Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing - White Plains, NY

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This Place needs Help!

This facility is no longer Schnurmacher Nursing home! It was taken over by Centers and it's now called the Martine Center. DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVE ONES TO THIS PLACE! My dad was in this facility and I saw the change once these people took over, they cut staff and by doing so the patients have and are suffering. The nurses are overwhelmed and the CNA's are over worked. The facility at one time looked clean and smelled good now it smells like a old dirty nursing home. The staff tries to put on a brave face but you can see the broken spirit in most of them. As for management, the administrator is as worthless as a peso! He is never there and when he is there he keeps his head buried in his phone as if your bothering him! He does not care about what is going on in his facility and he comes off as a clueless person. The food at the facility has changed as well. My father stopped eating because he did not like the food and because of this he declined and eventually passed away. He was lucky! I am happy I no longer have to come to this facility and witness the day to day decline of staff morale. The state should come in and see how understaff and overworked the nurses, CNA's, housekeeping and Dietary departments are. This place is a dump!