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Customer Reviews

Clean place

This is a beautiful and clean home for grandma or grandpa. With a safe family atmosphere, the residents are very clean, happy and healthy. It is nice to see the elderly enjoying life with smiling faces.

Attentive and Proactive

The staff members have been very attentive to my loved one and also have been proactive with their care of him and have also been effective in finding the right options and assisting with the solutions to help my father.

The Best Place for My Mom

my mother is 92 and has been living here for 2 years. The place is loving, beautiful, safe and compassionate. My mom is very happy here and is well cared for and cared about. I live in NYC and my mom lives in Arizona. She receives better care and caring than she would if she was near me. This is not an institution, it is a home. My mom has a beautiful private room furnished with things she loves. There is wonderful outdoor space with flowers and chairs and trees and good smells. There are children and pets and adults who care and healthy meals. For further information, contact Razinn Care Campus, tell them Randy referred you and said is ok for them to give you my contact information, either email or phone. I recommend this home without reservation for people with dementia And also people who need to be in a safe, supportive and caring environment. Call them. Visit them. This is a real find!!!!


My Mother has mild cognitive impairment and I was told of Razinn after a hospital stay as the doctors suggested she have 24 care for a while. I cannot say enough awful things about this place, and now that my Mother is in a wonderful assisted living center, I know that to leave your loved one here is very sad. It is not a professional home, it is a main house and some cottages, some which they rent out as a hotel room by the night and week.The owners know how to "play the game" from beginning to end. They offer to pick up your parent, but that consists of the owner and her two kids in a mini van. I found it odd that she did not want a family member to accompany. They then charge you $300 for "transportation costs" but you would have taken her there on your own and were told not to. When I asked if my Mother would be uncomfortable with that, The owner said "No, I will bring the kids". My Mother was taken to a tiny cottage, with 5 people crammed in it. Each with their own room and a bathroom. The residents sit on chairs the entire day and watch TV. The owners have no skills to work with people with dementia. I see how professionals deal with with my Mother presently, and these people have no ability to even come close. They said my Mother wouldn't take her medication. Isn't that what they are trained to do? So she went all night without her several medications which made her severely agitated, no one watched her at night although the hospital explained to them that she needs 24 hour care. She was up all night "fiddling in the bathroom" according to the owner, and then she couldn't find the bathroom at some point because she defecated on the floor which leads me to believe she was never in that bathroom and no one was there to help her find it. They texted me about 20 times how they could not handle the situation (this is literally one evening and the next morning...not even 24 hours) and then tried to get a doctor to write a scrip for some kind of medicine that you stick on their neck to make them drop. No doctor would do it for liability reasons. The only way we could calm her down was to give her cigarettes and wine (both of which the owners had on hand) then we could give her her medications and she was fine. The owners then suggested that I bring her back to the hospital, in other words they had her for one night, couldn't deal with dementia behaviors, and then proceeded to keep the $3500 but not without threatening me with legal paperwork. For one night I paid $3500 so if they do this on a regular basis, I'm sure they make a pretty good living. For the $3500 they stated in a legal document that they did a "psychiatric evaluation" with their resource staff. They don't have but one man in the whole cottage that watches everyone so there is no "resource staff" as far as I could see. I was charged $100 an hour for six hours of this? for a total of $1200. In other words they have done this before and know exactly what they are doing. I would not recommend this place under any circumstances and I don't like being stolen from. A very bad business practice indeed.

So glad I found Razinn

0/10/14: I am the Power of Attorney for a 93 year old dear friend who lived independently in Phoenix until June of this year. I live in Ohio, which makes it that much harder to coordinate her care. I had to quickly move her into assisted living on the advice of her doctors, so hastily chose a place (Avista Senior Living, North Mountain). All seemed well there at the beginning, but due to many disappointing factors, I needed to get her out of there, and wish I would've done it sooner.
I contacted Cindie at Arizona Assisted Living Solutions and she told me about Razinn Assisted Care Campus. My friend visited there and really enjoyed sitting in "the garden" talking with Erin, one of the owners. I called Erin, who gave me a "guided tour" via FaceTime! I could tell right away she was a caring person who really loved her job.
I ended up flying to Phoenix to move my friend's belongings to Razinn. I was able to stay at another home on the premises of Razinn ACC, which was such a help as I tried to get my friend adjusted to her new surroundings. What I experienced there was a warm, wonderful and caring staff and atmosphere that immediately put my mind at ease.
All meals are made from scratch. There is a homey feel to the building and grounds. It's obvious to see via the interaction with the residents, that the owners are both very caring people who are well-suited for this profession.
All the caregivers I met were patient, kind, and really had a nice manner about them. It's nice that my friend can go outside and sit in the sun, or take a walk on the sidewalk that encircles the yard. There are locked gates with codes on them so they stay safe, and even a cute little dog and cat to interact with if you so choose.
One advantage of the big, corporate facility was having more activities. But it was a good trade-off getting her to a place where she wasn't just a number, but rather a valued human being. There are nearby senior centers for people who are very active.
I love that my friend is now getting the close attention she deserves. Being there for 2 nights, I was able to really get a feel for the place. The owners are so good about staying in contact with me. It's great to receive photos of her on my phone, and I even got to Skype with my friend, who thought it was an absolute riot! I call my friend every night, and her report is always that she feels well taken care of by nice people. Even though she misses her independence, she knows she's in the right place. Erin and Russ have taken a load of worry off of me, and I'm grateful to have found Razinn Assisted Care Campus.

12/5/14 Update: Sadly, my friend passed away this past November. She became sick with a gall bladder infection but didn't tell anyone about her symptoms until it was too late. When the paramedics refused to take my friend to the VA Hospital, where she received free care, Erin drove her there herself twice, and stayed with my friend for hours until she was admitted.

After it was determined her condition would not improve, my friend was moved to a wonderful Hospice facility that was recommended by the Razinns, and both Erin and Russ Razinn visited her there.

I am so thankful my friend's last month was spent at a facility with such caring people. If she had passed while at Avista Senior Living, it would've been an expensive and very lonely end for her. Russ and Erin cared deeply for my friend, and it showed in their actions.

The Razinns are fine quality people you can trust and depend on

I've known the owner of this facility, Erin Razinn, for a long time. She is a warm, friendly, supportive person with a heart of gold. And she is honest, genuine and open-minded. You feel like you could talk to her about anything. She is always understanding and supportive too.

You know, anyone can be nice for a few days, but someone who has been a loyal friend for years and is always there for you, as Erin has, is hard to find and speaks volumes. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

Her husband is also a great guy too. He is fun, interesting and easy to talk to. Their family and home are like an oasis of warmth amidst the busy hustle and bustle of the city of Phoenix.

I recently visited their assisted living facility in Phoenix. Their staff was kind, caring, capable, and fully qualified with caregiver licenses. The care campus was situated in a quiet cozy environment with interconnected housing, and a quiet swimming pool nearby as well.

The way I see it, any facility run by the Razinns will be good and trustworthy. Not only is Erin responsible and capable with a good head on her shoulders, but she is a great mom to her children, a fine wife to her husband, and a loyal trustworthy friend to people like me too.

Therefore, it naturally follows that she would also be a good manager and caretaker of an assisted living facility as well. So she has my endorsement and recommendation.

So if you are in the Phoenix area and have need of such services for a senior relative or family member, I would personally recommend the Razinn care campus.

You can learn more about their facilities and services, or contact them, at their website at: [removed]