 100%, and I have been trying to arrange Medicaid for him to cover expenses that are mounting higher every day. [Name removed], the person in charge of Medicaid enrollment, did not responded to multiple attempts to reach her over the past few days. When I had another staff member corral her in person and get her to call me, she gave me an incorrect email address for sending the Medicaid information, so it won’t go through. I tried to send a message about this situation on the facility’s website, but got an error message in reply, so I can’t reach anyone there either. I am being saddled with charges I can’t afford to pay, and there is no one to help.

Sheepshead is a good choice for nursing and rehab

My mother needed to be here for 5 weeks for medication that required skilled nurses. She was also in physical therapy. I was really impressed with the staff at this facility. Nursing homes have a bad reputation as a rule, but I was amazed at this facility. It is by far not the typical "nursing home". Everyone is very nice and treats the patients with dignity. The therapists are top notch. It's not a place that provides entertainment so your family member may be bored. But my mother was only there for a short time and it was fine.