Ridge Crest at Meadow Ridge - Redding, CT

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Customer Reviews


I came to Meadow Ridge for Independent Living over 11 years ago and have enjoyed it thoroughly for all these years. The residents are very welcoming - I knew no one when I came. The staff is so friendly and helpful. There are numerous activities - internal movies, speakers, and performers as well as trips outside to museums, concerts, sports happens, and local live theater productions.

This past December & January I was in Ridge Crest, our on-side rehab facility. For the 2 months I was there I enjoyed great care, good food (3 delicious meals a day), and excellent physical therapy. My laundry was done daily and my room was dusted and vacuumed daily as well. I felt so spoiled by the attention from aides, CNA's, and RN's that it was hard to leave when I was well enough to return to my apartment.

I received help in my apartment from Western CT, Home Health, from aides from Bridge Star Agency, and PT Therapists from Ridge Crest for the few weeks that I needed help.

It is certainly wonderful to live in a place where such care is available on premises and where friends can easily visit. Ridge Crest felt like an extension of home - not a strange scary new place where there were no familiar faces.

My decision to move to Meadow Ridge in 2007 was one of the best decisions of my life.

Michelle Bettigole

Local Representative

Wow, we can’t believe it’s been nearly a dozen years since you joined us, Joyce. In that time, you’ve truly experienced the breadth of our services. Hearing you speak so highly of our team members and the Meadow Ridge lifestyle is humbling, as is watching you become such an ambassador for our community. Thank you for the lovely feedback and for trusting us along your retirement journey.