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Customer Reviews

My dad pays a lot of money to get bad service. He won’t eat the food. He has to beg to get someone to get him up in the morning. Sometimes it’s 11:00.
If he wants to lay down to rest they won’t get him up to he’s there to the next morning. They shepherd them to eat and then they can wait up to 2 hours.


This place is horrible!!! They do not answer call bells, they are required by law to do rounds every two hours and no one ever comes!!! They let my mom left wet all the time, can't get a doctor to get her medicine for her yeast infection. We told them the DIFLUCAN don't work for her they don't care !!! They never come ,!!!! They have poor poor care and do not care about there patients at all. Please do not put your loved one here!!! [name removed] don't care about nobody not nobody! But he will care when this place is SHUT DOWN AND IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF ALL THE FAMILIES PULLING TOGETHER AND GOING TO THE BOARD !

Care at Pruitt Health

I would never tell anyone to put their loved ones in this facility, The care they receive is well below what a patient should be given. Jonathan the administrator avoids all contact with family and never will meet with them. He is not the person they need over this facility. The employees over the therapy is awful. If the patient isn't able to do it all on their own so they don't have to do but so much just forget it. My mom wasn't given a chance at rehab, and the week end at home we have her using a walker. They are lazy. [Removed] with patient care can't get things done as she tells you she will and can't answer questions as to why things aren't done. The on staff dr. will not keep you up to date or call you on matters you need to know about. My mother fell out of a bed there, and no one could tell us the time it happened or how long she lay on the floor. The pictures we have are awful of her injuries, and of her room of soiled linen left behind with blood on them for 6 hours. ER doctor let us take photo's of her injuries to the head they were so bad and on her arms. I will show these photo's on here to any one that would like to see them. I had to ask more than once to have the room cleaned, and I have had to change the bed myself once. Heidi with nutrition will tell you one thing about how she is eating but put orders in to others telling something different so you end up arguing with the staff on what she should be eating or drinking. This place is so poorly ran I would never put another family member in a Pruitt facility. We did visit another facility but when we found out it was part of Pruitt we go out of that one. Our mom was to be taken to the rest room when she needed, One nurse on 1st shift we have her photo also told the lady that was sitting with her that she could pee in her pants that was what a pad was for and refused to take her so the sitter we put in there several days a week took her. I have a lot of photo's of the wounds she sustained there and the room that was left unclean. [Removed] is a terrible administrator , and we did make appointments to meet with him but he always ended up sending some assistant to tell us he couldn't come. He is lazy, ignorant to the care they need there, and I'm sure spending more time with his "assistance" than focusing on the day to day care patients need. The third shift nurse told us one night as we had to go to the ER for our mom that she was given out of date food, and it was going in her tube. [Removed] passed it off as he would check but that since she was out of the building it was still good. Her tube kept clogging, and she went 16 hours without nutrition one day on count of this happening. This happened because the on staff dr. wouldn't come change the feeding tube when it was pulled out, and had a catheter put in which was the wrong feeding tube. The staff will discuss the health with any one in the room which breaks the Hippa law. It happened more than once. Run from this place, do your loved one a favor and get them some good care, and it is not with Pruitt of Monroe!!!!!!!!!! These are all facts, and documented by us each time we spoke to any one at the facility with their names, and we did take photo's when needed at all times.

Bad Administration of New Facilty

Sadly, this beautiful facility lacks the leadership required to be a great facility. Jonathan [Removed], the administrator, cannot manage difficult situations nor admit when mistakes are made. He is a failed politician who cannot take the slightest criticism. His interest in patients comes after his personal interest. He does not listen to patients' families when they make legitimate complaints about neglect. Repairs in rooms take forever. Understaffing of CNAs makes things difficult for staff resulting in poor care for the patients in the weakest conditions. Nice looking beds with dirty linen underneath. A local doctor said, "They're learning." Don't let Pruitt learn on your loved one."