Rite Care Assisted Living - Los Angeles, CA

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Customer Reviews

Rite Care LA was the correct choice for us.

My husband was a patient at this facility from [dates removed]. The home is well maintained, always clean and the furnishings are attractive. The facility is not at all depressing. My husband had a private room and essentially a private bathroom. The Supervisor is a loving, experienced, highly skilled and energetic woman. She did everything she could to meet his individual needs. She related to him as a whole person and always treated him with respect and compassion. The cooking was outstanding. Every effort was made to meet my husband's sometimes exacting expectations for not only what he ate, but how it was prepared. The caregiving staff worked very hard to keep him comfortable. This was often very challenging, both physically and emotionally. The Supervisor and the staff did their very best to assure that he received quality care.

Gorgeous Facility, Excellent Services, Amazing Staff!!!
Can not appreciate enough for taking care of my mother in this facility. Delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals are prepared there and served according to each patient's individual needs. Their care and commitment to patients and their families is honestly beyond outstanding.
I recommend Rite Care Assisted Living for your loved one without reservation. The excellent care your loved one will enjoy there is beyond comparison. This I promise with all my grateful heart.

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RITE CARE - New Facility

My 94 year old father is the first patient in Eternal Life's new sister facility in Los Angeles, RITE CARE. This brand new fabulous facility is a state of the art - built to spec home. The entire team led by [Removed] and [Removed] are the most caring, loving, attentive professionals; it is a joy and a relief to have our beloved father in their care. My family and I recommend RITE CARE enthusiastically and without reservation!